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r/NFL Top 100 Players of the 2019 Season - #20-11

Welcome to the reveal for players ranked 20-11 for this year’s NFL Top 100 Players for the 2019 Season!

Players whose average rank had them land in places 20-11 are on this portion of the list revealed today. Players are associated with the team they finished 2019 with.
Below you will see write-ups from rankers summarizing the players' 2019 season and why they were among the best in 2019. Stats for each player are from this season and are included below. Additionally, their previous ranks in this long running series are also available for all of you.
  1. A CALL FOR RANKERS just after the Super Bowl.
  2. Rankers for each team nominated players to rank. 10 Games Played Minimum Threshold. Players are associated with the team they finished the 2019 Season with.
  3. The Grind. Utilize ranking threads for individual rankers broken up by positional group. Users were tasked with ranking players within the following tiers based on their evaluation: T-25, T-50, T-100, T-125 based on 2019 regular season only. There were no individual case threads. There were no arbitrary position limit caps. Just questions and rankings.
  4. Users submitted their individual Top 125 list. Ranking out to 125 is new for this year.
  5. User lists were reviewed for outliers by me with assistance from two former rankers. Users were permitted to correct any mistakes found. Once complete, lists were locked.
  6. Reveal the list… right now.
So now, without further ado, here are the players ranked 20-11 in the NFL Top 100 Players of the 2019 Season!

#20 - Danielle Hunter - EDGE - Minnesota Vikings

Previous Ranks
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
N/A N/A N/A N/R N/R N/R 32
Written By: uggsandstarbux
Khalil Mack. Von Miller. JJ Watt. Those are the names that come up when you mention edge players in the NFL over the last half a decade. Yet none have as many sacks as Danielle Hunter in the last two years. Hunter is continually passed over in the conversation of edge rushers. Even among young edge rushers like the Bosa brothers, TJ Watt, Myles Garrett, and Bradley Chubb, Hunter is forgotten. He only received 4 All Pro votes from AP (of a possible 50). He failed to make PFF’s All Pro team. Is it because he wasn’t a 1st round pick? Is it because the Vikings defense was already dominant before his arrival?
Hunter has improved every year he’s gotten into the league (88 pressures this year vs 67 last year vs 55 in 2016). His first couple years in the league, he rotated in behind Everson Griffen and Brian Robinson. Yet he holds the record for most sacks before his 25th birthday and was one of only a handful of players in 2019 with double digit sacks and 15+ TFLs last season. He earned an 89.0 overall grade from PFF and forced 3 fumbles this year.
Beyond the numbers, Hunter is a unit. He came out of LSU as one of the more raw pass rushers in his draft. However, under the tutelage of the mighty Andre Patterson, Hunter has become one of the most athletic, versatile, technical, dominant edge defenders in the game. He can beat you with a pure bull rush, but he can also beat you with his speed and agility. He’s picked up Everson Griffen’s deadly spin move and has the motor to work through double teams. He can win with an inside move, or he can play pure 3T for an entire game (a la vs NO). He’s got a great understanding of the game and is a force to be reckoned with. If you’re placing bets for DPOY in 2020, don’t waste your money on the big name guys like Aaron Donald (+750) or Khalil Mack (+1100). Don’t spend it on young up and comers, lke Nick Bosa (+1300) or TJ Watt (+1500) either. Place it on Danielle Hunter (+2300). He’s going to continue dominating as he gains more recognition and climbs toward stardom.

#19 - Chris Godwin - Wide Receiver - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Previous Ranks
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Written By: MysticTyph00n
At the beginning of the 2019 NFL season Bruce Arians said:
"I think Chris Godwin is going to be close to a 100-catch guy, especially because I think he can play in the slot,"...."He's never coming off the field."
Bucs fans thought this could be very well true in BA's system, especially with the departure of Desean Jackson which only really left Mike Evans as the only other real target on the team.
The 3rd round pick from Penn State showed up big time this year after having two relatively quiet seasons. Through 13.5 games (missing the final 2.5 due to a hamstring injury) he amassed 86 receptions for 1,333 yards, 9 TDs and only one drop(In fact he's only had 2 drops total in 2018 & 2019)He very well could have gone over 100 receptions , 1,500 yards as well as double digit TDs, but that's just projecting right?
According to PFF he was an absolute monster in the slot with an outstanding 96.5 grade, which shows he can line up anywhere on the field and still produce big time for the Buccaneers.
In 2020, I honestly expect Chris Godwin to have close to the same production, and possibly even better with how much he produces from the slot.
Please don't leave us…

#18 - Quenton Nelson - Offensive Guard - Indianapolis Colts

Previous Ranks
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 70
Written By: Zzyzx8
Selecting a guard 6th overall was a bold movie for second year GM Chris Ballard, even one as highly touted as Quenton Nelson. Casual fans hated it, while draft junkies loved it. Two years later, it’s become clear that the pick was a home run. Nelson’s selection single handedly turned around a unit that was largely responsible for a slew of injuries to Andrew Luck into one of the best units. Nelson’s second year was only better, cementing himself as one of the best guards in the league, a true road grader. He spent the past year terrorizing nfl defensive lineman en route to his second pro bowl and all pro selections. Plus, he pulled off what was by far the best touchdown celebration of the season

#17 - Jamal Adams - Strong Safety - New York Jets

Previous Ranks
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/R 18
Written By: the_fuzzy_stoner robdog1330
I would just like to start with a moment of silence for the fans of the New York Jets after Jamal Adams recently demanded a trade from that inept organization with a dumpster fire of a coach in Adam Gase.
Anyways, after an incredible sophomore season, Adams has kept up with his awesome play in his third season as one of the NFL's best and most versatile defensive players as well as the clear-cut best player on a football team that somehow won seven games. Adams, also known as President 'Mal, recorded an interception (which was returned 61 yards to the house), 7 passes defended, 11 hurries, and 36 stops, but that's not all! Adams also garnered 6.5 sacks (which is amazing for a DB) and forced two fumbles (like this one he returned to the house on my guy Daniel Jones 😔). With his exceptional play, the star safety was named to the 1st Team All-Pro as well as his second Pro Bowl selection (an honor which none of his other Jets teammates got this year).
What makes Adams so special is that he is exceptional against both the running and passing game. Whether he's with Gang Green or another franchise next year, I'd expect another stellar season out of Jamal Adams in 2020 (assuming there is one) and even as a Giants fan who watched him dominate my team this past season, I really appreciate the guy's play.

#16 - Derrick Henry - Running Back - Tennessee Titans

Previous Ranks
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Written By: broccolibush42
This part man part tractor was the plow that turned our barren field into a bountiful wheat field full of Nashville Hot Chicken. This beautiful muscly man with a poop rat tail decimated opponents and General Sherman'd the AFC South. Totaling at 1540 yards and 16 Touchdowns in 15 games, with 6 coming from a slow start in a Mariota lead offense, he caught fire and dragged his nuts all over teams like the Chargers, Chiefs, Jags, Colts, Texans, Raiders and was showing just absolute dominance on the field. (Sadly we arent able to take the playoffs into account otherwise i'd gush over how he embarrassed a couple of scrub one and done teams).
Henry has this certain tenacity and a godlike level of endurance that just makes him an absolute beast in the 2nd half. He is just able to keep going, and going, and going, until finally, players get tired of it and turn into lead blockers for him. He is extremely hard to tackle to. Take a look at this play against the Chiefs in week 10, guys just bounce off him like he's running through toddlers. Derrick Henry is so hard to tackle that, according to PFF, Henry had over 1200 of his 1540 total yards after contact. Like this dude was getting hit at the line of scrimmage and he is just like, fuck this shit, i aint no dion lewis, and keeps going. How is this guy even real???
Another thing about Henry is his speed! Henry is a 6'3" 240 pound dude running 20+ MPH down the field when he breaks the open one. Like look at this speed he gets vs the Browns in week 1. Or this one against the Jags where he outruns guys and stiff arms the ones who barely managed to keep pace. Speaking of stiff arms, Derrick Henry has one of, if not, the BEST Stiff Arm in the league. If I had to pick a way to die, I think I would like Henry to stiff arm me in the face running at me at 21 miles per hour with this face, because there would be no greater honor to a titans fan than death by Henry. That concludes my Henry jerk fest. Here are some more highlights. and here are the real link.

#15 - Travis Kelce - Tight End - Kansas City Chiefs

Previous Ranks
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
N/A N/R 84 N/R 28 31 13
Written By: DTSportsNow
Travis Kelce was drafted in the 3rd round of the 2013 draft. He wound up missing his rookie season due needing to receive microfracture surgery on his knee over the offseason and dealing with a bone bruise during the season. Since then he's received 4 All-Pro designations and was named to the NFL 2010s All-Decade team. He's also become the 1st TE in NFL history to have 4 straight 1,000+ yard seasons. Not bad considering how his career got started.
In 2019 he finished his 2nd straight season of 1,200+ yards and 3rd straight season leading the league in deep receiving yards by a tight end (274). He finished top 4 in overall TE grade for the 4th straight year (85.1), and was named to his second 2nd-team All-Pro designation. In the Sunday Night Football contest against the Chicago Bears he caught his 500th career reception, becoming the fastest TE in NFL history to reach that mark.
There's no doubt that Kelce is one of the best tight ends in the game, and winding up in the top 20 proves many believe him to be one of the very best players in the league. Since Gronk's decline it's essentially been between him and George Kittle for the top player at the position. He's a key component of what Andy Reid and the Chiefs like to do on offense, even as stacked as the offence is. With a Super Bowl victory and a few records to his name already his legacy will be decided by how long he can keep up his premier play. His partnership with Patrick Mahomes should take him to a locked up Hall of Fame bust.

#14 - Ryan Ramczyk - Offensive Tackle - New Orleans Saints

Previous Ranks
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 100 74
Written By: Dahki
In 2017, sb nation wrote an article claiming that Ryan Ramczyk wasn't a first round talent at LT. The site went so far as to say he would benefit from a switch to RT. In short, they ended up nailing that on the head. The three-year vet has spent almost the entirety of his career anchoring the right side of the Saints O-line after being picked at 32 overall, and boy, has it worked out for both the team and the Wisconsin alum.
Ram makes the /nfl top 100 list for two reasons. First, he was really good. Second, we really wanted to hammer in the idea that the Saints O-line as a whole was really good. Most notably, Ram exits the 2019 season with his first first-team all pro, and he was more than deserving of it. Similar to teammate Terron Armstead, Ram refused to allow Brees or Teddy to be touched, giving up no sacks on the season. Even better, Ram kept his QBs almost squeaky clean in the pocket, allowing just one hit on the entire season, good for 2nd best in the league among nominated tackles. And Ram didn't just do well in pass pro; he was PFFs top graded OT when run-blocking, showcasing his power and quickness from his spot. In total, Ram spent the 2019 season as the biggest challenge for opposing D-lines to overcome when facing the Saints.

#13 - Julio Jones - Wide Receiver - Atlanta Falcons

Previous Ranks
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
32 93 23 8 2 21 17
Written By: CokeZ3ro
It's a bird, it’s a plane, no it's Jet Jones! In his 9th season Julio continues to be one of the most dominant receivers in the NFL, and the undisputed best player on the team. He’s a force that defenses must give their full attention, and even then he can explode. Even when he doesn’t get the ball, his influence and abilities still shape the play, and better everyone around him. This past offseason Julio agreed to a three-year contract extension worth $66 million, making him the NFL’s highest paid WR, and extending him to 2023. Even though 2019 was a down year statistically, Julio continued to show why the money is worth it. In a “down year” Julio was 2nd in reception yards, 3rd in Yards/Game, and 1st in Scrimmage Yards/Touch, and made his 6th consecutive Pro-Bowl.
But stats can hardly capture the elite combination of athleticism and skill that makes Julio so great. A combination perfectly captured here where Julio is able to jump over the coverage of CB Leodis McKelvin and then tiptoe to complete the coverage on the way down. Later that same game, with the Falcons against the wall, Julio showed that no man can catch him in a 53-yard burst (shoutout to Jake Matthews for the Pancake Block). Julio utilized his route skills to make CB Pierre Desir eat turf before making a 34-yard reception; which likely would have been much more if Ryan didn’t underthrow it. He’s pretty good at catching too, exhibited as reaches over CB Quincy Wilson and manages to hold onto the ball through tackles from Wilson and SS Clayton Geathers to score. Doesn’t matter who you are, Luke Keuchly, Marshon Lattimore, AJ Bouye; doesn’t matter. bUt hE dOEsn’T gET tOUchDoWnS I hear the Fantasy owners say. Watch this and notice how often in the redzone Julio is serving to support his team (blocks, inside presence, taking double defenders), or is just ignored. He’s open more often people realize.
Even in a disappointing season for the Falcons, Julio continues to shine through as one of the NFL’s premiere combos of athleticism and skill. Julio is and will continue to be an absolute force for the offense.

#12 - Chandler Jones - EDGE - Arizona Cardinals

Previous Ranks
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
N/R N/R N/R N/R 60 24 100
Written By: Beehay
In my write up of ChanJo last year, I mentioned that the return to the 3/4 (even if it's under Vance Joseph) will be huge for his stats. And boy howdy was it! At 30 years old and after double digit sack totals for 5 straight years, Jones set a career high of sacks at 19 this year. He had 8 Forced Fumbles, 53 Tackles, and 26 QB hits. Most of his stats improved from 2018, some more drastically than others. His pass coverage marginally improved but why the hell would you really want him to cover guys? (Don't say it Niners fans, DON'T SAY IT)
Chandler Jones is the prototype for edge defenders. He is what all other Defensive Coordinators wish they had. Strong, fast, smart, consistent. Here's a guys opinion and a breakdown. Here's some highlights because not everybody watched all 16 Cardinals games last year and I don't blame them. I think he will rank even higher next year if he stays healthy because he will finally get to settle into a defense again. Even if it's Vance Joseph's.

