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あなたは私のことを何と言ったの?私がネイビーシールズでクラスのトップを卒業したことを知ってもらいます。アルクエダで数々の秘密の襲撃に関与しており、300人以上の殺害が確認されています。私はゴリラ戦の訓練を受けており、全米軍の中で最高の狙撃兵です。あなたは私には何の役にも立たず、ただの別のターゲットです。この地球上でこれまで見られなかったような正確さで性交を一掃します、私のクソ言葉をマークします。あなたはインターネットで私にそのたわごとを言うことで逃げることができると思いますか?もう一度考えて、ファッカー。私たちが話している間、私はアメリカ中のスパイの秘密のネットワークに連絡しており、あなたのipは現在追跡されているので、嵐、うじ虫の準備をよりよくすることができます。あなたが人生と呼ぶ哀れな小さなことを一掃する嵐。お前は死んだぞ私はどこにでも、いつでもいることができ、700以上の方法であなたを殺すことができます。それは私の素手だけです。私は非武装戦闘で広範囲に訓練されているだけでなく、私は米国海兵隊の兵器全体にアクセスでき、大陸の顔からあなたの惨めなお尻を拭き取るためにそれを最大限に使用します、あなたはちょっとくそ。もしあなただけが、あなたの小さな「賢い」コメントがあなたに降りかけようとしている不誠実な報復が何であるかを知ることができたなら、たぶんあなたはあなたのクソ舌を握っていただろう。しかし、あなたはできなかったし、そうしなかったし、今やあなたは代価を払っているのだ。私はあなたのいたるところに激怒し、あなたはそれに溺れます。お前は死んだぞ、キッド️️ ️ ️although ️‍ ️‍️ ️‍️‍️‍ ️⃣ ️️ ️️️ � 𝓼𝓱𝓾𝓽 𝓾𝓹
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Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Oct. 23, 2000

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
1-3-2000 1-10-2000 1-17-2000 1-24-2000
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8-14-2000 8-21-2000 8-28-2000 9-4-2000
9-11-2000 9-18-2000 9-25-2000 10-01-2000
10-09-2000 10-15-2000
  • There has never been a scarier time to be a full-time pro wrestler in the United States, as the futures of WCW and ECW are both up in the air. The possibility of WWF purchasing WCW became a lot more likely this week after reports that Eric Bischoff and his Mandalay Sports group had pulled themselves out of the running. If WWF buys WCW, the belief is that they will run it as a separate company for awhile and ultimately do an inter-promotional feud at some point down the road. But there's a lot of roadblocks in the way of a WWF/WCW deal, much of it to do with contracts. A lot of WCW wrestlers are on contracts that are re-evaluated every 90 days, which means they could be terminated and Vince, who would have all the negotiating leverage, could re-negotiate deals for a lot less money. With ECW being unable to afford anyone, Dave suspects there's going to be a lot of high-paid WCW wrestlers who might be about to undergo a major change in their lifestyles if this deal happens. Then there's the top stars who have major guaranteed deals without the 90-day clauses like Kevin Nash or Sting who are making more in WCW than everyone in WWF. Vince isn't going to want to bring them in under those terms and upset the pay scale within WWF. Same with Goldberg, who has a huge guaranteed deal with 3 years left on it. Dave speculates that TBS might help buy those contracts out in order to quickly facilitate the sale but that's just a guess. Anyway, Bischoff and his group had months of negotiations with WCW but they seemingly fell apart this week for reasons unknown. WWF CEO Stuart Snyder and some WWF lawyers had meetings with TBS officials this week and those close to the negotiations tell Dave they figure it's a near-certainty that McMahon will buy the company. So far there haven't been any meetings or discussions between McMahon and Ted Turner themselves and it's not expected that there will be.
  • In the midst of all this contract discussion, Dave casually mentions that WCW released Scott Hall a couple of weeks ago, claiming breach of contract due to his unprofessional behavior from the overseas tour back in February. And he never mentions it again in this issue. Soooo...right on. Seems like a big deal to gloss over after months of "will-he/won't-he be brought back?" but whatever I guess.
  • There's a lot of unrest in the WWF locker room about all these WCW rumors. Everyone realizes that competition is good for the wrestlers and if Vince buys WCW, that kills all the negotiating leverage for everybody when contracts come due. There's a very limited number of top spots within a single company, and if Vince owns everything, that creates a lot more competition for those top spots. The key to this is that TBS and TNT want to retain the prime time programming no matter who buys WCW and McMahon seems like the obvious choice if they want someone who can rebuild WCW and deliver ratings. So while this might end up sucking for the wrestlers, selling the show to Vince might be the best business move for Turner. At least in the short term. In the long-term, Dave thinks Vince owning everything is nothing short of disastrous for the industry. It also kills any chance of anyone ever starting a union (which never had much of a chance anyway).