#11 - Ronnie Stanley - Offensive Tackle - Baltimore Ravens

Previous Ranks
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
N/A N/A N/A N/A N/R N/R 97
Written By: Letsgomountaineers5
Where to begin with Ronnie Stanley? Oh, how about a nearly minute long clip of him absolutely bullying First Team All Pro and NFC DPOY Chandler Jones. You like that? (Sorry Cards fans, but hey we all know Chandler Jones is a beast). Ronnie Stanley was the best LT in the league. No wait, actually he was the best overall tackle in the league. Actually, Stanley was the best lineman in the league, bar none. I truly believe Stanley was a top 5 player in the NFL last season and even tried (and failed/came to senses) to argue Stanley as a top 2 player. His dominance on the left side of that line was unprecedented.
I know stats don’t paint the entire picture, especially for OL, but I have to start there because his stats were unworldly as a blindside protector facing the best pass rushers the NFL has to offer. Going against the likes of TJ Watt twice a year, Carlos Dunlap twice a year, Myles Garrett, Chandler Jones, Nick Bosa, Shaq Barrett (need I go on), he allowed zero sacks and six pressures on 445 pass blocking snaps. Of tackles with at least 400 pass blocking snaps to allow 6 pressures or less, he was the only one. Wait, the only one? Let’s expand. 10 pressures on 400 snaps? Hmm. Only Ronnie Stanley. 15? Hmm only Ronnie Stanley. 20 and no sacks? Only Ronnie Stanley. Unreal.
So how does he do it? Well for starters, he has an elite pass rusher’s explosion as an offensive lineman. He can pack a pop that will knock the best rushers off line or on their ass without overextending. Just ask Nick Bosa. Refer back to the Chandler Jones lowlight reel for a second and check out how often he simply beats Jones (one of the most explosive and best bending edge rushers in the game) to his spot time and time again. Stanley is out of his stance so fast it looks like he’s false starting and, be it film review/sixth sense/sheer athleticism (my money is on all three), he hits the pass rushers’ marks before they do. Sometimes, he even chips defenders to the ground he doesn’t have a responsibility for. Because of these reasons, he’s basically the only lineman in the game not playing catchup and is tremendously equipped to react to counters. In the run game, he was a driving reason behind that team’s record setting running success. He can be a mauler, but with his speed also can pull like the best guards in the game and lead block for some of the fastest players in the game.
At the end of the day, his dominance in both pass blocking and run blocking makes him a worthy top 15 player, and if not for a tendency to underrate linemen, I believe he should’ve been a shoe-in for the top 10. If you read this far, thank you. Now I need to go puke after that glowing endorsement for a Raven.




Schedule Change

Unveiling of ranks 10-6 will take place Monday, July 6 instead of Tuesday. Unveiling of ranks 5-1 will take place on Thursday, July 9. Thank you!
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Fantasy Opportunity Primer: Green Bay Packers

With the draft complete and the bulk of the free agency rush over with, it's time to start looking ahead to the 2020 season! And with that, I'm back with year 2 of my Opportunity series.
For those who didn't see this series last year, I try to take a different approach to fantasy projections than your run-of-the-mill rankings. The basis of my process is that the number one indicator of fantasy success is opportunities to touch the ball. Obviously individual player skill can (and will) affect that, but at the end of the day players are at the mercy of playcalling and play design. Therefore, if we want to make accurate projections, we need to look at each coach's scheme and how they like to spread the ball around.
As a result, this series is very coach-centric. I'll touch on individual players, but only as they relate to their coaches' schemes. On a related note, this series will only aim to establish projections on how touches will be split up, not what individual players will be able to accomplish with those touches. That will come later once depth charts settle through training camp. Think of this series more as a basis for realistic expectations.
Make sense? Good. Let's dive in.
Most of my stats are pulled from Pro Football Reference. Please support them. They are awesome and are my primary source of statistical information.

Green Bay Packers

Last Year's Accuracy
Total Plays Rush Attempts (Rush %) Passing Plays (Pass %) - includes sacks Sacks Allowed (Sack %) WR Targets (WR Target %) WR Receptions (WR Catch %) RB Targets (RB Target %) RB Receptions (RB Catch %) TE Targets (TE Target %) TE Receptions (TE Catch %)
2019 Projections 1025 440 (42.9%) 585 (57.1%) 35 (6.0%) 330 (60.0%) 205 (62.1%) 110 (20.0%) 75 (68.2%) 110 (20.0%) 75 (68.2%)
2019 Stats 1020 411 (40.3%) 609 (59.7%) 36 (5.9%) 314 (54.8%) 192 (61.1%) 133 (23.2%) 101 (75.9%) 94 (16.4%) 63 (67.0%)
For league wide stats, see this spreadsheet.
Coaching Changes
Nothing to see here. After a two season playoff drought, Green Bay found itself back on top of the NFC North under the leadership of first year head coach Matt LaFleur. He retains right hand man Nathaniel Hackett as his offensive coordinator. Defensive coordinator Mike Pettine will also return after operating the bend-don't-break defense to perfection (18th in yards allowed, but 9th in scoring and T-5th in turnovers).
Coaching History
With how successful the Packers run game was in LaFleur's first year, it's really hard to believe that they only posted a 40% run rate in sharp contrast to LaFleur's first year calling plays in Tennessee. It's a testament to just how effective LaFleur was at bringing some semblance of balance back to this offense. Also impressive was how Green Bay was near the league average in plays run (1020 vs 1016) despite operating the 5th slowest offense in the NFL. Recording the 3rd highest turnover differential certainly helped that cause as well.
The re-emphasizing of running backs extended to the passing game too, where the Packers' backs posted the 8th highest target rate in the league. This success came at the expense of the wideouts and tight ends, though that shouldn't come as much of a surprise. Davante Adams was once again the only reliable wide receiver for Aaron Rodgers, and even then he missed a quarter of the year with turf toe. The tight ends, led by an aging Jimmy Graham, showed no spring in their step either. Not surprisingly, Rodgers tied for the second highest throwaway rate in the league (defined as throws without a target in this case).
Looking Ahead
Going into year 2, LaFleur made it abundantly clear that he intends to run the ball more. How else are we supposed to interpret a draft that included multiple offensive linemen, a punishing new running back, and the heir apparent to future HoFer Aaron Rodgers? Meanwhile the best weapon Green Bay added for Rodgers was journeyman WR Devin Funchess. The question isn't whether the Packers' run-pass ratio will lean further to the run side, it's how much? With Rodgers still at QB, LaFleur won't be calling a 48.5% run rate like he did with the Titans in 2018, but there's still a fair bit of space between that and the 40.3% run rate the Packers posted last year. A run rate around 42-43% seems to best strike a balance between taking advantage of Rodgers's skill while still shifting the offense toward Lafleur's preferred balance.
Along with a likely higher run rate limiting pass attempts, it's a good bet that the Packers offense won't run as many total plays this year. As mentioned above, Pettine's defense excelled at getting the ball back into the offense's hands which helped to boost what would otherwise have been a very low play total in LaFleur's clock-killing offense. It's true that there should be expected growth from the young secondary, but on the flip side the Packers lost multiple key linebackers to free agency. Yes, they had their deficiencies, but they were starters for a reason and Green Bay didn't really do much to replace them. The question then becomes whether the growth of the key players in the pass rush and secondary can overcome the deficit at linebacker. They'll also be fighting an uphill battle of turnovers being historically volatile from year to year. It's certainly possible that the Packers' defense could repeat especially given Pettine's history of success, but it won't be easy.
As for who the reduced passing volume goes to, there isn't much reason to assume any major change from last year. Losing TE Jimmy Graham might free up some targets, but then with all the tight ends Green Bay has collected it's possible that LaFleur will start running more 2TE sets as you would typically expect with a more run-focused team. Rookie A.J. Dillon might help the running backs to claim a larger share, but then he also could easily slide in to simply replace Jamaal Williams. Perhaps a healthy Davante Adams combined with Devin Funchess will lead to a larger share for the wideouts, but there was a sizable committee vying for time last year that Adams and Funchess will likely eat into first. All in all it's fair to expect a split very similar to last year.
EDIT: With Devin Funchess opting out, Allen Lazard is likely to assume the WR2 role. It also means the WR3 role will continue to rotate through an underachieving cast. This provides an opportunity for a tight end corps that was already on the rise. They should see a small boost in target share at the expense of the wide receivers.
2020 Projections
Total Plays Rush Attempts (Rush %) Passing Plays (Pass %) - includes sacks Sacks Allowed (Sack %) WR Targets (WR Target %) WR Receptions (WR Catch %) RB Targets (RB Target %) RB Receptions (RB Catch %) TE Targets (TE Target %) TE Receptions (TE Catch %)
2019 Stats 1020 411 (40.3%) 609 (59.7%) 36 (5.9%) 314 (54.8%) 192 (61.1%) 133 (23.2%) 101 (75.9%) 94 (16.4%) 63 (67.0%)
2020 Projections 1000 430 (43.0%) 570 (57.0%) 35 (6.1%) 280 (52.3%) 170 (60.7%) 125 (23.4%) 85 (68.0%) 105 (19.6%) 70 (66.7%)
Previous Entry: Detroit Lions
Next Entry: Houston Texans
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Official Week 10 R/NFL Power Rankings

Make sure you're sitting down, and check for yourself if you don't believe me, but we're already at the double-digit mark for gameweeks in the football season. That's right folks, it's already time for the Week 10 Official nfl Power Rankings! It's amazing how fast time flies; three months ago, training camps were wrapped as teams made their way through the August doldrums of pre-season football. Now look at us! Heck in three months time, not only will we have crowned a new champion, but Antonio Brown might have landed himself a paycheck! Between your prop bets on which prominent fast food chain will be the first to employ Mr. Big Collections, feast your eyes on the following list of teams. As always, these are collated from a representational slice of 32 hopeless gambling degenerates. 31/32 reporting.
# Team Δ Record Comment
1. Patriots +1 8-1 Big run from here on out after the bye, starting with the Eagles. The Patriots needed the R&R to get healthier and to make the adjustments needed in readying for the playoffs.
2. Ravens +2 7-2 Lamar Jackson put himself at or near the front of the MVP race as the Ravens offense continues to dominate. Harbaugh and Roman have schemed the NFL's best offense by balancing the league's leading rushing attack with a passing game that uses all three TEs to much aplomb. The defense has moved past their early struggles with the addition of Marcus Peters and the return of Jimmy Smith; it now consistently gets pressure with a blitz heavy scheme.
3. 49ers -2 8-1 In an instant MNF classic, the Niners dropped their first game of the season. Without his two top receiving threats, Jimmy G looked uncomfortable in the pocket and had trouble throwing anywhere more than five yards downfield. Three turnovers turned into the only three touchdowns by the Seahawks. The defense looked impressive, but the short fields and poor execution by the offense wasted their effort. The team looks to regroup on Sunday in a home match up against the Cardinals.
4. Seahawks +1 8-2 Russell Wilson is now 13-3 in his career against Santa Clara "San Francisco" and 8-2 on Monday Night Football, there are no longer any undefeated teams left in the NFL, and John Schneider's trades look like genius moves. Jadeveon Clowney, Jacob Hollister, and Quandre Diggs all played huge roles in this win, and it looks like there's good news on Tyler Lockett's injury as well. Even Jason Myers redeemed himself. Phenomenal game that would have been heartbreaking to lose.
5. Saints -2 7-2 The Saints under Sean Payton have always relied on a strong OL platform to run their offensive scheme. The Falcons came in with a plan to disrupt that blocking and reaped the rewards with a decisive win.
6. Packers +1 8-2 The Packers got back into the groove with a home win over the Panthers. Turnovers and the fact that the Panthers defense couldn't find any solution for Aaron Jones were the main factors in this one. Aaron Jones splits time with Jamaal Williams, yet he was still exchanging the league lead for TDs with Christian McCaffrey throughout this game. Remember that name: Aaron Jones.
7. Vikings +1 7-3 Even in primetime against a team with a winning record, Kirk Cousins continues to put up MVP numbers, and even across from Ezekiel Elliot, there was no doubt who was the best running back on Sunday night.. Danielle Hunter ranks first in the NFL in pressures generated while Everson Griffen ranks third, and though the secondary still struggles in coverage, Eric Kendricks leads all linebackers in pass breakups..
8. Chiefs -2 6-4 A triumphant game from the Mahomes-to-Hill combination still left the Chiefs on the wrong end of the scoreline on Sunday. Unfortunately, though the Chiefs are stacked with talent in some parts of the roster, inconsistent play in the trenches threatens to implode this team's playoff hopes.
9. Texans -- 6-3 Dolphins 16 - 12 Colts
10. Cowboys +1 5-4 Like an annual ritual of an ancient cannibalistic tribe, the calls for Jason Garrett’s head have begun - and rightfully so. The inexplicable playcalling, ultra-conservative approach, and complete lack of in-game adjustments are hard to argue with. With a roster of this caliber, it’s hard to find fault in any area greater than the coaching. Heading into a slew of primetime games, the entire nation may get to witness the final fall of Garrett.
11. Eagles +3 5-4 The Eagles had a bye week in advance of hosting New England next Sunday.
12. Rams -2 5-4 With the season in a shambles, fans can spin the blame-o-meter and be happy with whatever space it lands on. Between McVay, Goff, the O-line, front office trades, and even the refs (at times), there's no shortage of awfulness to go around. It's not like the future is much brighter as the Rams' next first round pick is in 2022. Let the 8-8 McVay era begin.
13. Bills -1 6-3 The Bills came into this week playing against the 30th ranked run defense in football. Offensive coordinator and certified genius Brian Daboll proceeded call a mere 13 runs while dialing up more than 40 passes. The highlight was when the offense fought back from 1st-and-25 just to huck a gimmicky, one-read deep ball into double coverage on 3rd-and-4 because Buffalo isn’t allowed to have nice things. As for the two missed field goals that would have given the Bills the win: one supposes that's the football gods' way of making up for the team's win in Tennessee. Buffalo's fate is still in their own hands, but there's a lot to clean up.
14. Raiders +2 5-4 Chargers fans call Rivers "Dad", and following his stellar performance (2 ints, 1 TD, and a 3rd int called back) they are calling Erik Harris "Grandpa". After a coming out game for Clellin Ferrell the Raiders are now sitting just half a game back in the AFC west. The last half of the season is going to be fun to watch.
15. Steelers +3 5-4 People will talk about Russell Wilson as the MVP because of the impact he has involving other players at the QB position, but isn't it noteworthy when a single defensive player can improve an entire defense himself without directly giving the ball to others? Whatever Minkah Fitzpatrick is, it's by far the biggest impact on the Steelers this year and the sole reason they have risen from mediocrity to respectability. Fans expect Lamar Jackson and Russell Wilson to change the face of an entire game (and they do), but there are a handful of defensive players every generation who do it, and it's usually a solo effort like Junior Seau. They don't often make everyone else better as well. If the Steelers actually turn this around and do something, it's because Fitzpatrick keeps it going.
16. Colts -3 5-4 The wheels are off at this point. But even in the midst of this nightmare season, Colts fans can enjoy the incredible tracts of real estate we own in the minds of the small-team Texans supporters. Even their blurb up the thread only talks about us. Rent free!
17. Panthers -2 5-4 News that Cam Newton's season is done has split the Panthers fanbase into two halves. The ones who want to roll with Kyle Allen are directly opposed to those who want Cam back in the fold for 2020. It remains to be seen which way the Panthers' front office will go.
18. Titans +4 5-5 The Titans let Patrick Mahomes put up the most passing yards (446) by any QB in Nissan Stadium, but Tennessee was able to survive with a last-second FG block by Joshua Kalu. Derrick Henry continued his success against the Chiefs with 188 rushing yards and 2 TDs. Somehow, Andy Reid is now 1-8 against the Titans.
19. Bears +1 4-5 When two bad teams play each other, technically the game must end in a result that changes the record of said teams after 60 minutes of playtime. Those rules were followed on Sunday, and there's not much fans can take away from the game except that it was nice to see the Bears beat a team they should beat. The Lions tried to avenge their loss to backup Chase Daniel last year by playing their own backup, but instead, they just lost. Maybe it was part of a deep state plan to keep Trubisky as starter, as The Onion suggested last weekend!
20. Chargers -2 4-6 The major takeaway from this game should not be the supposed decline of Philip Rivers but rather the importance of offensive line play. The Chargers played much of the game with 3 backups on the OL and the unit as a whole played unacceptably bad, allowing a meager Raiders pass rush to tee off on Phil. In comparison, the Raiders' OL had a significantly better game against the Chargers pass rush. At 4-6 with an 0-2 divisional record, the Chargers have their work cut out for them, even if the Chiefs are only two games ahead. The Chargers must beat KC in Mexico City if they want to stay relevant in the postseason hunt.
21. Lions -4 3-5-1 Many, perhaps most, Lions fans are ready to boot Patricia and Quinn. Maybe they are right, and it's time. However, it would be hard to argue that the Lions haven't been one of the most injury-affected teams this year, and when fans also consider that all but one loss has been extremely close, it's not so cut and dry. If they can finish strong (unlikely without Matthew, but who knows), it could reestablish some optimism for the future.
22. Jaguars -1 4-5 Minshew Mania is over (for now). It's time to give Jason Mendoza what he wants. FOOOOLLLLEEEESSSSSS!
23. Buccaneers +2 3-6 Bruce Arians coached with toddler-like petulance, throwing a challenge flag on a DPI he knew he'd lose, followed by a challenge flag he didn't have resulting in another lost timeout. Despite his infantile behavior, the Bucs managed to pull out a narrow victory over the Cardinals, bringing their record to 3-6. Rookies Jamel Dean and Devin White made a number of splash plays and Shaq Barrett continued his DPOY worthy campaign. This team is better than the record shows, but if my mother had wheels, she'd be a bicycle.
24. Browns +2 3-6 Relying on your opponent to miss a field goal to win a game is not a viable long term strategy. The Browns won, but it wasn't for lack of effort.
25. Cardinals -2 3-6-1 A dropped wide-open touchdown pass, a special teams mistake causing a six-point swing, and an untimely interception were too much for the Cardinals to overcome as they dropped their 3rd straight game. Aside from those mistakes, the defensive play has been absolutely atrocious. Sure, they caused some turnovers, but while the offense has been improving, the defense has been going in the opposite direction with the 2nd-most points and yards given up in the NFL.
26. Broncos -2 3-6 Russell Wilson is dummy thicc.
27. Falcons +1 2-7 Defensive play calling duties were split between Raheem Morris and Jeff Ulbrich for the first time this season, and what a game it was. Three of Atlanta's six sacks came on third down, which could potentially be a brand new sentence. Vic Beasley hasn't looked this youngry in years, and Drew Brees hasn't EVER scored fewer than double digits in the Superdome. Quinn made a great decision by taking himself out of the equation, falling faster from grace than any other coach in recent memory. Chase Young may be sitting in Flowery Branches' shopping cart at the moment, but no player will ever be good enough to make Atlanta want to lose to New Orleans.
28. Dolphins +3 2-7 We're sorry to interrupt your previously scheduled documentary on armored military vehicles, but we've got news of a disturbance going on down in Miami. Pardon me sir, did you see what happened? Oh yes, they call it the streak. They claimed 'nother victory. They're just as proud as can be, of their abilities. They haven't yet peaked!
29. Jets +1 2-7 The Jets' front 7 turned in one of their most dominating performances in recent memory by making contact with Saquon Barkley behind the line of scrimmage on almost every rushing attempt. The defensive gameplan forced the Giants' victory to fall squarely on the shoulders of Daniel Jones. Thanks in large part to the President impeaching the ball from him, Jones came up short.
30. Giants -3 2-8 The Giants are now officially the #2 team in New Jersey, with Pat Shurmur having now added Adam Gase to his resume of coaches that out-coached him. John Mara is angry, but he might want to take a look in the mirror because he hired the front office team that got us into this position in the first place. Once a beacon of hope and, in all honesty, many fans' sole reason for watching Giants games, Saquon Barkley has not looked anything like his 2018 self this year. If he is truly healthy, as the Giants say he is, one has to wonder what is going on that keeps holding him back game in and game out.
31. Redskins -2 1-8 The Redskins named Dwayne Haskins their starting QB for the remainder of the season, and fans are finally going to see the rookie QB get a chance to play and grow. Meanwhile, the race for last place and the first overall draft pick is heating up.
32. Bengals -- 0-9 If Mike Brown keeps getting rid of his scapegoats (Marvin Lewis, Andy Dalton), people are going to start to realize the real reason the Bengals are bad. He's an incompetent owner.
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Official Week 4 /r/NFL Power Rankings