  • If this deal happens, it will give McMahon a near-monopoly on the wrestling industry in North America, which is something he has been striving for since he took over the company from his father nearly 2 decades ago. It almost happened in 1988, when Jim Crockett Promotions was on the verge of bankruptcy, but even then, there were a couple of fledgling territories still hanging on (much like ECW is now). This time, Turner is trying to drop WCW because the AOL/Time Warner merger is looming and they need to get WCW off the books because it's a huge money-loser. Dave thinks if Vince buys WCW, it will solidify his position as the most powerful man in the industry and that will probably go unchallenged for many years. With WWF's market share and and leverage, it will be virtually impossible for any new company to start over from scratch and actually become any kind of competition to WWF. In fact, he compares it to how difficult it would be for a start-up football league to try to compete against the NFL. You'd have to be crazy!
  • Then you have to consider the futures of some people in particular. Certainly, Bret Hart and Lex Luger's careers would be in grave jeopardy. Bret is under WCW contract through Nov. 2002 although his career is already questionable anyway if he ends up having to retire due to his head injuries, which is heavily rumored. As for Luger, he left the WWF with no notice in 1995 and almost certainly won't be welcomed back and, at 42 years old, his options are limited. Same for Vince Russo, who isn't likely to be welcomed back into the WWF fold. What about Hogan or Bischoff? They might end up being under contract to Vince McMahon if he buys WCW, since they still technically have contracts. WWF is likely not going to incorporate much of WCW's office staff, so all the advertising, licensing, marketing, and merchandising people would probably be looking for new jobs. Do they keep Nitro on Mondays or move it to a new night so it doesn't cut into Raw ratings anymore? And on and on. Long story short, if WWF buys WCW, there's a million questions that will need to be figured out.
  • Despite WWF's offer to waive their exclusivity deal through the end of the year, ECW and TNN couldn't reach an agreement. As a result, ECW has now been cancelled on TNN. Heyman held a meeting at a house show with the talent and told them the news. He said the PPV schedule will continue as planned. It's believed some house shows that don't have strong advance ticket sales may be cancelled. Heyman explained his difficulties in getting the company a new TV deal, saying there are offers on the table that he could take, but that just getting on TV is the least of their problems. They need someone willing to pump money into the company, not just put it on TV and he said that signing a bad TV deal would doom the company. Needless to say, the ECW roster is worried and many of them have privately reached out to WWF and WCW. But right now, WCW is in a hiring freeze and WWF has told people that they won't negotiate with anyone without Heyman's approval. So there's really nowhere for the ECW wrestlers to go. Obviously, the odds of Heyman pulling this off and keeping the company alive look bleak, but he's been in this position before and managed to save ECW from what appeared to be certain death at the last minute. As for why the ECW and TNN negotiations fell apart, there were lots of things. For starters, there's obviously bad blood on both sides. TNN feels entitled to a percentage of ECW's PPV revenue, while ECW obviously disputes that. ECW has also bitterly complained that TNN never promoted them well. ECW also wanted more commercial time during the 1-hour show to sell ads to make more revenue, but TNN wouldn't go for that. Lots of things added up to all this basically. So finally, talks broke off and TNN officially canceled ECW without warning.
  • To make matters worse, the day after TNN pulled the plug on ECW, the Parents Television Council decided to get involved, issuing a press release regarding ECW's ongoing negotiations with USA Network and declaring that ECW is even worse than WWF when it comes to inappropriate content. That really sucks because USA president Barry Diller is known to be concerned about the political climate surrounding television content and the PTC turning their attention towards USA is likely to give them serious reservations about making a deal with ECW, especially after all the headaches they have caused WWF for the last year.
  • Dave has finally seen the NJPW/AJPW Tokyo Dome show with Toshiaki Kawada defeating Kensuke Sasaki in the main event. Even though he lost, Dave thinks it's the first time Sasaki has truly come across as the star NJPW wants him to be. Sasaki has headlined the Tokyo Dome before and was the IWGP champion, but he was never over the way guys like Muto, Hashimoto, or Chono are. He also doesn't have a reputation as a great worker and has never really been accepted as the top star. But in this, the biggest match of both of their careers, Sasaki delivered and then some. Both men practically killed themselves with a brutally stiff match that got over huge. In-ring wise, it wasn't the best match of the year but for drama and emotion and storytelling, it was up there with Foley/Triple H and Atlantis/Villano III. Dave gives it 4.25 stars which honestly feels low considering how heavily he praised it. Probably would have been 5 if it happened in the Toky.....oh. Never mind.
WATCH: Toshiaki Kawada vs. Kensuke Sasaki (AJPW vs. NJPW)
  • Raw this week did its lowest regular time slot rating since 1998. Nitro didn't pick up the difference though, with Nitro also doing its lowest rating since the early days of the show back in 1995 with a 2.33 rating. The total number of homes watching wrestling this past Monday was 7.6 million which is the lowest non-holiday total in years. Dave doesn't know what to blame. The Monday Night Football game rating was below its usual number too, so it probably wasn't that. Raw is obviously suffering the effects of recently moving to a lower-rated network but still. The Olympics are over so you can't blame that either. A Mets/Cardinals playoff game did a bad rating too. So who knows. Basically, everything was down on Monday, not just wrestling. Well, everything but Everybody Loves Raymond which did monster numbers. But Dave does give some details on demographics, in case you're curious. The average Raw viewer is a 26-year-old male, while the average Nitro viewer is a 35-year-old male. Another fun fact, when Raw began, a staggering 44% of Nitro viewers changed channel and flipped over to Raw. One other interesting stat, network and cable ratings are figured differently because of the availability. So even though Smackdown's ratings numbers are lower than Raw, it turns out Smackdown actually gets more viewers. So in case you were wondering, Smackdown is WWF's most watched show, not Raw.
  • Mitsuharu Misawa has started to show how Pro Wrestling NOAH is different from other companies, and this week, the promotion started doing classic American-style booking, with run-ins, blading, and DQ finishes. AJPW pretty much banned blading back in 1990 (although Abdullah The Butcher was still allowed to do it occasionally since that's his entire gimmick) so it was a big deal to see it come back in NOAH. One of Misawa's big complaints in AJPW that led to friction with he and Motoko Baba was because Misawa wanted to modernize the promotion, while Mrs. Baba wanted to keep things the same old traditional way they had always been.
  • NOAH is still trying to get their Nippon TV situation worked out. NTV dropped AJPW and planned to start airing NOAH when the split first happened, but then AJPW started making a bunch of legal threats and everything got put on hold while that gets sorted out. So for right now, neither promotion has a network TV deal.
  • Akira Maeda talked about Alexander Karelin's upset loss at the Olympics and actually tried to take credit for it in a recent interview. Remember, Maeda and Karelin had a "shoot" (*ahem*) fight in RINGS back in 1999 and Maeda said that the damage to Karelin's legs from Maeda's kicks in that fight may have contributed to his loss in the Olympics this year. Hey, might as well try to get yourself over, I guess.
  • Speaking of Karelin, the guy who beat him, Rulon Gardner has said he likely won't do professional wrestling after all. He says he's been getting offers every day, including a $1 million contract offer and $250,000 to work 1 PPV, but turned them down because he feels he can still do more for amateur wrestling and wants to stick to that. Dave talks about how pro wrestling is frowned upon by most people in the amateur wrestling world and how even Kurt Angle's history is almost ignored by many amateur wrestling publications because of his decision to go to WWF.
  • In Abruzzo, Italy, the place where Bruno Sammartino was born, they are renaming an arena there as the Bruno Sammartino Coliseum. They are also declaring the house he was born in to be a historical landmark, meaning it can't be torn down.
  • A documentary called Wrestling At The Chase, about the history of St. Louis wrestling, won a Mid-American Emmy Award for best special program or something. Dave says if you're a fan of old-time wrestling, you should go out of your way to see this. I posted it in one of the issues last year, but here it is again.
WATCH: Wrestling At The Chase
  • Randy Savage filed a lawsuit against a Seattle porn producer because he's marketing a tape of Savage's ex-girlfriend Stephanie Bellers and advertising it under her WCW name of Gorgeous George. Turns out Savage bought the rights to the Gorgeous George name years ago, originally to give to his brother Lanny, but ended up using it for his girlfriend instead. Savage feels like using the name to promote porn damages the value of the trademark he owns (it sounds like this is different from the masturbation video she later did around this same time, but who knows). Speaking of Bellars, after a short-lived stint in ECW, she is back to working as a stripper, which she used to do before meeting Savage and going to WCW.
  • All Pro Wrestling in San Francisco debuted a wrestler named Dalip Singh who is said to be around 7 feet tall and 400 pounds, with a body like Lex Luger (that would be Great Khali. And yeah, early in his career, he was shredded).
  • Ted Dibiase's son is the starting quarterback for his Clinton, MS high school football team. The team is undefeated and ranked #1 in the state (that would be Dibiase Jr., prior to becoming a wrestler himself after leaving college his freshmen year).
  • Now that Juventud Guerrera has been fired by WCW (more on that in a bit), the natural expectation is that he would go to ECW. But Paul Heyman says he loves Guerrera's talent but right now, they aren't in a position to bring in new stars. If they get a new TV deal and influx of cash, then maybe, but with most of the current roster behind on pay, Heyman feels it would be a slap in their face to sign anyone new.