Good afternoon, nfl! We're through the first quarter of this race, with only 3 teams remaining undefeated while 6 have yet to win a game. It's early going and there's still a lot of moving around to be done, as these horses are anything but predictable. Some wild swings appear in the rankings this week. Who's overrated? Who's underrated? Who's headed for the glue factory? Find out on the Week 4 edition of the Official NFL Power Rankings! 31/32 reporting.
# Team Δ Record Comment
1. Patriots -- 4-0 Pats squeaked out a tough one against the legit Bills defense, but struggled mightily on offense all game. Luckily, the defense was able to stymie the Bills for the most part. A game like this early in the season will give Bill Belichick the ammunition to light a fire under the team for weeks to come. Bring on the Redskins.
2. Chiefs -- 4-0 On a day where everything went wrong, the Chiefs still found a way to win. Highlighted by a sick lateral from Travis Kelce to Shady McCoy and a game-winning drive orchestrated by Patrick Mahomes, this was the type of game that championship-level teams have to occasionally find a way to win. There is some concern about the run defense going forward because the unit should've gotten better since last year, but it seems to be treading water. The Chiefs will now have four of their next five games at home after finishing their rough stretch of road games.
3. Rams -- 3-1 This game...
4. Cowboys -- 3-1 Two days later, and there still aren’t solid answers as to what happened to the Cowboys on Sunday night. It appeared Kellen Moore misplaced his playbook and instead picked up Scott Linehan’s from 2018. Dak struggled like he did in his sophomore season, and Zeke seemed to be thinking about a beach in Cabo. Even the normally dominant offensive line struggled with the Saints defensive front. Things definitely don’t get easier this week as the Pack comes to town.
5. Saints +3 3-1 When the Saints and the Cowboys play in the Superdome, magic always seems to happen, and the 2019 SNF matchup delivered. Both teams' defenses came to play, ensuring a thrilling contest. The boys in the black and white stripes threw their terrible towels all over the field, but the defenses weren't phased and put on exceptional performances to stymie some of the key players in both teams. Well, except Alvin Kamara, who now has back-to-back 69-yard rushing weeks (nice).
6. Seahawks +5 3-1 The songbirds proved to be no match for the Seattle squadron, and the war's tiniest captain was sent back to his nest in defeat. Transport Ensign William Dissly brushed off the flitting fowl with ease, and "Clowney" made a critical strike early that made the canaries' voices crack. The Seahawks are now forced to fly home to try to head off a herd of recently domesticated sheep.
7. Packers -2 3-1 Good news: Aaron Rodgers can still sling the ball effectively. Bad news: This was discovered by returning to 2018's style of game where the defense is not able to make a stop and the plays are mostly passes. The Packers drop to 3-1 as they headi into the jaws of road game against a good Cowboys team.
8. Bears +4 3-1 "Everybody told me when I got here [it was hard to win in Chicago], then we won some games. I guess if you turn the ball over and you create penalties and you do dumb things, it’s a pretty hard place to play. I think they've lost their last two at home.” - Mike Zimmer, just days before his team (led by 84 Million Dollar Man Kirk Cousins) was shut out for 57 minutes en route to losing to career backup Chase Daniel. Hey, he nailed it.
9. 49ers -- 3-0 The 49ers win the bye week by becoming the last unbeaten team in the NFC.
10. Ravens -4 2-2 It seems like an annual occurrence that the Ravens hit some kind of low point and fans question whether this is any more than a 9-7 at best team. Not only did the Ravens fall to 2-2, but they now have as many multi-score losses as multi-score wins. However, the Ravens have been here before and have gone on to finish the season a contender. It all hinges on whether these defensive struggles are an aberration or a trend.
11. Eagles +6 2-2 The Eagles found a way to win on the road, including a gritty performance from a severely depleted defense. Luckily for the team, the looming Sunday match-up is against the Jets' "offense." That said, without a major change in secondary personnel or a dramatic amount of positional growth, the Eagles will have to continue to rely on Carson Wentz's arm to bail them out at the end of every game.
12. Bills +1 3-1 The Bills defense put up an incredible performance, holding the Patriots offense to just 9 points (the other 7 coming on a Special Teams play). And still, the offense blew it, ultimately losing 17-10. Buffalo had every chance to win, but horrible decision making by Josh Allen and Brian Daboll, along with a timely endzone drop by Zay Jones (on an admittedly bad ball by Matt Barkley), led to a tough loss. Elite defense marred by an inconsistent offense. What else is new in Buffalo?
13. Lions +3 2-1-1 Moral victories aren't exactly ideal, but the Lions continue to look like a team that can hang with anyone. Health is the major opponent now, and hopefully, Detroit comes out of the bye on more solid ground in that regard.
14. Vikings -7 2-2 If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with having Kirk Cousins as your quarterback, please don't wait, call 1-84M-GUA-RAN-TEED today.
15. Chargers -- 2-2 A slow start against a struggling Miami squad was a concerning sign for an underachieving Chargers squad, but the team pulled itself together to finish the game with a sizable, but not exactly convincing, win. Unfortunately, the victory came at a cost. Several players, including Melvin Ingram, were sidelined with injuries. While the Chargers' 2-2 record isn't the worst position to be in, this team needed to be better and still needs to do better. The Chargers will start division play by hosting a struggling Broncos team next week.
16. Texans -6 2-2 The difference between daring and stupidity is whether or not you succeed, and in that light, some of this week's calls by the Texans were dumb as hell. The offense still can't find a rhythm, and the defense simply allowed Christian McCaffrey to pad his highlight reel. As Houston joins the rest of the AFC South at 2-2, the question is which teams can get on the right side of .500? The Texans hope to get there at home against the Dirty Birds, but fans won't be surprised if these birds get out of hand.
17. Browns +4 2-2-0 The hype train is back, and Chubb is the Engine. The Browns shellacked the Ravens 40-25 in Baltimore with Nick Chubb scoring three touchdowns. Next week, the Browns will play the 49ers in their second MNF game of the season.
18. Panthers +1 2-2 Christian McCaffrey continued to prove he is not human, as his dazzling highlight-reel catch not only converted a key third down, but also tricked Bill O'Brien into burning a timeout that would be desperately needed by the end of the game. Kyle Allen showed a more mortal side as he coughed up the ball thrice via fumbles, but he also made some critical throws that helped put the game out of reach. If this team can continue to grow and refine itself while its star QB heals, they may position themselves to make some noise by the end of the season.
19. Buccaneers +4 2-2 Tampa upset the undefeated Rams on the road, and the QB Whisperer is starting to work his magic with Jameis. Entering 2019, Jameis hadn’t won a road game since 2016. Now he's 2-0 with 5 TDs, 1 INT, and 593 yards. Meanwhile, the defense has held CMC, Gurley, and Saquon to a combined 63 yards, and Sack Ferret is making an early case for DPOY with 9 sacks and an INT in just four games. A win over the Brees-less Saints, and this team will be rolling with the unstoppable force of an A-Train run up the gut.
20. Colts -6 2-2 Talent and execution. Talent and execution. That's all team sports is - which team has more talent, and which team can utilize their talent in the optimal way. With major injuries piling up, the Colts needed to rely on their execution to win on Sunday. A frustrating day of dropped passes and a brutal late interception from Jacoby Brissett meant the Colts dropped to 2-2.
21. Jaguars -1 2-2 Marvelous. The mustache serves as memories for mortals to recall my maestoso masterpieces. Mustangs might have seemed to mar my miracles, nay they be mashed by my mighty back. The Mile High air may have meant malice, meekly meaning to move the ball aloft — mootly as it marked my meaning: magnificence! Moreover, I must march on from this mumbling, as some mouser needs macerating. Meanwhile, you may call me... Minshew.
22. Titans -- 2-2 A strong overall performance by Mariota and the Titans was highlighted by WRs A.J. Brown and Corey Davis against Atlanta on Sunday. The Titans had WRs catch 3 TDs during a game for the first time in just under 3 years.
23. Raiders +2 2-2 This week, the score doesn't reflect the degree to which Raiders dominated. From the start of the game, it was clear that the Raiders were playing inspired and were the better team. The only downside is that Derek Carr hurt his leg against the Colts again, just like in 2016. Luckily, this time it doesn't seem serious.
24. Giants -- 2-2 HTTR: Haskins Throws Turnovers Regularly. While it's easy to be happy with the defense's performance this week, fans should probably wait until they perform well against a unit other than the maligned Redskins offense. As for Daniel J. Dimes, he continues to impress with his accuracy and mobility, but he has now committed two turnovers in each of his two starts. Rookie mistakes like that are to be expected, but fans have to think that's a focal point for Pat Shurmur and Co. moving forward.
25. Steelers +1 1-3 A popular refrain among Steeler fans these days is, "We don't have any coordinators." Well, it seems as though that hit awfully close to home, because this week, they did have coordinators. Case in point: the offense was uptempo and few adjustments were made or needed. Again and again, the correct plays were sent in and executed with plenty of time left on the clock. The defense was also dynamic, and a myriad of players had opportunities for big plays. Of course, this still means it's a simplified system for a young QB and defense, but it does at least prove capability all-around.
26. Falcons -8 1-3 This team looks sluggish, ill-prepared, and is all too quickly proving that they cannot hang with any other team in the division. This talented team's window just about shut on Sunday. Koetter and Mularkey were kicked out of Atlanta for a reason, and if Dan Quinn really wanted to save his job, he would hire on a different basis than the buddy system. Let's hope the Falcons' 2020 coaching squad featuring Jerry Glanville, Jim Mora Jr., and Mike Smith can produce more results than the current four-headed hydra of disappointment.
27. Broncos -- 0-4 A further backslide into non-competitiveness looms after yet another loss. Bradley Chubb will be a huge loss for a Broncos defense that was already under-performing.
28. Cardinals -- 0-3-1 Low expectations were one thing, but to see the Cardinals appear to regress the past two weeks is a cause for major concern. Steve Keim has rightfully been blamed by local media members for the disastrous state this team has been in for 13 months. His seat should get much hotter if the Cards can't figure out a way to win in Cincinnati against a win-less Bengals team on a short week
29. Bengals -1 0-4 The Bengals are a bad football team, and they will continue to be a bad football team as long as Mike Brown is the owner.
30. Jets +1 0-3 With Weeks 5, 6, and 7 of the preseason behind them, the Jets look to start the season with a bang as the returns of C.J. Mosley, Sam Darnold, and Quinnen Williams get closer every day.
31. Redskins -1 0-4 After all the defense's talk and Landon Collins specifically discussing facing his old team and giving them "payback," that was just embarrassing. There isn't much else to say.
32. Dolphins -- 0-4 They did it! They finally kept the game within 3 TDs! They also finally had a lead! This group of football players in Miami is clearly showing that they may qualify to be called a "team" by the end of the season!
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Seahawks Results Breakdown for /r/NFL_Draft Mock Free Agency and Draft

Reposted in compliance with mod requirements.