  • RVD had the weekend off because he was filming a movie in Thailand (some shit called Black Mask 2). RVD is also expected to miss shows this coming weekend (he'll be missing a lot more than that, but we'll get to that soon). Speaking of missing shows, ECW had a couple of shows in Virginia and couldn't afford to fly everybody in. So they asked the crew to drive in, but told them it was optional and wouldn't be held against them if they didn't go. Big Sal and Balls Mahoney are the only ones who didn't go.
  • WCW officially fired Juventud Guerrera after the incident in Australia last week. Dave agrees with the decision. As talented as Guerrera is, you can't have guys doing PCP, stripping naked, and fighting the police. There's a lot of people in the company who feel like there's a double standard because there's lots of wild shit that goes on on the road that top stars are never punished for, but Dave says while that may be true, you still can't defend Guerrera here. ECW can't afford to hire him and Dave doubts WWF is going to bring him in considering why he was fired from WCW, so his American prospects look pretty dim right now. He can work in Mexico and probably be a big star but there's no money in it there, not compared to what he was making in WCW (and he had just signed a new contract). He could probably get some tours of Japan, but again, not even in the same ballpark money-wise. Dave thinks his best bet is to sit out for 6 months, behave himself and maybe WCW will take him back if he stays out of trouble. But if WWF ends up buying the company, that probably won't work either. No matter how you slice it, Guerrera really screwed himself out of a lot of money.
  • Notes from WCW Nitro: it was the show in Melbourne, Australia and was fine, but it felt like watching a lame duck promotion. Johnny The Bull somehow broke his foot on a monkey flip spot right at the beginning of his match. They immediately went to the finish. He'll be out for about 6 weeks. Scott Steiner did commentary at one point but Dave has no idea what he said because 60% of it was bleeped out. He also spent half the time making a lot of mean-spirited comments about Torrie Wilson that were ridiculously unprofessional and says that's the difference between the 2 companies and that Scott's behavior would never be tolerated in WWF.
  • WCW is doing an angle with stars from the TV show Battledome. It started with WCW wrestlers like DDP, Buff Bagwell, Rick Steiner and Ernest Miller showing up to the Battledome set and doing some stuff. Battledome stars are expected to appear on Nitro soon to continue the angle (this is only important because it gives us Terry Crews in WCW).
  • At a talent meeting at Nitro, the wrestlers were instructed on things they could no longer say on TV. Specifically, Konnan had a lot of his act taken away. No more references to tossing salads, Richard Gere and gerbils, etc. Basically, they don't want anymore homophobic comments on the show.
  • There were settlement talks in the Owen Hart lawsuit this week in Kansas City with Vince and Linda McMahon and their lawyers meeting face-to-face with Martha, Stu, and Helen Hart and their lawyers. Both sides made settlement offers but they were far apart. They tried to negotiate, but Martha's anger was evident and she ended up going off on Vince and the whole thing broke down from there. It appears that this case is probably going to end up going to trial.
  • Undertaker had gall bladder surgery and will be out for several weeks. They hope he'll be back by Survivor Series though he'll likely be on TV before then.
  • Notes from WWF Raw: Eddie Guerrero got injured in the opening match on....yup, a monkey flip, much like Johnny The Bull on Nitro. Jericho was trying to keep the match going and Eddie rolled out of the ring to buy himself some time and then back in to get away from Jericho when he came after him, clearly not ready to keep going. He seemed to have somehow injured his leg on the ropes and the referee stopped the match when he saw Eddie limping badly. After what happened with Paul Orndorff a few weeks ago, Dave is glad to see them not take chances with injuries (Eddie ended up missing, like, 2 weeks but he was fine). Also on the show, the 2 guys playing the Los Conquistadores were actually Christopher Daniels and Aaron Aguilera.
  • Vince McMahon attended a Hollywood luncheon event and made some news when he talked about Hollywood needing to fight back against people like Al Gore and Joseph Lieberman in regards to their complaints about Hollywood marketing adult entertainment to children. Vince also talked about the rumors of buying WCW, saying it was a possibility, which is the first time he has publicly acknowledged the issue. He also said WWF will be producing a TV series called Manhunt.