Link to RulesLink to Mock DraftLink to Breakdowns
/NFL_Draft hosted a mock offseason last week, where representatives of each team prepared FA offers, signed FA’s, and then completed a mock draft based on their FA signings. Free agents were represented by mods, who rolled dice to decide player loyalties and priorities - did a player like a team, was the money right, and would they be a good fit? This added some randomness to the FA, making it ever so slightly more realistic. Here is our Free Agency Board: We categorized, ranked, and created offers for over 200 Free Agents, refining our targets as time went on.

Free Agency

Seattle went into the free agency with 50 million in open cap and an eye on DE Jadeveon Clowney as our priority. Despite a 22.5 APY contract offer which included the first two years guaranteed, Clowney chose to sign with Dallas at 25APY. So, with that money freed up, we decided to put together the deepest defensive line group that we possibly could. Two early signings of swing tackle T George Fant and DL Quinton Jefferson gave us our starting point for free agency; Fant can play both sides of the line as well as a 6th lineman, while QJeff can likewise play literally every position on the defensive line. With this versatility we felt reduced pressure to buy for need, and were more free to pursue on convergence of talent and price. To free up even more space, we let go of TE Ed Dickson and sent C Justin Britt to the Giants with a 4th for DE/OLB Lorenzo Carter and 7.75 million in cap savings. At this point, we had roughly 60 million in cap to work with if we cut players on futures contracts. We missed on Clowney, and while waiting on his decision Quinn and Armstead signed elsewhere. For these players, we did not feel that it was critical to sign them to the extent that it would bust our cap. So, pivoting, we went for depth over high end talent, and signed DL Mario Addison, Leonard Williams, and Ndomukong Suh. Adding that to QJeff and young players like Rasheem Green, LJ Collier, Poona Ford and the newly-acquired Lorenzo Carter has us feeling like we’ve nearly got 2 starting defensive lines: it will not only fuel fierce competition for playing time, but it will allow us to keep our pass rush and run defense fresh late in games, and hopefully is what we need to get our defense back into the top-10. We also added several other players to round out the roster before the draft and do our best to ensure we didn’t have gaping holes which would force us into unfavorable draft selections. Those signings included TE Luke Willson, RT Germain Ifedi, C Joey Hunt, LG Xavier Sua’Filo, and WRs David Moore and Paul Richardson. We extended offers to OLB Jordan Jenkins, DE Stephen Weatherly, CB Akeem King, and others.

FA Summary

Offense: QB Geno Smith, 1 year, 2m, 1m gtd TE Luke Willson, 1 year, 2m OT George Fant - 2 years, 10m, 8m gtd OT Germain Ifedi - 1 Year, 5m, 2m gtd OG Xavier Sua’Filo, 1 year, 3m, 1m gtd WR David Moore - 2 years, 5m, 3.5m gtd WR Paul Richardson, vet minimum C Joey Hunt - 1 year, 1m, 750k gtd
Defense: DE/OLB Lorenzo Carter (Trade) DL Leonard Williams - 3 years, 33m, 21m gtd DE Mario Addison, 3 years, 26.5m, 19m gtd DL Ndomukong Suh, 2 years, 20m, 11m gtd DL Quinton Jefferson, 3 years, 16.5m, 12m gtd


1(27) - Cesar Ruiz, C - Michigan 2 (59) - Isaiah Wilson, RT - Georgia 2 (64) - Darrell Taylor, DE - Tennessee 3 (100) - Devin Duvernay, WRET - Texas 4 (143) - Lamar Jackson, CB - Nebraska 5 (154) - Kindle Victor, CB - Georgia Southern 6 (214) - Darrion Daniels, NT - Nebraska 7 (241) DeeJay Dalls, RB - Miami 7 (253) Charlie Taumoepeau, TE/FB - Portland State
We went into the draft very ready to move down, but unwilling to force it. The end result is that we stayed put at all of our picks. We would have moved down a couple of times, but ultimately decided we didn’t want to risk losing our targets. We had a very active war room, which in some ways probably made us less aggressive overall (in terms of both risky trades and risky players), but the flip side of that is that these picks are pretty well representative of how draft-invested Seahawks fans see our team needs.
1 (27) - Cesar Ruiz, C - Michigan. This wasn’t the first choice, as there were some offers to trade down as well as some pass rushers on the board. Within the warroom, it came down to DE Yetur Gross-Matos or Cesar Ruiz, and YGM was taken a few picks before. Earlier, we traded away our incumbent C Justin Britt to the Giants as part of a package which brought us OLB Lorenzo Carter - who, realistically, is probably about as good a bet to give us production at LEO (at least in 2020) as any other option still on the board. That left us with a hole at C, though Britt missed most of 2020 without feeling like his absence derailed our offense. The position certainly wasn’t good, however, as Joey Hunt is really more of a career backup and our other options are unproven. Enter Cesar Ruiz: He has everything you want from a C prospect. He’s smart, fits the physical benchmarks for C of size, length and strength, and on top of that is a fluid and athletic mover. He’s great at seeing the field, recognizing blocking opportunities as they arise, and is capable of reaching and executing difficult blocks in space. He can move and he can anchor, and our hope is that we’ve solved the position with a potential Pro Bowler for at least the next 5 years. Side note: For as much as the war room loved Ruiz, we would have taken Yetur Gross-Matos if he had gotten to us. 2 (59) - Isaiah Wilson, RT - Georgia. Isaiah Wilson is a huge, long, strong and very raw offensive tackle prospect. We brought back both of our exiting FA tackles on short, midrange deals (swing tackle George Fant for 2 years, and RT Germain Ifedi for 1), which allows us some time to bring along a prospect like Wilson. We think it’s unlikely he starts for us in 2020, but ideally he allows us to move on from Ifedi in 2021. There are some big similarities between the two, as like Ifedi, Wilson can struggle with speed, but also like Ifedi, if he locks on - it’s over. He packs a really powerful punch and I’ve seen him actually throw defensive ends off their feet if they expose their chest to him. He’s an upside pick with some questions, but our FA moves allow some transition time and the upside is in line with what we like from our RT. Side note: Our war room really wanted Jonathan Taylor with this pick, but HOU took him just before he got to us. We maybe should have tried to trade in front of them, as we thought there was a good chance that would happen, but our official GMs were afk at the time and that made us slow on the draw. 2 (64) - Darrell Taylor, DE - Tennessee. Very similar to Wilson, Taylor is a bit of a gamble on upside. He’s not consistent on tape, but that’s about par for the course with Tennessee these days - you see a lot of talent but not a lot of polish coming out of their program. We knew going in we wanted to try to add at least one more player who’d be mainly expected to contribute as a pass rusher, and saw Taylor as the last player in his tier. He looks on tape to have all the tools you would ask for - he has sufficient length, plus power, and good flexibility and get-off. What he doesn’t have is a refined skill set or consistency on a play-to-play basis. For now, that’s fine. I’m not going to go as far as to say we’re going to ‘redshirt’ him in 2020, but he’s going to be expected to refine his skills as he works into the rotation. To start with, he’s a backup whose first opportunities will come in pressure packages - but long term, we hope he can fill a role similar to Frank Clark. 3 (100) - Devin Duvernay, WRET - Texas. After double-dipping on the offensive line and taking a project pass-rusher, our mindset going into our next pick was that we wanted to take the most explosive playmaker available. That ended up being Duvernay. His physical profile as well as his play style are both strikingly similar to Golden Tate. He’ll be a threat to chase down deep passes, as well as someone who can pick up YAC. He’s got good hands and is extremely physical after the catch, looking like a running back with the ball in his hands. He needs quite a lot of work with his route running, having mostly runs streaks, hitches and crossers at Texas, but we think he can contribute early on as a returner and outlet receiver. Tate needed some developmental time as well, but even as a complimentary player Duvernay adds a home run-threat to our offense - he may not get a lot of targets early on, but the combination of his long-speed and tackle-breaking ability are the ingredients of house calls if defenses are leaving him in single coverage to focus on our other weapons. That’s all we need from him at this stage - someone who can break a tackle and pick up a chunk play as a 3rd or 4th option. Side note: we were very close between Duvernay and Iowa CB Michael Ojemudia, but went Duvernay because we thought there was a higher chance he’d make an earlier impact. 4 (143) - Lamar Jackson, CB - Nebraska. With Ojumedia going off the board, Jackson became a priority as the next-best fit to our physical benchmarks for outside corners. We don’t expect him to replace Tre Flowers in year one, but we needed to add some young blood to the position group to develop and challenge down the road. Jackson doesn’t have the best speed or COD, but seems to have just about everything else - length, ball skills, intelligence, and physicality. 5 (154) - Kindle Victor, CB - Georgia Southern. We’d talked about going nickel earlier, but our favorites were gone by pick 143. (We’d specifically had our eye on Amik Robertson.) Kindle showed better-than-expected long speed at the combine, and also measured out very well - he’s not tall, but has enough length for us to consider him outside as well as in the nickel spot, where he’ll provide competition for Ugo Amadi (barring other acquisitions). He could stand to benefit from a bit more tenacity as a run defender, but otherwise his confidence and aggression to make plays on the ball fit our defensive mentality, and are also backed up by good ball production. 6 (214) - Darrion Daniels, NT - Nebraska. As much as we liked our DL additions in free agency, we felt we could still stand to add another true nose tackle. Daniels has struggled to stay on the field, but appears to have most of the physical tools you could ask for - good size, great length, and pretty decent athleticism for a big man. He lacks refinement, however. With some NFL coaching to help him play with more of a plan, we think there’s a good chance he can contribute as a hold-the-point man in our DL rotation. 7 (241) DeeJay Dallas, RB - Miami. There were a few times we were ready to go RB in this draft, but just didn’t seem to be picking in the right spots to get the guys we wanted. That said, Dallas continues a trend for us - players with unexplored upside. We think he’s a bit better of an athlete than how he stacks up simply in terms of combine metrics, as he shows good body control, field awareness, and his WR background shows up with good hands and RAC ability. He’s not as explosive as CJ Prosise, but will be used in a similar way. He’ll play for us around 220 lbs and if he wants to stick with the team, will need to show some promise as a pass protector and special teams contributor. There may be a shorter-than-assumed road to the initial 53 as well, as there’s a good chance Rashaad Penny begins the year on the PUP list. He’ll have the preseason to compete with former 'Canes teammate Travis Homer for third down reps and the backup spot behind Chris Carson. 7 (253) Charlie Taumoepeau, TE/FB - Portland State As the draft wound down, our GM decided to trade back in. Taumoepeau doesn’t fit what we normally look for in a traditional tight end, but we thought there were some intriguing similarities to another former FCS standout with a difficult-to-spell name who also plays in the NFC West - former Harvard TE Kyle Juszczyk. Taumoepeau has a similar build and skillset; 6’2” 240, with soft hands, a high football IQ, and a detail-oriented, ‘blue collar’ approach to blocking and positioning. We like what he offers as a move blocker - whether you want to call that a tight end, an H-back, or a fullback. He’s not quite the type to “run through a mothaf***a’s face” as a run-blocker, but his flexibility, strength and athleticism allow him to create and sustain favorable angles that runners can exploit. He’s also well-suited to catch passes off of playaction and as a check-down option, which is something that we’ve lacked in our offense since the days of Michael Robinson. As with any 7th round pick, it’s still a long way to the 53 - but we thought the upside here was enticing enough that we wanted to make sure we had him in training camp.

Additional Notes

This represents about a week and a half of dedicated work. Thank you to the GM LittleBigness, caulibflower, myfedoraismlg, Otto_Graham, Leviathan102, and others for helping out in the warroom. We’ll be around to answer any questions you might have about rationale, Seahawks draft tendencies, and other topics.
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A bit bored, so I figure I’d type up some tips and advice you’ve probably all heard 100 times. If you’re new, these are the things I wish someone would have told me.