  • A follow up on the story from last week about Rock's father Rocky Johnson and things look a lot worse this week. Johnson was the subject of an investigation by the town's parks & recreation director at the youth camp where Johnson worked. This whole thing is complicated though because apparently Johnson is tight with the town's mayor and the town administrator kept taking information out of the report or some such shit. It's all confusing mess. Anyway, Johnson was suspended from his job and the investigation was turned over to police. But then, some of the people involved in the investigation ended up getting fired I guess? I dunno, Dave's explanation of all this is convoluted as hell. Anyway, one female camp employee claims Johnson groped her ass on 2 occasions, as well as asking her to take her shirt off. He also had another woman who didn't work there hang out with him in a back room, apparently having sex while on the job and was once interrupted by another employee while he was getting oral sex from the woman. A 16-year-old girl saw him shirtless and getting a massage from the same woman. And he's accused of asking a 12-year-old girl to play strip poker. He wore a t-shirt that said "Puta" on it (Spanish for "bitch") in front of children and apparently made a comment about the size of his dick in front of some kids. He also left several children unsupervised in a training room while they wrestled and boxed, and some kids got hurt. Johnson of course denies it and those close to him say he didn't do anything to or around any kids. As far as the women, Johnson was described by a friend as "one of the good ol' boys" who grew up in a different time and thinks it's still okay for him to talk to women in a certain way. This whole story is a mess. There's some other shit about town officials covering up some money deals, the mayor's involvement, etc.
  • Various WWF notes: Stephanie McMahon is now heavily involved in writing the TV shows. Brock Lesnar made his TV debut in OVW in a tag team match with Shelton Benjamin against Sean Casey & Chris Michaels. Nora Greenwald (Mona from WCW) debuted in a dark match at the Raw tapings.
WEDNESDAY: Yokozuna passes away, more on WWF/WCW sale rumors, Bret Hart fired by WCW, WWF No Mercy PPV fallout, and more...
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That's because the Hispanic population is still relegated to the southern states. California will never go red again. I live in Arizona and every Hispanic person is related in some way to an illegal i...
Comment in news, 2019-01-11, "China mobilises DF-26 ballistic missiles capable of sinking...", 1pts:
False resiliency. Most of the population is unaware of what actually goes on in their country. Civil affairs would have a fucking field day exposing the general population to the skeletons in their co...
Comment in news, 2019-01-11, "21 bodies found in Mexican town on Texas border", 1pts:
I'm willing to bet there are more unreported crimes going on. Illegals immigrants are weary of speaking to law enforcement.
Comment in news, 2019-01-11, "21 bodies found in Mexican town on Texas border", 1pts:
dude just stop the war on drugs
The same people thought the legalization of marijuana would hinder the cartels. They'll manufacture even deadlier and addictive drugs
Comment in news, 2019-01-10, "Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO worth $137 billion, to divorce wife...", 1pts:
He may be rich, but he's still bald
Comment in news, 2019-01-10, "Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO worth $137 billion, to divorce wife...", 1pts:
He may have $137 billion more than me, but I have something he'll never have: a full head of hair.
Submission in hiphopheads, 2019-01-09, "What's your favorite intro to a rap song?", 1pts
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Triggered shitlib cuckfag DESTROYED. Kys retard
Comment in Michigan, 2019-01-08, "New Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib Goes off on Trump: ‘We’re...", 0pts:
LMAO shut up [email protected]
Comment in news, 2019-01-08, "‘Yellow vests’ storm French ministry as protests turn...", 1pts:
B-but they let an ambulance through yesterday!!
Comment in news, 2019-01-08, "Ginsburg missing Supreme Court arguments for 1st time", 1pts:
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Fuck off with your cuckold fantasy [email protected]
Comment in smashbros, 2019-01-06, "Daily Discussion Thread 01/05/19", 1pts:
I hope Simon's fthrow gets nerfed. He's already got stupid edge guards, can spam projectiles from the ledge while also covering down smash or upsmash for tournament winners. I shouldn't be dying at 95...
Comment in SmashBrosUltimate, 2019-01-02, "since we're talking about characters nobody plays...", -1pts:
Gay retards do
Comment in news, 2018-12-27, "As China cracks down on churches, Christians declare ‘we...", 1pts:
Ho boy, have I got news for you. China now has more Christians than Italy, and it is estimated to be growing at 4% annually. It's also spreading rapidly through Indonesia.
Comment in smashbros, 2018-12-26, "Armada admits he's a one trick pony", 372pts:
If he didn't have a horde of people actively cheering against him and ready to roast him on Twitter Everytime he gets eliminated from a tournament, he does now
Salem if you're reading this - ur a du...
Comment in smashbros, 2018-12-25, "Research.txt", 1pts:
SMH someone get this man. I'll be actively rooting against him in Ultimate. He's pretty cocky considering most of the pros from the Brawl Era didn't transition straight into top players when Smash 4 c...
Comment in minnesotavikings, 2018-12-25, "Just met Stefon Diggs at the MSP airport", 1pts:
I saw Adrian Peterson at Target last week. I asked him what his plans for Christmas were, and he said he was planning to surprise his kids with a Switch! I told him to definitely check out Smash Bros ...