TL;DR at the bottom.
Disclaimer: I’m fairly new at sports betting, but I feel like I’ve learned a lot in a short time. I also don’t make huge bets. I like parlays, and usually bet NFL, NBA, College football only. I have $100 salary PER MONTH, and do this for entertainment. So take what I say with some grains of salt.
  1. The biggest thing I would suggest is to track your bets. All of them. I created a very basic spreadsheet. I enter where I made the bet, how much I put down, and the return. This has helped me control my spending IMMENSELY. Every bet has a visual consequence or reward. If you are wanting to set limits, you would do yourself a disservice to not keep track of each dollar that leaves your wallet. It may seem like “too much work” (what my friends told me), but it has some psychological advantages- at least for me.
  2. TRUST NO ONE BUT YOURSELF. Okay, that’s a bit intense, so let me clarify. We live in a time of information overload. Articles, “experts”, Twitter, etc. sure, they can help and you may make a profit from the advice you glean. However, there is nothing worse than taking blind advice and having it lose. I’m not perfect, I made this mistake today. I had a 5 leg parlay and a guy behind me in the long line said “UCF is a lock for first half -6 today.” I got to talking to him and he convinced me that it was a lock. I threw it in my parlay and hoped for the best. Well, they were down 21-10 at the half (and lost the game as I type this). I felt awful about it. It was a $5 parlay so I’m not complaining by any means, but it was dumb to walk up confidently with my picks and be persuaded by a stranger.
  3. If you sort this sub by “Top posts of all time” you will quickly find stories of people who has given up sports betting. The similarities are very interesting. Two things they have in common are: chasing losses, and poor bankroll management. Thankfully, I have yet to experience this but plan to learn from everyone else’s experiences so I don’t have to! I think there’s a lot of people who have good advice on “bankroll management”, but having some idea of how much you can spend over a period of time, or how much you are going to bet per game is a good start. With my monthly allowance I don’t do “units” as most would suggest. Rather, I have “limits”. I won’t do a parlay over a certain amount, and I won’t make straight bet over a certain amount. Some may say this isn’t a good strategy, but it’s better than no strategy.
Again, I’m far from an expert and I’m new myself. But these are the things I wish I would have committed to doing before making any bets!
TL;DR - Track your bets in some fashion, trust yourself and your gut, and have some commitment to a bankroll management strategy - whatever works for your lifestyle. Feel free to add your own tips or critique mine below.
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What services are you trying [Mega Thread]

Starting this in light of the cancellation of Vue coming January 2020. I had already started a trial of FuboTV, I'll update this at the end of the week with my thoughts..
I did a quick look at difference in channels between YouTubeTV and FuboTV. my results are:
Channel Spreadsheet here
YoutubeTV Doesn't have: (FuboTV has all of these)
FuboTV don't have these, but (YouTubeTV does.)
Check the spreadsheet above to see what you'd gain from going to X from Vue as well.
Quick FuboTV review.
After 6 days, I really enjoyed the FuboTV experience. Besides missing some channels, and missing features, it works really well. I used on my Android Phone, FireTV, and computer. All three worked without too many issues. And I say too many because at the beginning, the FireTV app crashed a few times when scrolling through the guide, but that seemed only to be a day one issue, after that it didn't rear it's head.
Missing features, are not having a mini guide while watching a show, I heard this is in beta however. Also, with VUE you could record baseball, hockey, football, etc, and it'd record everything. On FuboTV you have to choose each game you want, and you can't do a series of your favorite team. So you forget to record one game, you'd possibly get stuck with commercials on VOD. Not to say Vue's was the best method though, since FuboTV does have a 500 hour limit on the enhanced DVR it does make sense.
The guide, and interface in general is a bright spot. So much easier to work with than VUE's IMO. It looked, worked, and searched well. They offer 4k programming, which neither Vue or YTTV offers at this point, but I couldn't take advantage of it at this time.
At $60 for the Family Plan, which includes the 500 hour DVR and 1 extra family share (3), it's not a horrible price, but $5 more than the VUE core, and $10 more than YouTubeTVs sub. It's definitely in the running as one of my choices. But will try YTTV and Hulu Live out as well while I have time.
Here's some sample pictures of the interface.
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Official /r/NFL Week 0 Power Rankings

Welcome back to your official /NFL Power Rankings! 8 years ago, when /NFL was just a baby, these rankings began and as the sub has grown, we have been proud to remain one of it's most popular fixtures. Although many things of changed, our mission remains the same: to provide /NFL with rankings and analysis created by the users for the users. <3 31/32 rankers reporting
An introduction for those new to this: Our system is simple, we have a fan from each team (somewhat randomly chosen over the years), and everyone ranks all 32 teams, and writes their team's blurb. We combine those rankings (tossing out the highest and lowest for each team to remove outliers), and that's the final rankings. How each ranker votes is in the link above, and that will be posted each week. Today, we're posting at 8pm Eastern to get the peak crowd, but these will typically be posted around 2pm Eastern on Tuesdays.
If we screwed something up, feel free to let us know and we'll try to fix it. If you disagree, start a conversation about why we're wrong. Most of all, have fun, since that's the entire point of this wonderful game!
Also please welcome Kijafa, JohnMacArthur, and (at least temporarily) Trapline as our newest rankers!
# Team Record Comment
1. Eagles 13-3 The defending Super Bowl champions will start the season with Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles at QB. While the preseason raised more questions than it answered, if the Eagles intend to repeat, then Foles will need to shine until Carson Wentz is cleared to take back the reins.
2. Patriots 13-3 "Each year is a new year, and each year has its own challenges. Again, each year we all have to regain our — to the best we can — our ability to perform our jobs. That's what I'm trying to do. I think that's what all of the players, all of the coaches, we're all trying to do that." - Bill Belichick.
3. Vikings 13-3 Last year the Vikings had two top-ten-graded WRs, two top-ten-graded TEs, a surprisingly decent O-line that ranked 17th in pass blocking grade and 13th in run blocking grade, and the #1 defense in the NFL. They followed that up this off-season by upgrading at QB, signing a pro bowl DT (making it six total pro bowlers on the defense), and got Dalvin Cook back. Last time they looked this good (in 2010), everyone died, the team went 6-10 and our stadium collapsed. So fans are all pretty excited to find out how they're gonna lose their seventh-straight NFC Championship Game.
4. Saints 11-5 The Saints come into the 2018 season with high expectations. Answering the defensive questions alongside the explosion of one of fantasy football's favorite new weapons caused a big stir in 2017 and had them a play away from a title game. On paper the only limitation to them is a Drew Brees regression, which they appear to have built contingencies for. They lose Mark Ingram to start the season, but have a pretty favorable schedule in those 4 weeks.
5. Rams 11-5 News of the Rams' big name signings and extensions were among the top NFL headlines this off-season, as massive improvements on both sides of the ball gives fans tremendous hope for this season. Still, an embarrassing early exit in the playoffs last year leaves them appropriately skeptical if this team can execute on their talent when needed. While it is nice to have a floor of 8-8, instead of a ceiling of 8-8 (Fisher scars remain), the goal is to play football in February.
6. Steelers 13-3 Straight to the point: Le'Veon Bell is betting on himself. He's betting that the Steelers will be lost without him. The Steelers are betting they won't be. The problem is that if the Steelers are right and James Conner is good enough to help the team win, saying "See, we told you so" doesn't build any good feelings with Bell and his camp. When you're starting a season, is this the kind of tension and drama you want?
7. Jaguars 10-6 The time for the Jaguars being the off-season darlings is over. It's time for them to put up or shut up. Duval vs. all y'all.
8. Falcons 10-6 A middling Atlanta off-season included not much more than signing depth players and retaining current talent. If Jaguargator9's preseason curse doesn't come to fruition, Sarkisian can prove he belongs in the NFL as a play caller, and Matt Ryan can stop throwing butt interceptions, the sky another disappointing loss in another Super Bowl is the limit.
9. Packers 7-9 With a significantly overhauled roster and a new defensive coordinator, it's an interesting time for the Packers. The Bears come to Lambeau with the highest paid defensive player in the league to face the highest paid offensive player. Predictions that the NFCN will be a bloodbath this year will be tested immediately.
10. Chargers 9-7 The Cal State Dominguez Hills Chargers FC find themselves in a familiar place when it comes to expectations for the 2018 season. Fans can get excited about the return of future HoFer Antonio Gates, but will he and the Chargers finally put the pieces together for a playoff run?
11. Panthers 11-5 The Panthers are one of the biggest question marks among the early season contenders. What will Norv Turner's new offense produce as Cam Newton works with DJ Moore and Torrey Smith? And how will the defense fair against the offenses of the NFC South?
12. Chiefs 10-6 There are a lot of question marks going into the season for the Chiefs. How will second year starter Patrick Mahomes play? Will the secondary be as bad as advertised? Can they survive their early season brutal schedule? What in the world is wrong with Eric Berry? Hopefully after Week 1 some questions will be answered, for good or for bad.
13. Titans 9-7 The Titans made a bold move by firing their coach after winning a playoff game at the end of last year. The main question is going to be how quickly the players can mesh with the new defensive and offensive schemes. The biggest area of concern seems to be the learning curve for Marcus Mariota with Matt LaFleur's offense, which can take some time to master.
14. Texans 4-12 Texans fans finally have the chance to attend the Electric Circus this year, as it looks like Watt and Clowney may actually be uninjured and on the same field at the same time. And thankfully it seems our long-running QB drought has ended as fans (and coaches) expect that Watson will definitely Be Someone this season, but with only a few games under his belt since his injury, it's too early to crown him the People's Champ because, as everyone knows, it takes grinding to be a king (even for first round draft picks). Will the Texans finally sip the sweet syrup of victory, or will it be another season of double-cupping disappointment? Only time can tell.
15. Lions 9-7 The Lions caught an early wave of hype after the signing of new HC Matt Patricia in February, but most have cooled significantly on them since then. Less than outstanding preseason performances and roster moves by division rivals have certainly overshadowed Detroit. It's important to remember the Lions did aggressively address their biggest weakness this off-season, however, and if there is significant improvement in the run game, it could change everything for this team.
16. Ravens 9-7 The biggest story entering the preseason was how first round rookie Lamar Jackson would do. But while he was having rookie growing pains, Joe Flacco had an excellent 16 attempts, and Robert Griffin III earned himself a roster spot as the backup. This high level of preseason play has become customary for the Ravens, with their 5-0 preseason following a couple of 4-0 ones, and increasing their preseason win streak to 13 games.
17. 49ers 6-10 Its rare that a 6-10 team enters the season with such high expectations, but that is the result of the season-altering trade for Jimmy Garoppolo. From 1-10 to 5-0, 2017 was a tale of two seasons. All the questions around the Niners boil down to one basic question: Which team will show up in 2018?
18. Cowboys 9-7 The makeover of the Cowboys over the past two seasons has been disturbingly drastic. Now boasting the youngest roster in the NFC, casual fans will probably struggle to name more than a handful of starters from a roster full of question marks. Committed to building through the draft, this year will serve as first indicator as to whether or not this will be a repeat of the 1989 rebuild, which looks superficially similar.
19. Bears 5-11 The Bears took advantage of their financial flexibility to make a huge splash by trading for Khalil Mack and promptly making him rich. While the Bears are far from in "win now" mode, it's clear Pace thinks the young core of this team is good enough to be in serious contention over the next few seasons. With new head coach Matt Nagy at the helm, the Bears could be in store for a surprising, exciting season, even in a stacked NFC North.
20. Seahawks 9-7 Seattle's certainly going through a changing-of-the-guard, and not just on the offensive line. No one can act like it's no big deal that the defense lost four (maybe five?) superstars over the last 12 months, but the Seahawks have previously shown that superstars can be made out of underrated late draft picks. On one hand, veterans bring stability and knowledge. On the other hand...
21. Redskins 7-9 The Redskins go into 2018 with a lot of uncertainty. Nobody quite knows what to expect from Alex Smith and the rest of the offense. Preseason injuries have already quelled what little enthusiasm the fan base had and there still exists a lot of ill will over the mismanagement of talent during the off-season. Simply put, this team needs to win or they may be back to the same old revolving door of coaches and QB's who came to Washington and failed.
22. Bengals 7-9 The Bengals, once again, retained Marvin Lewis in the off-season, a move that reinforces Mike Brown's love for the status quo. The Bengals may he slightly improved from last season, but likely not enough to be taken seriously as playoff contenders. Vegas has the win oveunder at 6.5.
23. Broncos 5-11 With a new quarterback, a revamped backfield, and a defense exchanging one criminal for another, the Denver Broncos look to improve off of their disastrous 5-11 campaign. Bronco Killers Alex Smith and Khalil Mack have gone East—where they can't hurt the Broncos anymore—creating a wide-open AFC West. Can the Broncos get back to the playoffs with Case? Or will the hopes of the mountain rest on $wag? Only time can tell.
24. Giants 3-13 New GM Dave Gettleman won the adoration of fans when he signed Odell Beckham Jr. to a long-term deal in the summer. That adoration, though, will quickly wear off if the Giants get off to a bad start in what's shaping up to be a brutal early season stretch of games. Time will tell if the moves done to address the OL were enough, and if the decision to keep Eli Apple in the starting lineup was a defensible one.
25. Raiders 6-10 It is only fitting that the writer of this blurb is over 30 and was picked up off the street last minute. The players are saying the right things after the departure of Khalil Mack, but fans are going into week one feeling a bit like they've just been broken up with. A week one win would do a lot to raise the spirits and restore faith in the new regime.
26. Cardinals 8-8 Many are counting the Cardinals out before the season begins, and Vegas has them tied for least wins with the Browns, Bills, and Jets. A coaching change, QB change, scheme change, and one of the league's toughest schedules makes some of that understandable, but nearly all the same pieces that made the team 8-8 last year are still intact. An opening home game against Washington should be a good indication of how the season may go.
27. Colts 4-12 After an off-season full of turnover as Colts GM Chris Ballard continues to remake the roster, projections and expectations are a mixed bag for the 2018 Colts. Pending Andrew Luck's continued health and a massive improvement in the coaching department, a 12-4 record and division title could be the ceiling of this young and talented squad. But question marks at WR, RB, and along each level of the defense could mean another top 10 draft pick come season's end.
28. Dolphins 6-10 It's easy to knock the team that spends the off-season tossing aside 3 Pro-Bowlers and bringing in some old war equipment and a receiver that only plays well during the part of the season that the Dolphins tend to watch from home, but the Dolphins are trying something that teams don't usually do, except for the Patriots: Building a team on players that want to work to win and put in the time during the week and during the off-season to win. Nobody that hasn't been to the Dolphins camp thinks they have a chance, but oddly, everyone that visits says they have something special. We'll see.
29. Buccaneers 5-11 The good news is that the Buccaneers exited the NFL preseason with as many ACLs as they had when they started. The bad news is that they're facing a brutal schedule and starting the season without their top quarterback.
30. Bills 9-7 After a brief 17 year misstep, the Buffalo Bills returned to their standard of excellence last year with a playoff berth in Sean McDermott’s first year as HC. The defense looks to be substantially improved, with the team retaining its elite secondary talent while adding several front seven players this off-season, so the fate of the season now lies in the hands of sophomore QB Nathan Peterman as well as the ability of newcomers at offensive line to step up and perform. A failure at either of these could very well spell disaster, but improvement from last year’s 9-7 record is highly doable if things go well for the Bills in these areas.
31. Jets 5-11 On this week's episode of Hey Darnold!, Helga Pa-Mac-i left no doubt that the future is now by naming Sam Darnold the week 1 starting QB and sending Teddy Two-Gloves to New Orleans for a 3rd-round pick. What does the season hold? It's all on Sam now.
32. Browns 0-16 Can we make it all sixteen games with the same quarterback? Can we manage at least four wins? Can we make it all year with our head coach? History says no, but history is stupid. As the saying goes "those who do not study history are totally OK and things work out great". Buckle up Browns fans, its 2018!
Edit: Slight changes due to last minute ranker showing up.
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Official Week 17 /r/nfl Power Rankings