Comment in smashbros, 2018-12-25, "Salem continues to dig his metaphorical grave, instigates...", -2pts:
He is rarted
Comment in news, 2018-12-24, "Turkey masses troops near Kurdish-held Syrian town", 1pts:
Don't even bother. People there are convinced that the US is responsible for all of the problems in the Arab World. I've even met people from Iraq and Jordan who believe every terrorist attack in the ...
Comment in smashbros, 2018-12-24, "Daily Discussion Thread 12/23/18", 11pts:
To those who had to wait until Christmas: It was worth the wait. I hope the game is everything you hoped for
Comment in smashbros, 2018-12-24, "Daily Discussion Thread 12/23/18", 3pts:
Expect the GSP requirement for elite smash to increase. More people will be getting the game for Christmas
Comment in boston, 2018-12-24, "David Hogg Announces Plans To Attend Harvard University", 1pts:
You call her a thot but she probably won't fuck you
Comment in smashbros, 2018-12-22, "Daily Discussion Thread 12/22/18", 5pts:
Hello I hate minorities
Comment in smashbros, 2018-12-22, "Daily Discussion Thread 12/21/18", 1pts:
I'm at 1.8M GSP and still no elite smash. Anyone else?
Comment in smashbros, 2018-12-21, "Daily Discussion Thread 12/20/18", 3pts:
I'm real tired of playing heavyweights against Simon's who camp and throw projectiles
Comment in minnesotavikings, 2018-12-21, "Do you consider the Saints as our out of the division rival?", 1pts:
I'd say so, at least on Reddit. Their fans can be extremely obnoxious. I've seen them post celebratory threads when players on other NFC South teams get injured.
Comment in minnesotavikings, 2018-12-21, "New Fan", 1pts:
Most of the comments hit the nail on the head. I just wanna say that we love seeing Viking fans from across the world. Follow the team page on Facebook if you have it. Skol!
Comment in news, 2018-12-21, "US Defence Secretary Mattis to quit", 1pts:
Source? Pretty sure every partisan is a "civilian" when they die
Comment in news, 2018-12-20, "Tucker Carlson Dropped by at Least 20 Advertisers Over...", 1pts:
Legal immigration increases American wealth. Illegal immigration is actually causes fiscal and social strain. It's more apparent when large percentages of illegal immigrants make no effort to intergra...
Comment in news, 2018-12-20, "The US is preparing to withdraw all its troops from Syria,...", 1pts:
Going to war over a renewable resource.. seriously. People need to find a conspiracy in everything. If we invaded Italy, people would probably say it's to control the wine and pasta exports
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[Table] IAmA: Kartik Krishnaiyer - Former NASL Dir. of Comm., political operative, Author Blue with Envy. AMA!

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Date: 2014-03-26
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Questions Answers
Kartik, Indy Eleven have done a great job marketing their new club, but how do you think they'll fair on the pitch? Is the NASL a difficult league for a new team to get started in? San Antonio had the best record in the league their inagural season but that is a rarity. Generally it takes sometime to settle but I sense Indy is going to be pretty good this season.
How are things with NASL these days? Is the league in a good place now? Why did you leave? Left to pursue other opportunities and because the direction of the league challenging MLS wasn't one I necessarily agreed with. I think the league is in a position to be the strongest lower division we've ever had in Canada and the USA. I just don't agree with the sentiment that challenging MLS in any way is rational.
challenging MLS. But Peterson said in several interviews that they are not going to challenge MLS, was he lying or what? Commissioner Peterson has sent mixed signals about that. He's said on multiple occasions that the business models are different and investors may choose the NASL model over the MLS model. In theory that is true, though I doubt anyone with MLS money or an opportunity to be part of MLS would join NASL or stay in NASL instead. This having been said, NASL has elevated second division. USL has improved its business and structure because of the challenge from NASL and the breakaway of many of USL's top clubs. Without NASL doing what we were doing, USL would not be in the position they are in now. Quite frankly despite the hostility USL has for NASL in many respects, they should be very thankful to NASL. It made second AND third division better, helping the entire soccer landscape in the region.
In what ways do you think they intend to challenge MLS? Do you think they are hoping to force an AFL/NFL type merger eventually? Yes, that was the hope I sensed. It was always a fantasy. Was never going to happen, but I still think NASL is far and away the highest level lower division we've had in this region.
How dire are the consequences for QPR if they fail to get back into EPL for 2014-2015 season? MASSIVE. I don't know how the club survives. If they were in the Prem they would have the sixth highest payroll. They have a higher payroll than BvB in fact. They have more senior team players on high wages with little or no resale value than any club in England, perhaps in Europe.