Welcome to the final week of the season for the official /nfl Power Rankings. Some teams are just getting the important work started, some are heading into the off-season with high hopes, and some are...just heading into the off-season. Either way, enjoy these extremely meaningful numbers. Note: With both Week 16 and 17 Tuesdays being Christmas day and New Years day, respectively, some rankers were only able to get their rankings in and not their usual write-ups.
Since this is obviously the last ranking for the year, we also wanted to thank everyone for their comments and feedback, as always. In addition to the various witticisms commonly posted every week, feel free to comment here with any general questions or suggestions. Happy Festivus season.
30/32 Rankers Reporting
# Team Δ Record Comment
1. Saints -- 13-3 On their way to a Super Bowl victory royale in 2009, the Saints lost regular-season games to the Bucs, Cowboys, and Panthers. In 2018, the Saints lost to the Bucs, Cowboys, and Panthers. You think Sean Payton was resting his starters last week? No, he was just ensuring the prophecy was fulfilled. Oh, and Drew Brees officially holds both the single-season completion % record and has moved into first place in the career standings as well. On top of every other record he holds.
2. Bears -- 12-4 With 1:51 left in the third quarter and nothing meaningful to play for, the Bears decided to murder the Vikings' season instead. Trubisky (missing his top 3 receivers) led a 16-play, 75-yard touchdown drive to effectively end any hope of a comeback. The Bears finished the regular season on a 9-1 run and a final record of 12-4 (5-1).
3. Chiefs +2 12-4 With a trouncing of the Raiders, the Chiefs won the AFC West and secured the #1 seed. It was an action-packed year for the Chiefs, as fans got to watch one of the best quarterbacked seasons of all time. Hopefully, that same feeling can extend into the playoffs, where Mahomes will have to battle decades of disappointment that Chiefs fans harbor.
4. Rams -- 13-3 The Rams are back on track, finishing with their best record since the GSOT era. Already making it further into the playoffs than last year, they will use the bye to get fully healthy for a deeper playoff run.
5. Chargers -2 12-4 Don't let the score fool you. The Chargers won their game in very large part due to the defense being able to capitalize on the many mistakes made by the Broncos offense. The Chargers offense again struggled to get off the ground against Denver's defense, which does not bode well for dealing with the Baltimore defensive front that dominated the game in Week 16. As it stands, the Chargers face an immense hurdle in their first postseason game in five years, but this team can stand toe to toe with anybody if they can put their talent together and execute.
6. Patriots -- 11-5 The Patriots enter the playoffs after two good games in the division, and seem to be putting the right foot forward. After an up-and-down season, a little momentum is a must. The weight of expectations will remain high every year until Tom retires.
7. Texans -- 11-5 Sometimes when you're on a long road trip, in the small hours of the morning, you might pull into a gas station in the middle of nowhere to take a piss and stretch your legs and get something with caffeine in it. And on the counter of that small ramshackle Food Mart, you'll likely find a pot of lukewarm, burnt coffee that's been sitting there for lord knows how long. But you know that it's your best bet to not falling asleep and careening into a ditch, so you buy a big cup. That's what this weekend's win felt like. It wasn't great, but godammit, it's what the Texans needed to keep going. Playoff bound and down.
8. Seahawks +1 10-6 This season, Russell Wilson had a perfect passer rating when targeting Tyler Lockett, a 7th-rounder finished 5th in the NFL in rushing yards, and two Seahawks had PFF's highest-graded performances. 1.9% is just fine.
9. Ravens -1 10-6 Things were shaping up to be the exact same nightmare as last season, except it didn't happen this time. The Ravens made a stand on the edge of field goal range and finally returned to the playoffs. They are one of six teams with a triple-digit point differential, and nobody is eager to face them in the playoffs.
10. Colts +1 10-6 No matter what happens in January, this season is one everyone in the Colts organization can look back on and be proud of. For the first time since the early days of Luck's career, football is fun again in Indy. With a franchise QB, roster stocked with fantastic young talent, top-tier coaching, and a front office that's the envy of the NFL, the Colts look set for years to come. But all that is for another day. The Colts have a real chance to do something this postseason, and it starts in Houston.
11. Cowboys +1 10-6 The final game of the regular season was meaningless on paper, but it turned out to be extremely valuable for momentum. Without Zeke to lean on, Dak led the team to a win that was undoubtedly a massive boost to his confidence. Outside of Dallas, there aren’t many who are giving the Cowboys much of a chance in the postseason, but if this season has shown us anything, it’s that this team can seemingly bring it all together when their backs are against the wall.
12. Steelers -2 8-7-1 What else is there to say that hasn't already been said? People have watched these games and watched this team continue to find the same ways to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Does the conversation steer towards personnel changes? Coaching changes? Both? By this point, there's nothing left to say that isn't redundant or hasn't been pointed out by even the most casual fan.
13. Eagles +2 9-7 It wasn't probable, and 10 weeks ago, it was barely conceivable, but the Eagles managed to secure themselves a playoff spot in the 9th hour. Now, those same Eagles will need to beat the team that helped them into the post-season if the dream of a repeat Super Bowl is to remain alive.
14. Vikings -1 8-7-1 In a Super-Bowl-or-bust year, the Vikings unsurprisingly will not be winning the Super Bowl. On the bright side, Diggs and Thielen became the first Vikings 1000-yard receiving duo since Carter & Moss. And there's always next year. Then again, on the not-so-bright side, there's always next year.
15. Titans -1 9-7 The Titans' 2018 season will end with many questions and what-if scenarios around injuries, close games, and the future, but the Titans end 2018 at 9-7. That makes the third consecutive year with a winning record, which is a first for the franchise in Tennessee.
16. Browns -- 7-8-1 2018 was a year of transformation. While the Browns were unable to pull out a Week 17 win, they still finish with their best record in a decade. Baker Mayfield has proven that he's a team leader and set the rookie passing TD record with 27. Even without a full season of work, Nick Chubb nearly topped 1,000 yards. They didn't finish last in the division, they swept the Bengals, they went over .500 for the first time in 11 years. The Browns of old are gone. The team has proven itself to be a contender, not just in the division but also in the league. Fans look forward to what 2019 brings.
17. Falcons +3 7-9 Atlanta and the Bucs played in a roller coaster of a game to cap off a roller coaster of a season. For the 16th game in a row, the Falcons have proven that they'll win when you don't expect or necessarily even want them to, and they'll lose in similar fashion. Nothing more needs to be said.
18. Panthers +3 7-9
19. Broncos -- 6-10 This was perhaps the weirdest game the Broncos have played in recently memory. More turnovers than a church reception hall, more holdings than a nursery, and more disappointment than a date with BlindManBaldwin. Nevertheless, it was a perfect way to cap off what was another losing—if marginally more entertaining—season in the orange and blue.
20. Dolphins -3 7-9 With the team basically giving up halfway through the final game in Buffalo, Gase's fate was sealed, and they let him go the next day. The team will now go into a true rebuild, including at least one year of being awful and trusting the process under newly promoted VP of Football Operations Chris Grier. Phin phans, get used to losing. It's going to be happening for a while.
21. Packers -3 6-9-1 In one last monument to disappointment, the Packers ended a season that, in retrospect, was pretty much doomed from the start. Aaron Rodgers, playing for nothing but pride, was injured in the 1st quarter and apparently tried to rouse the troops on his way off the field. The Packers went on to score no points at all in what was technically an "effort". More unsettling than being blanked by a division rival at home, is how expected this type of outcome has become. A lot of change is coming to Green Bay this off season, for better or worse.
22. Lions +4 6-10 2019 was a disappointment, if you had high expectations. But despite many fans taking Bob Quinn's words out of context, it was clear from the beginning that this was a transitional year. Now they'll have a chance to show if lessons were learned and appropriate changes can be made. Nowhere is that more significant than getting the hiring of a new OC correct.
23. Giants +1 5-11 The Giants managed to disappoint their fans one last time in one of the craziest 4th-quarter debacles of the season. A win against a division rival in what may be Eli Manning's last career game for Big Blue would've been nice, but now fans can finally start to focus their attention on that thing they've been looking forward to since October: The Draft.
24. Redskins -2 7-9
25. Bengals -2 6-10 From 4-1 to 6-10, this season is now thankfully over. Since Marvin Lewis is now gone, /Bengals is partying. If Marvin is returning for another year then get read for a pity party instead.
26. Buccaneers -1 5-11
27. Bills -- 6-10
28. 49ers -- 4-12 When people think of this 49ers season, they will come away with two main story lines. Garoppolo going down, and George Kittle's emergence. The lows outweighed the highs in the 4-12 effort, but another offseason of additions, along with the #2 pick in the upcoming draft, have 2019 season prospects looking up.
29. Jaguars -- 5-11 There was football on?
30. Jets -- 4-12 The entire Jets trajectory for the next decade is on the line with this coaching hire and free agency. Using President Mal to attract free agents and keeping Woody Johnson away from the coaches is a good start.
31. Raiders -- 4-12 With a humiliating loss in Arrowhead, the Oakland Raiders finish the season at a disappointing 4-12. Looking to build quickly with lots of cap space and many draft picks, the Las Vegas (?) Raiders will hope to field a team that isn't a complete laughing stock in 2019.
32. Cardinals -- 4-12 The Steve Wilks era came to a merciful end, and the Cardinals secured the first overall pick. A lot of the failures this season were more a result of poor decisions by Steve Keim (not just on Independence Day), but ownership has decided to keep him around. A 10-year old searching Madden free agents by overall could probably build a better offensive line than he has the past 3 years, so hopefully letting an offensive minded coach handle that will help begin a turnaround.
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On Day 15 - some things that helped me along the way!

Greetings - first time posting here.. wanted to share a few tips that worked for me as I start my journey (15 days as of today!) . Over the last 5 months, I lost about $20k (US) betting on sports and some in casinos. College Football, Basketball, NFL.. you name it. It took me a while to realize how damaging it was to me financially, but also mentally.. so I decided to quit cold turkey. Yes - had SEVERAL urges, especially with the NFL and college season winding down.. (am i missing out on SURE things? How will i get my $ back if I DON'T bet??, etc) . I've had them all! So - here are some tips that i have used:
  1. I created an excel spreadsheet about 4 months ago to track my betting... that was a real eye-opener for me. I would have guessed I lost $4-5k and it's TRIPLE it.
  2. I use a "wait til later" scenario for my recent impulses. Example: Look at the game lines at 8 am for a 1 pm game.. see one I would normally bet, but tell myself you have to wait until noon to put the bet in. Then at noon I say 12:45 and then try to keep busy so I don't do it. It has worked a few times. I've even said - if you are good - you can start betting in the fall when the NFL is back.
  3. Delete any and all sport apps - ESPN, CBSsports, etc. that way - if I see a game later, I never know if I "missed out" because I didn't know the spread.
  4. I developed a mini reward system. Go a week without betting - get something nice for yourself. Maybe it's as simple as an expensive coffee vs. the crap stuff at work. Or even an ice cream. Rewards work for me. Maybe if I make it a month, I can get some new tennis shoes I have been wanting, or a new golf club. Whatever it is - make it work for you.
  5. Keep it day to day - will I falter and bet? maybe... but each day seems a little easier.
Not sure if any will work for you - but i wanted to at least share. Good luck to everyone out there. stay strong!!!
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Official Week 8 /r/nfl Power Rankings

Welcome to Week 8 of the official /nfl Power Rankings (We got mixed up on the week numbering, but we're back on track now. Those responsible have been sacked for a loss). Hue Jackson has been let go and the Browns are sliding back down towards 32. No big surprises this week.
32/32 Rankers Reporting
# Team Δ Record Comment
1. Rams -- 8-0 A safety turned out to be the difference against GB as the Rams are now 4-0 on this 5-game road trip. Next step, New Orleans.
2. Chiefs +1 7-1 Kareem Hunt hurdled another guy this weekend, that was cool. Hunt's highlight plays the last few weeks show how unfair the Chiefs offense is for it is a perfect blend of elite players and technical perfection. Leading that is Patrick Mahomes, who has now equaled Alex Smith's number of passing TDs from all of last year in only 8 games. With Dee Ford leading the charge for a mildly improving defense, it's time for the Chiefs to keep rolling and proving they truly belong.
3. Patriots -1 6-2 Patriots get the back door cover in the closest 25-6 game in memory. Good to eat the W, but gonna need to be better next week against the Packers. The trade talk is remaining hot this week as the Pats are looking to add a weapon.
4. Saints -- 6-1 Just good, clean, regular season fun. The Saints took their revenge on the Vikings and now have a 6-game win-streak. New Orleans has scored the 4th most points in the NFL, and are well ahead of many teams who have played one more game than them.
5. Panthers +3 5-2 With their most complete effort of the season, Carolina comfortably handled the league's #1 ranked defense and stayed in the division hunt. Moore and Samuel could become one of the more electric receiving corps in the NFL, and Cam has quietly posted a stellar campaign so far, thanks to exceptional offensive line play and Norv Turner's creative playcalling. They must continue this trend against Fitzmagic in order to stake their claim amongst the elite teams.
6. Chargers -1 5-2 In this bye week, fans learned that Joey Bosa isn't suiting up next week like they expected, and that's okay. Frankly, the bigger concern was that a great opportunity at making a "Wembley is the best soccer stadium/home field we'll play in this season" joke was totally missed last week. Oh well, nobody would have read it anyways.
7. Steelers +2 4-2-1 The three things that are certain in life: Death, taxes, and getting fired after losing twice to the Steelers if you're a Browns coach.
8. Vikings -1 4-3-1 How does one beat an uncoverable receiver? Simple, don't cover him.
9. Ravens -3 4-4 With the way the Ravens played on Sunday, confusing them with Buffalo was an understandable mistake.
10. Bengals +1 5-3 The Bengals were gifted a win due to some self-inflicted errors by Jameis Winston. They almost got Fitzmagic'd in the end, but they made enough plays on offense to escape with a 3-point win. If the defense doesn't improve soon, the Bengals will be in deep trouble.
11. Redskins +2 5-2 That Adrian Peterson kid has a future in this league. The Redskins are on a 3-game winning streak with back-to-back divisional wins thanks to their defense and running game, but Alex Smith continues to be wildly inaccurate and panicky in the pocket. Fans saw what happened to this team when they faced an offense who can light it up, and they've got another one of those teams coming up next week. As good as this defense is, it's going to be tough to find continued success if the offense can't score more than 24.
12. Bears +2 4-3 With Mack healing up, the rest of the Monsters answered the call. The defense forced 6 three-and-outs and held the Jets' rushing attack to 1.9 YPC. They still have not allowed a rushing touchdown this season. Fun fact! Only 3 teams in the NFL have had 7 consecutive games with a lead in the second half: the Bears, the Chiefs, and the Rams.
13. Eagles -1 4-4 The Eagles head into their bye week following a queen-impressing win at Wembley in London. At .500, the defending Super Bowl champions have more questions than when the season began and 2 weeks to sort them out before hosting the Cowboys on Sunday Night Football.
14. Packers -4 3-3-1 The Packers' defensive performance was exceptional, managing to shut down the Rams' high flying offense for much of the first half. Despite Davante Adams' continued dominance, the offense fell flat, and the game ended with a colossal blunder by Ty "Leeroy Jenkins" Montgomery. Fortunately Aaron Jones is available (What? He's already on the roster? Nice!)
15. Texans +1 5-3 This is the kind of play that most Texans fans expected to see at the start of the season. Four quarters of solid football with spectacular plays by the team's best players on both offense and defense. If only it didn't cost half the team getting injured to win.
16. Seahawks +1 4-3 Everyone knew Michael Dickson had a lot of leg, but this week clarified that it's actually his third leg as he led the Seahawks to the win over Detroit with his signature running attack. Inspired by Dickson's leadership and massive appendage, Chris Carson and Russell Wilson also chipped in while the D controlled the Lions. Seattle now welcomes the Chargers from sunny San Diego Carson.
17. Falcons +2 3-4 As Atlanta moves into the second half of the season, a record of 3-4 is far from the best case scenario. Still, they could make up ground in a top loaded NFC with games against Washington, New Orleans, and Carolina. A sliver of hope remains, one that probably won't leave anytime soon with how close almost every game has been thus far.
18. Dolphins -3 4-4 Injuries are bad, officiating is bad, and yet still, the Dolphins managed to play a game where it was made clear that the problems go beyond those things. Complete and total blown coverage on multiple plays led to the Texans looking more like the Greatest Show on Turf than the same team that they've been for the last few years, and if the Dolphins can't find a way to get everyone on the same page, then the coaching staff isn't likely to finish the season intact.
19. Lions -1 3-4 Week 8 saw a poor performance from the Lions in all three phases. However, it's hard not to feel like Ameer Abdullah's fumble precipitated the collapse. For all the upside he came in with, he's been a massive letdown, and it's time to move on. This week, the Lions play just their 2nd division game of the season, and the NFC North's still up in the air, but Detroit will have to show up to stand a chance.
20. Cowboys +1 3-4 The bye week for the Cowboys looked like a team desperately making decisions to cover for mistakes defiantly made in the off-season. Landing a number one receiver and firing the offensive line coach are easy improvements, but many are disturbed at the time it took for the front office to figure it out. Even slightly engaged fans knew both positions were potential problems before week one.
21. Jaguars -1 3-5 Better, but still bad. Maybe Jacksonville can have a bye week strong enough that they can jump UCF in the polls.
22. Titans -- 3-4 Post-London bye week for the Titans.
23. Broncos -- 3-5 For the John Elwayth (hbd!) straight time, the Broncos lost to the Kansas City Chiefs. This season, much like the breakfast of champions, is toast. Now all eyes turn to 2019 to see who next will lead the Denver Broncos. Flip? Keep Vance? Bring back Mike? Phil Collins wearing a Cowboys shirt?
24. Buccaneers -- 3-4 The Buccaneers are at 3-4, and they've made all but one of their games close. Still, with Winston's clear dropoff and a team that looks directionless, it really seems like the Bucs could fall apart soon.
25. Colts +2 3-5 If 2018 wasn't bizarre enough, the Colts' strength is now a running game? Apparently they're fielding an elite offensive line? This ranker can get used to Reich-ball.
26. Jets -1 3-5 I passed a kidney stone and had a colonoscopy this weekend, and the Jets offense was still the worst thing that happened to me.
27. Browns -1 2-5-1 When your terrible Head Coach is finally fired, but you're still 2-5-1.
28. Bills -- 2-6 So things were a bit less awful than some might have anticipated, so uh, there is that, but ultimately the Bills gave a pretty good showcase of who they are as a team: a respectable defense whose prowess is overshadowed/mitigated by a historically bad offense.
29. Cardinals +3 2-6 It may have just been the 49ers, but an exciting 4th quarter comeback after 3 dull quarters was at least something positive.
30. Giants -1 1-7 Turns out, the Giants can trade away 2 defensive starters and still get carried all game long by their defense. If I could bet against my team on the bye week, I would. And for those of you who think it can't get any worse, just wait for Odell's interview with Kanye next week.
31. 49ers -1 1-7 An ugly first half featured no other scoring besides two field goals and a safety, but it eventually led to the Niners being up 15-10 in the fourth quarter. Unfortunately, in what has become typical of the team this season, Josh Rosen led a 73-yard TD drive to put the nail in the coffin. At 1-7, the suffering continues as the Niners have the worst record in the NFL and look to be the worst team in the league.
32. Raiders -1 1-6 Gruden has stated that the offense will only be as good as the offensive line allows them to be, and it showed this Sunday. Sadly, the Colts offense was just that much better, and with an untimely fumble in the 4th, the Raiders solidified their slide to 1-6.
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2019 r/NFL Top 100 Players (of the 2018 Season) - #5 thru 1

Hello everyone and welcome to the final installment of the Top 10 players for this year’s NFL Top 100.

Today we bring you the players whose average rank placed them from 5 thru 1 with write-ups for each player from some of this year’s rankers.
The post format will be a touch different today as the write-ups incorporate the current season played as well as player potential legacies.
Here in the main body you will see the player card, a players history of All Pro nods (1st & 2nd Team AP & PFF, if applicable), Pro Bowl invites, NFL Top 100 lists and any MVP’s earned followed by a write-up. Included in this post is a survey for the players ranked in this release.
With that, sit down and strap in, the final post in this year’s list is ready to go! You sufficiently hyped?

#5 – Fletcher Cox – Interior Defensive Line (43) – Philadelphia Eagles

Accolade Total Year
NFL Pro Bowl 4 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
AP All-Pro 1st Team 1 2018
AP All-Pro 2nd Team 3 2014, 2015, 2017
PFF All-Pro 1st Team 1 2018
NFL Top 100 5 2014 (72), 2015 (26), 2016 (38), 2017 (30), 2018 (5)
Written By: MikeTysonChicken
Player Profile Card
2018 Season
Fletcher Cox's counting stats are as insane as you would expect for the 5th best player of the 2018 season:
GP GS Sacks Tackles QB Hits Hurries Stops
16 16 10.5 33 24! 61 30
Those 24 QB hits lead the NFL in 2018 (tied with Yannick) among all pass rushers. Cox also finished second in the NFL in total pressures with 95 in the regular season. Those 95 regular season pressures by the Monster from Mississippi were eclipsed on 4 separate occasions since 2010 - one of those times by Aaron Donald this year!
Like Aaron Donald, Fletcher Cox wasn't just one of the best Interior Defensive Linemen in the NFL in 2018, he was one of the best defensive players in 2018 and easily the second best pass rusher this year. Cox earned his first 1st Team All Pro Honors after previously earning second team AP 3 other seasons.
This pass rush clip perfectly exemplifies the season Fletcher Cox had.. Hard to make Zack Martin look like Patrick Omameh but Cox was able to do so. He's like a big choo-choo train when he attacks a QB and is violent at the point of attack. Violent at the point of attack you say? He'll throw you out of the club! Cox is a technician like any top-tier pass rusher in the NFL but what makes him truly great is his elite athleticism, exceptional power, and relentless motor. All three of those traits are exemplified in this clip from Cox. Fletch is the recipient of frequent double-teams and slide protections despite the fact that they almost don't matter for him. In that recent clip, Cox easily handled Andrus Peat and Max Unger; this was his first play after leaving the playoff game briefly against the Saints due to a foot injury he'd ultimately have surgery on this offseason. All of the attributes that make him one of the greats in the game were in full display there.
Even Jared Goff knows to get the hell out of the way when Fletch is coming to eat.
His power and quick burst look almost casual.
Speaking of Omameh, poor guy didn't have a chance.
Cox is also a smart and talented run defender along the interior of the line. In the last 5 years, Cox is ranked 9th as a run defender among his peers per PFF and was graded very well there again this year. He uses his strength and athleticism well while always being in a position to make a stop. He's an aggressive rusher but he has a relentless motor. Check out these chase downs this season: 1, 2, 3, 4, and finally 5.
Cox is freaking amazing and the force that makes the entire Eagles defense go. Eagles fans should be ecstatic to add another interior rusher in Malik Jackson that can pair with Cox. While this duo should be a lot of fun on game days, only one man will occupy the nightmares of opposing teams and that's Cox.
Budding Legacy
Austin Gayle from PFF wrote an article saying Cox will go down as one of the best to ever do it despite living in the large shadow Aaron Donald casts. While I'm unsure about Cox's placement in the history of the NFL, or even what to guess it could end up being, it is hard to argue against that headline. This isn't a slight at Donald by any stretch of the imagination; Donald will most certainly go down as one of the best to ever play in the NFL. It's just crazy to think how Cox has been relatively close to Donald over the years.
Consider the following from the sourced article: Among the 125 interior defensive linemen with 500 or more pass-rush snaps since 2015, Donald ranks first in pass-rush grade (95.9), total pressures (375) and pass-rush win percentage (22.1%). Cox ranks second behind Donald in all three metrics. Then Gayle follows it up with this: And the trend continues, as Donald led all at his position in pass-rush grade in each of the past four seasons (2015-18). Cox ranked second two of the years (2017 & 2018) and third in another (2015). Lastly, Gayle cites the following: As previously mentioned, Cox’s pass-rush win rate in 2018 (20.9%) is the fourth-best single-season mark of any defensive interior in the PFF era. And his 91.2 pass-rush grade this past season, another career-high for the big man, also ranks inside the top 10 among qualifiers since 2006.
Now, this is big-brained PFF material but the proof also matches the tape when you watch Cox over the years culminating into his incredible 2018 campaign. Even Doug Farrar acknowledges Cox is on a Hall of Fame track at this point in his career. While Cox still has more to achieve in order to be enshrined, he's undoubtly heading that way. It's quite likely fair to say that Cox is already the best defensive tackle in Eagles history. In a lot of other eras throughout NFL history, he'd be the best active player at his position let alone one of the best players in the league. He's rightly overshadowed by the excellence of his contemporaries in Donald and Watt who have already forged Hall of Fame careers... but Cox is great enough to cast a legacy all his own.
And he is doing just that.

#4 – Drew Brees – Quarterback – New Orleans Saints

AP All-Pro 1st Team 1 2006
AP All-Pro 2nd Team 4 2008, 2009, 2011, 2018
NFL Pro Bowl 12 2004, 2006, 2008–2014, 2016–2018
Super Bowl MVP 1 2009
NFL Top 100 7 2012 (8), 2013 (9), 2014 (38), 2015 (34), 2016 (26), 2017 (15), 2018 (4)
Player Profile Card
Written By: notDAME
Coming into the 2018 season at a whopping 39-years-old, nobody expected Drew Brees to put up the gaudy volume stats we saw from him throughout most of his career. Instead, the king of volume decided to put together the most efficient season of his legendary career.
It's no secret that Brees' arm strength has diminished and he isn't capable of some of the things he once was. He has been forced to adapt. In his 2012 season (5177 yards, 43 touchdowns), Brees' average completion traveled 7.15 yards through the air. In 2018, that figure has dropped to just 5.95 yards per completion.
Given the relatively short average distance of his passes, Brees' expected completion percentage was 67.0% this season, the 6th highest in the league among active quarterbacks. However, Brees' actual completion percentage wasn't the 6th highest in the league -- by completing 74.4% of his passes, Brees blew away his own single-season completion percentage record. This disproves the argument that Brees' high completion percentage is just a result of him being conservative -- five quarterbacks had a higher expected completion percentage (Carr, Mariota, Brady, Manning) than Brees last year, yet none of them came close to Brees' accuracy.
Some may argue that Brees' numbers benefited from a very talented offensive unit. While the Saints' receiving corps was very mediocre (if even) outside of Michael Thomas, we can entertain this argument. Brees' accuracy percentage (from PFF) also happened to lead the league by a wide margin. His adjusted completion percentage (takes into account drops, spikes, etc) of 82.2% still holds a significant edge over second-place (Kirk Cousins, 79.5%). Whichever way you want to look at it, Drew Brees is the most accurate quarterback in football.
Brees' performance over the course of the season led to incredible results for the New Orleans Saints. The Saints averaged 3.21 points per drive, the second-most (2018 KC, 3.25) since the 2007 Patriots. That's pretty good company. The Saints won 13 of 15 games with Brees under center. Despite the dominant regular season, though, Brees wasn't exactly coasting by. He still led the league in both fourth-quarter comebacks (6) and game-winning drives (7).
In addition to his absurd completion percentage, Brees boasted the third-highest touchdown percentage in the league among starting quarterbacks, the highest passer rating, and the second-highest adjusted net yards per pass attempt. In the latest stage of his prolific career, Brees showed that his skill set isn't limited to that of a volume passer -- he's still the most accurate quarterback in league history.
It's hard to predict how Brees will be remembered. It will certainly hurt that he happened to play in an era with other legendary passers like Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and Aaron Rodgers. Maybe having the best playoff stats among the group will bolster his claim to greatness. Or maybe it will be overshadowed by a stretch of 7-win seasons from 2014 to 2016. Regardless of how Brees is remembered, though, he will retire as the all-time leader in passing yards and completion percentage, and possibly even touchdowns. More importantly, he will retire as a champion.