UGH. I was afraid you'd say that. :-( To me with the squad QPR has not getting back up this season is totally unacceptable. Arry' should be shown the door.
TBH, I was...surprised he was kept on for this season. I fully expected there would be a clear-out, but sadly, that hasn't happened. And Fernandes has allowed him to spend more money which I totally did not expect.
Fernandes always struck me as a very naive owner. Sad, because I think QPR could be a Premier League stalwart. I agree. A naive and overly trusting owner in bad managers.
What was the one political situation you got involved in and that you later regretted? At what moment during your ball boy days for the Strikers did you realize that the game of association football had you hooked? One final question, what was your best player interaction during those days of the original NASL? Oh on political regrets their have been many...I'll pick one though, backing then Tallahassee Mayor Scott Maddox for Florida Democratic Party Chair openly. That was a mistake. He won, but was a disastrous chair. I realized I was hooked on the game of Assoccerfootball...when I Lockhart was full for a Rowdies/Strikers game before I was even old enough to be ball moment was giving Beckenbauer the ball for a throw in.
Will MLS ever grant Canadian players the same status as American players? We have teams in the league, but our players gain no "domestic status" advantage within league rules. Yes and a similar situation with NASL which made things difficult for FC Edmonton to trade/sell players within the league. I hope it changes. It's a process that involves the CSA, USSF and FIFA. It's not the leagues fault though they could advocate the change more strongly I suppose.
And CONCACAF too...I think they have to be part of it also. In reality the CSA should be pushing harder.
Can you talk about what the NASL expansion potential looks like to you? Virginia and OKC have hit some bumps, but Indy's going great guns and Jax seems like they've got some potential to get it right. Is there still USL/NASL feuding ruining things, or is the NASL going to really hit its stride soon? The NASL/USL feud has hurt both leagues IMO. OKC has hit bumps for sure, but Jax looks very solid and Indy is going to be a big hit this season. Ottawa has a strong enough side to compete as well on the pitch and a great management team as well.
Man City have interests in both NYCFC and Melbourne Heart. Do you see them expanding into any other leagues or other major clubs following in their footsteps? I think those were strategic partnership to increase the brand awareness in highly anglicized, industrial countries. I am not sure you will see another club bought by MCFC for a while unless they can gain a stronger foothold in Asia, let's say in China especially.
Who do you think will win the World Cup? And is there any chance the US gets out of that crazy group? It is going to be tough to get out of the group. I know Brazil is the hot pick but until Spain is beaten in a knockout stage match of a major tournament I am going to ride them one more time. I believe Italy if they can get their players fit will be a sleeper.
Agreed on Italy and I'd love to see that. Though they will have to rely on Mario and that's always a scary proposition. Always scary yes, but I think if he has head on straight this summer, few central defenders can cope with him. Maybe Thiago Silva is the only guy who can really contain him.
Is there a better American player than Michael Bradley? More disappointing than Clint Dempsey? Agree on both...Bradley the best American player right now though Geoff Cameron's season at Stoke puts him near the top also. Dempsey a total disappointment for a year plus now.
Two questions. Who do you enjoy debating most with on the podcast? And who do you find yourself agreeing with most on the podcast? Long time listener, keep up the awesome work! I agree the most with Kris...Probably argue with Morgan the most now...previously it was always Richard. He and I loved to argue :) !
What do you think of David Beckham being in Tallahassee today? Just wanting the Tax Exemption? or do you think it's more than that? He wants the land also at the Port...thinks the state can help. At least that was buzz today.
When it's all said and done, do you think they play a the Port, or next to Marlins Park? Next to Marlins Park or the Airport in all likelyhood, unless Becks can move mountains politically not just at the state level but locally also.
Jacksonville just got a team. What should we know about the team? They're looking good in the way they are building the front office. Dario Sala a great hire to head the soccer operation. Question is about stadium. That needs to get sorted for the team to be successful long term.
What are the chances either City or Liverpool get the title this year? My mind recoils at the thought of Mourinho holding the trophy again, at least this season. I am with you on that. Today was a big step for City and Liverpool is in great shape, with the two biggest matches remaining at Anfield.
If you could be anyone for a day, who would you be? Probably Tony Blair
Interesting. ask a million people this question and I bet you rarely would get this answer. may I ask why you chose him? I just think he was an interesting leader who was well respected by all segments of the British population and is very popular outside Britain. I'd love to live his life for a day and interact with the people he talks to on a daily basis.
What do the US and Canadian soccer set ups have to do to develop that upper level talent the national teams and mls need? So much...Canada has given too much power to the Provincial Soccer Associations and in the US their is too much money involved in youth soccer, often times weeding out the best talent who cannot afford to pay. So the pay to play type setup we have has to change. In Canada, the CSA and Provincial associations need to be reformed. The CSA is a well meaning organization but in many cases it lacks the proper professionalism to help the game grow.