#3 – DeAndre Hopkins – Wide Receiver– Houston Texans

AP All-Pro 1st Team 2 2017, 2018
AP All-Pro 2nd Team 1 2015
PFF All-Pro 1st Team 2 2017, 2018
PFF All-Pro 2nd Team 1 2015
NFL Pro-Bowl 3 2015, 2017, 2018
nfl Top 100 3 2015 (18), 2017 (11), 2018 (3)
Player Profile Card
Written By: Barian_Fostate
DeAndre Hopkins is the most valuable receiver in the NFL. Julio Jones is bigger, Antonio Brown is quicker, and Odell Beckham is faster, but when it comes to all of the little things that make great receivers great – physicality, ball skills, instincts, and stepping up in huge moments – there is nobody else in the league who can match Nuk as a total package.
Whether he is dunking on Jalen Ramsey over and over again, or effortlessly catching back shoulder touchdowns against a well-positioned corner, Hopkins is one of the few receivers I’ve ever seen who, even when he’s covered, he’s definitely not covered. Nuk’s contested catch rate of 58.1% was extremely high – fifth in the league in 2018 to be exact – and he also set a new record for most receptions in a season without dropping a single pass (115). Simply put, it didn’t matter how good the cornerback was, or how much he was double teamed, if that ball was anywhere near Hopkins’ zip code, he was coming down with it.
But what was most impressive from DeAndre last season, especially for me as a Texans fan, was how he stepped his game up even more when it mattered the most. It’s no secret that the Texans as a team were rather, well…let’s say “fortunate” to win as many games as they did in 2018. There were a lot of bounces that went their way, and a lot of last-minute field goals from our lord and savior John Christian Ka'iminoeauloameka'ikeokekumupa'a Fairbairn to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. BUT…without DeAndre Hopkins, the Texans would not have had even the slightest whisper of a chance to win all of those “fortunate” games in the first place.
Hopkins had the second most yards in the fourth quarter or overtime of any receiver – trailing only Julio Jones – despite the fact that Houston was 27th in the NFL in total pass attempts, while Atlanta was fifth. He also had the second-most receptions (31), sixth-most yards (359), and fourth-most first down conversions (23) on third or fourth down pass attempts, again despite the fact that all of the names above him on those lists came from teams (Kansas City, Minnesota, Green Bay, Cincinnati, Tampa Bay) that passed significantly more than Houston did. In short, in big moments that required even bigger plays, Hopkins always delivered.
This man just dragged a team to the playoffs despite the fact that his young quarterback was running for his life all year, his other two top receivers got hurt, and he was double teamed on the majority of his snaps. He won with strength, he won with mind games, and he won with a historically good pair of hands. He may not be the most gifted physical specimen in the league, but you bet your ass that you want him on your team more than anyone else on 3rd and 15 in the fourth quarter when you need him the most. The value that Hopkins brings to the Texans is immeasurable, and if that doesn’t mean he is the league’s best wide receiver going into 2019, then I don’t know what does.

#2 – Patrick Mahomes – Quarterback – Kansas City Chiefs

NFL MVP 1 2018
NFL Offensive Player of the Year 1 2018
AP All-Pro 1st Team 1 2018
PFF All-Pro 1st Team 1 2018
NFL Pro-Bowl 1 2018
nfl Top 100 1 2018 (2)
Player Profile Card
Written By: TDeath21
Following the regular season finale of 2017, we saw the tremendous potential Patrick Mahomes had. The ceiling was, quite obviously, very high. We also saw the bumpy road that could potentially await. He takes risks and he makes incredible throws, and coming into his first year starting, many of us expected him to have a learning year. Well, if 2018 was a learning year, look out. It became apparent in the first month of the NFL season that Mahomes was special, and not just a little bit.
Backing up slightly here in Chiefs history, I would say that for my entire lifetime as a Chiefs fan, when the opposing team scored to go up by 3 with 39 seconds left and we have one timeout left, the game was over. You just knew it deep down. This is exactly what happened in the AFC Championship Game. Situation: 1st and 10. Down 3. 32 seconds left. Ball at the 31 yard line. 1 timeout available. What does Mahomes do? First, he’s going to step up, avoid the rush, then roll out to his right and deliver a strike to his running back down the sideline. From that back angle, you can see how it appears Ware isn’t even open. Then he’s going to step right into the rush and deliver a deep strike down the middle of the field. And in the blink of an eye, field goal range. Just. Like. That.
I don’t need to post basic statistics here. You all know about the 5,000 and 50 as a first year starter. You know the first team All Pro selection and of course the MVP Award. You probably know he led the Chiefs to 3.25 points per drive this past season, tops in the league. You probably know that he also led the Chiefs to 41.53 yards per drive, which was also tops in the league. Then of course you probably know how atrocious the opposite side of the ball was overall. 26th in DVOA, 31st in yards, 24th in points, and 28th in points per drive, and 32nd in yards per drive is what was going on when Mahomes was on the sidelines watching his defense. The four losses in the regular season, the Chiefs put up an average of 37.5 points. Eclipsed 50 once and 40 once, with the lowest total being 28. This was an offense that was historic, and he spear headed it.
Now I know what you’re thinking. Kelce, Hill, Hunt, Watkins, they’re getting open a lot of times and making throws easy for him. Yes he makes the right read and gets the open guy the ball. Shame on him right? Oh but what about when receivers are covered well? How bout the best in the league and the best PFF has ever recorded?. Need proof? Buckle up. This is absolutely perfect defense, but it didn’t matter because Mahomes just puts it right over the defender for the TD. For good measure, let’s look at that in slow motion. Nothing more could be done. On this one, I’m not even sure how he even made the decision to throw that ball. Defense isn’t sure either. If it wasn’t perfect, that’s picked, or at the very least, incomplete. Turns out it was perfect though. Shocking. Then we have the Raiders. Poor Raiders. On back to back plays, Mahomes is going to make them wonder what more they can even do. As he rolls out to the right, he places the ball in an absolutely perfect spot for Kelce to go up and get it. As the defense is still recovering from that one, he fits a ball into a window that essentially wasn’t even there. Not defendable at all.
He can stay in the pocket and make throws under duress. He’s not phased. That was evident there in the second paragraph with the AFCCG plays. In case you hadn’t yet heard, he can use his legs and make incredible throws on the run too. Passing while running to his right? Yep, got that one covered. That ball had to be perfect and thread the needle there after escaping the rush, and it, of course, was. Passing while running to his left? Uh huh. No problem. You can tell Wagner here didn’t even think for a split second that the ball was going to be thrown behind him. He should have though if he read the scouting report properly. Yes he has the scrambling ability and the ability to throw on the run. The thing that just might be the most impressive though is that he never looks to run unless he has to. Chiefs fans can tell you how many times he stepped up or rolled out and we thought there was running room there, but instead he kept scanning the field. That’s an ability that’s extremely rare for a QB his age that can scramble well. It’s one that will keep him in the league much longer than most.
Patrick Mahomes is the real deal. He showed elite QB play all throughout the 2018 season. He was incredible with the basic stats, the advanced stats, and on film. He shredded defenses in the pocket, he shredded them outside the pocket, and he shredded them with his legs when necessary. He gave us highlight reel throw after highlight reel throw, from left handed passes to avoid the possible strip sack, or no look passes because … well, just because. He literally made every fan’s jaw drop on numerous occasions this season. He made other top tier world class athletes look silly. I would imagine other AFC West teams and even the AFC in general are not looking forward to the next decade plus with this guy under center (or in shotgun, whatever). For his spectacular and historic play in the 2018 season as a walking highlight reel, Mahomes comes in on our list at number (2, 1).

#1 – Aaron Donald – Interior Defensive Line (34) – Los Angeles Rams

NFL Defensive Player of the Year 2 2017, 2018
AP All-Pro 1st Team 4 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
PFF All-Pro 1st Team 5 2014, 2015,2016, 2017, 2018
NFL Pro Bowl 5 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
NFL Top 100 5 2014 (43), 2015 (2), 2016 (1), 2017 (1), 2018 (1)
Player Profile Card
Written By: Yji
(I'd like to shout out the great Twitter accounts I used to give you all visuals of Donald's play. @BrandonThornNFL, @MarkSchofield, @camdasilva, @SamuelRGold, @QBsMVP, @thecheckdown, @WillBrinson, @SteelersDepot. Thank you all for your great content, give them a follow everyone!)
Man, what can I say about Aaron Donald that hasn't already been said before? He's the GOAT. Plain and simple.
Coming off a season where he ranked #1 on last year's version of this list, many were wondering how could he get better than this? He won DPOY. 1st team All-Pro. Pro Bowl. Nobody would blame you if you thought he had reached his peak. Of course, you'd be wrong.
Donald started training with knives (haters will say they're fake, but still badass anyway) and perfecting his body, looking more like a bodybuilder than a 285 pound defensive tackle. He waited for his massive contract to come, and come it did. 6 years, $135M. Only one year later, he's looking underpaid. Aaron Donald conquered the NFL with maybe the greatest defensive season of all time. He set records, accumulating 20.5 sacks at the defensive tackle position, most of any DT all time. Donald led his team to the Super Bowl, recording 33 pressures in the 4th quarter and OT showing that when the game is on the line, he steps up and performs. Donald won DPOY for the second year in a row, went to the Pro Bowl and was voted All Pro again. Oh, and he did this all while being double teamed 70% of the time. Absolutely outrageous.
In case you didn't know, Aaron Donald is a really really good pass rusher. You don't rack up 106 pressures, most in the NFL and second most in the PFF era by accident. Donald puts up edge rusher type numbers as a defensive tackle, an incredibly impressive feat considering the extra traffic up the middle he faces.
Every great pass rusher has something they excel at. It could be the outside rip and dip move. It could be the swim move. It could be the bull rush. They all have something they specialize in. Aaron Donald has mastered all of them. His outside club rip move is devastating, with OL struggling to keep up with his ability to corner and reach the quarterback. Most edge rushers wouldn't dream of making plays like this. The quickness and the bend required is absurd. Hotness. Of course, he can't just throw outside moves all day, they'll expect it every time. That's when Donald flashes his power with the bull rush. Using his meaty paws, he lands his fists right onto the chest of the linemen and controls them, getting push and moving them backward on his way to the QB. And just when OL think they have all that handled, AD throws out the swim move, also called an arm over. This leaves linemen grasping at air wondering which way Donald has gone. All the way to the QB my friend. This is quite possibly Donald's most dangerous move, because he can attach it to so many different things, like the aforementioned bull rush. He just makes it look easy, man. This is just a small taste of what AD can do. He has a number of other moves, and when you can get to the QB in so many different ways, he's impossible to stop. Easy to see why he had 20.5 sacks last year.
What many people don't realize, though, is that Donald is an exceptional run defender as well. He's known as a pass rusher, but he destroys gameplans in the run game as well. Donald had the most TFLs by a DT in the past 20 seasons, consistently creating big plays for the defense and creating big problems for the offense.
Many of Donald's best plays in the run game come through one specific trait he has: his explosion and quickness. When an offense tries to run a zone blocking scheme or reach block him with an offensive tackle, it doesn't go so well. Donald uses that quickness to shoot the gap, flying into the backfield and creating havoc for the offense.. He'll use his swim move to dominate OL off the ball. Countless times it has ended up as a TFL for the offense, like this play where he dropped Kamara like he was a mere traffic cone. What offenses have done to try and stop this is using something called a trap block, which intentionally leaves him unblocked so a pulling linemen can hit him from the other side unexpectedly as he pursues the play. This has been very effective on some great DTs such as Ndamukong Suh. The only problem is, Donald is Donald and he knows when they're coming. The Saints tried it once and learned their lesson from then on.
But Donald doesn't just make plays shooting gaps. He's a remarkably sound run defender with exceptional gap integrity. AD will use his big ol' mits to lock onto the offensive lineman, control his chest and read the play. Teams have a difficult time running on him because he can control these gaps like a bigger nose tackle while having the quickness to disengage at a moment's notice or shoot the gap if needed. It makes him an absolute nightmare to game plan for. In every phase you need to know where 99 is.
In conclusion, Donald is essentially just a monster. You can't block him in the run game, you can't block him in the pass game, you just can't block him at all. He's a future Hall of Famer already and on pace to be the greatest DT ever, and on pace to be up there with with men like Lawrence Taylor and Reggie White as the best defender ever.






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We have great sports betting tools and tips for up. When betting on sports, it is important to have the right tools and tips. Our sports betting tools and tips include spreadsheets to assist you with your sports betting. The Bet Tracker and the Arbitrage Calculator are available in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. If you believe the markets you are betting into are efficient (NFL point spreads, MLB moneylines, etc.), then CLV is a great predictor of long term success. All you need to do is input the odds you placed your bet at as well as where the odds closed. Preferably you use a market making sportsbook like Pinnacle to decide what the “true ... Eagles vs. 49ers, 10/4/20 NFL Sunday Night Football Betting Predictions Sunday, 04 October 2020 Eagles vs. 49ers SNF Prediction The Eagles will look to avoid falling to 0-3 on the season when they visit the banged-up 49ers at 8:20 p.m. ET on Sunday Night Football. Sports betting Excel spreadsheets win 2 of 3 football games in NFL. Percentage is higher in picking straight winners than applied to point spread betting ATS. It can still hit at least 60 when applied to point spread betting, as in the American football. Get the latest NFL odds, spreads and betting lines from this week's games, as well as full coverage of the National Football League from USA TODAY

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NFL Betting Explained - YouTube

NFL Week 2 Betting Picks & Spread Picks for 2020 Week 2 of the NFL Football Season is already here & so are my NFL Week 2 Betting Picks & my picks against th... Breaking down the NFL Week 5 board and isolating 6 bets distilled from almost 9 hours' worth of listening to the most prominent football handicappers across ... Breaking down the NFL DFS and betting slate ahead of Week 5 Thursday Night Football ..... Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Chicago Bears ..... Want to learn how to bet on football? This video covers everything you need to know to start and get your game to the next level. This video is a football be... - Use the BetLabs software yourself to create NFL betting systems and win more money! I sent out a survey to ...