Do you think that beckham's new miami team venture etc will kill the strikers' fan base? It will be interesting. A group of hard-core committed fans are planning on sticking with the Strikers...but casual fans could go to the celebrity factor of Beckham. That's the concern.
Who is/was the footballer you love to watch the most? I loved Georgi Kinkladze when he was with City, but as a neutral the best player to watch in that era was honestly Scholes and his simple, smart passes. Recently, Xavi was the best to watch but he's beginning to fade, and this season the most impressive/fun player to watch has probably been strangely enough Phillip Lahm.
Question: like you, I'm a political operative. I'm looking to make the jump into working in sports. What do you suggest I do in order to help make that happen? It was an odd jump for me...not really planned but I started blogging about soccer and college basketball/football while I was still running campaigns. Then blogs, podcasts and soccer all took off at one time. It was just a matter of timing, though I still have a foot, or maybe a half foot in the political door.
Ha -- so basically, the same things that I'm doing now. Thanks! :-) Good luck and let me know if you have any more thoughts, would love to help you make the transition.
Following you on Twitter now. I'd really appreciate any help in making that transition. Can PM you my contact info. Yes please do and I will follow you back as well. Thanks.
What do City have to do better in next years Champions league? I think we badly need to some more depth in midfield. Central midfield becomes problematic if either Fernadinho or Yaya Toure are injured or suspended. Also central defense must improve.
Do you think Dzeko deserves to play over Negredo for the time being after his wonderful game today, especially considering he was engaged and running throughout? He was great today wasn't he? He ran his socks off and the thing about Dzeko is that he seems to have a knack for scoring timely goals away from home. Today wasn't the first time he's done it.
Will there be a natural full back starting for the USMNT in Brazil? No Dolo on the right now so I think we are looking at Cameron or Evans at RB...At LB it's going to be Beasley. Castillo is not a good enough man marker. Chandler is hurt on the right.
Any chance Yedlin gets in at right back? Possible. I doubt he starts but could make the team.
Is Moyes going to be manager of United next season if so should he be and do you see him succeeding? Klopp would be the logical guy to go after. I do think Moyes gets another year but has NO margin for error. He needs to be in the top 4 next season or gets sacked.
Will Derby go up this year? and how about that trashing of the dirty trees. Yes, 5-0 over Forest...Probably via the playoffs as Burnley is in good form. Possible Leicester is hitting a rough patch. Maybe they can be caught.
In the next 10 years who of City United and Liverpool will have wone more in that span? City or Liverpool. Chelsea could win the most though. It seems like those 3 are destined to carve up the titles going forward.
Charlie Crist and Rick Scott on the pitch. Who comes out on top? Charlie Crist was a College QB...he athlete!
But that's not real football. Very true!!!
You have a choice of 1 politician and 1 footballer who are no longer with us to do an interview for WST/Florida Squeeze. Who are they? 1 politician would be LBJ 1 footballer would be Georgie Best.
If you had to choose, what would your wrestling finishing maneuver be called and what would it be? Good question, let me ponder that one.
Will the 11 point record from the season I wish to forget ever be broken? I thought Palace would break it this year if they hadn't sacked Holloway. but Pulis not only got them into the high 20s, he may keep them up.
When are you coming to Lansdowne Road or an Irish away trip? Hopefully soon :) !
Do you still follow Ireland games? I do, though I admit the O'Neill/Keane "dream team" has me unconvinced. But the squad is strong enough and the qualifying group accessible enough that not qualifying for Euro 16 would be a disappointment.
Here's the link for BLUE WITH ENVY for the lazy - Link to Thanks...should have done that myself already :) !
Yes it the match vs Everton. I am an Everton supporter but it just turns out ill be in Manchester on the last day of the season, so I have been cheering for city since my trip was booked. It would be amazing to be there live if they are crowned champs. Will be fun for sure. The two clubs have a shared history to a large extent I discuss in the book. Similar fans also.
In Canada, we have access to more EPL matches than viewers in England... Correct BR...more matches available on TV live in the US and Canada than the UK. I learned that the hard way again on a recent trip to the UK.
COYS! :) Spurs have an opportunity to win their last six matches after the Liverpool game this weekend. That would potentially spell doom for Manchester United.
It's tough being a Spurs fan my friend :) as you could imagine... I know, but better times are ahead. Too many good players bought this past summer...they have not gelled well yet but give it another summer and the team should be there next year.
Australian here... but flying over to watch spurs V aston villa in May... bucket list... tick. Enjoy!
He came for the Spanish moss. He had never seen it before :)
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