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How can I decode a sound burst? Part : Deux

Thank you IrregularPlaceToBe for suggesting I get more info for you all to get a real answer, I think that's what you meant. But, if this dies in /new, so f'ing help me!
Here is some real information
My Headphones
I wear Walmart brand onn. In-Ear Bluetooth headphones.
This PDF and this product closely resemble what I wear.
These are my headphones model:aaaaqu100002887
A Google search for that model number comes up with things that are not exactly helpful.
My Method
I had been hearing this noise off and on for days so often that I can't remember if it's only been while at home and not while around town. It could have been happening anywhere, I think. But this time, I was doing nothing else at the time and heard it consistently, over the course of an hour, while on my bed.
It definitely sounded "non-random" at times. But, I could tell it wasn't just static. It had the melodic tones of a dialup internet modem but in short bursts. I could also tell it was almost the same length in terms of time, each time.
I whipped out my half-broken LG V60 thinQ 5G, smashed the ear piece up to the mouth end of the phone and turned them way up. Then, I started a sound recording app called HD Audio Recorder. I can't tell you if I downloaded it or if it came with the phone. I know I was in mode "Normal" of four modes. Looking around the app doesn't tell me much. A Google Play Store search finds this Samsung HD Audio Recorder app and the icon looks just the same. The screenshots are all in light mode but look identical to mine otherwise. I no longer have a Samsung. I bet what happened is, the app got grandfathered into my new phone when I switched and added my accounts and the phone just sort of set itself up.
Images of the app with screenshots of screenshots like your dad does. I'm your dad.
Tha Recording
So, the one in the app that shows "092020173901-normal" was uploaded to SoundCloud and marked up the important parts of the recording.
La Edición
I put it into Audacity. I took the louder first KKKKRRRSSST (don't google) and put it on one track, then the second softer kkkkrrrssst and put it on the second track. I listened over and over. Then .... I ZOOMED IN!
In the first moment, it looks very similar enough to not be random. But, notice the tiny difference right at the beginning.
The first few tones after the initial tone. Mostly identical save for the first one.
Zoomed out one level so you can see those first tones and the next few tones and how similar they are. Then things change.
Out of space. More in the replies in 5. I love you!
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Long, honest SB3 review from someone who returned one. Aimed at future buyers from a Designer.

Good afternoon,
I want to write about my experience with my Surface Book 3 and the Surface Dock 2. I pre-purchased the 15" 2tb, 32gb ram, core i7. So the top of the line without the Quadro option. I also used the Surface Dock 2 which I will get into only shortly. I'm going to get straight into the issues I think future buyers should be made aware of.
My Problems
GPU Disconnecting: While gaming, using photoshop, or even just putting the tablet portion back on, the dedicated GPU will disconnect randomly. Microsoft still hasn't figured out the connecting and disconnecting of the base and keeping the GPU active. Here are other users experiencing the same thing. I would have to close the program and relaunch or restart my entire machine to fix it. It wouldn't register in DXDiag even, so it just completely disconnect.
I put this issue first because it is the most important. It happened so frequently with my brand new Surface Book 3 that it affected my workflow. A warning to designers, it will crash your render mid-way if it happens during an export. This was the deal-breaker for me because for $3,200, I shouldn't have to deal with this.
Surface Pens Staircasing: This was the 2nd deal breaker for me. If you have multiple touches going on at the same time on the touch screen, it steps your input. So, instead of a smooth line, you get a line that looks like steps on stairs. Here are multiple people reporting it on multiple devices. Again, for how much I paid this shouldn't have been overlooked. It makes drawing pretty much a no go. I guess some people can draw for hours without putting their wrist down but I can't. So just be aware. Here is a video showing what I mean
External Mouse and keyboard stuttering: I will say this is tied as my 2nd deal breaker. If you have a wireless mouse or keyboard attached, it will stutter a lot. Meaning the mouse goes non-responsive (still works on trackpad) for about 2-4 seconds at a time, over and over again, until you restart your computer. Then it might start acting up randomly again. Add to this, my keyboard would just freeze on an input. So I would be typing and sudddddddddddddddddddddddddenly it would have 14 d's like that. So I would have to go back and delete it.
I have the same mouse and keyboard now with my new laptop and it hasn't happened once. In the year I’ve had these with my old laptop, it also never happened. It was an SB3 issue. Here are some other people with these problems, And some more
I put two results because this problem is, I’m guessing, two-folds Microsoft and Logitech’s fault. It's just odd that it never happened on my old MSI or my new Asus.
Surface Dock 2
Screen Issues: The Surface Dock has this issue where it wakes up my external monitors if it's not connected to anything. So my externals monitors would get woken up and turn on looking for input, then turn off, through the whole night if the dock wasn't connected to anything. Other people with these problems
OK. Quick summary of good stuff.
The design of it is awesome. It looks slick and clean, and ignore what people say about the bevels because it looks professional, new, and really great to look at. The keyboard is really nice to work with. The key travel is really great, and it's a joy to type on. Trackpad is also really good, although I admit I barely ever used it. So it worked when I did use it but always use a Wi-Fi mouse. The screen is really sharp and clean and I will miss that aspect ratio. The 16:10 is what all laptops should be using. The Surface Dock 2 is a really powerful docking station for the future. It has a ton of USB C options, and it's heavy (which you want) and it looks really nice.
Summary of mediocre stuff
The battery is not what they advertise. Sure, if I put battery saver on and only used text editor and only typed every now and then, then maybe. You're not going to get 17.5 hours of battery life like they say with actual normal use. Here are people talking about it. I used it with high performance and screen brightness all the way up, so I know that's going to lower my battery time drastically. I bet I could have gotten like 4, maybe 6 hours. I just never took it that far so that's unverified but it certainly wasn't going to reach 17.5 or anywhere close to that.
The drawing experience leaves a lot to be wanted. The pen is not that accurate, meaning if you start a line and try to continue that line, you will struggle. It has a shift and it doesn't do well when you make slow lines.Some people talking about it . But, overall, having the ability to flip the screen over and draw on the giant 16:10 screen was a joy. For how expensive this machine is, I just wish it was more accurate.
The Surface Dock 2 is not made for backwards compatibility. This is really not an issue because they don't hide, you know what ports are on it before you order it but just realize it has no HDMI, and only two USB A ports. Again, they don't hide that, so it's not Microsoft's fault at all. You would just buy a different dock.
In Closing
Read the Reviews. When I read all the reviews, I always defended the SB3 because they compared it to a full fledged laptop. The GPU is pretty weak compared what you can get for the same price or cheaper (Example, Asus ZenBook Pro Duo) but you won't get the tablet portion or the pen pressure levels or the 16:10 aspect ratio. Now that I have the SB3, I understand why those reviews are the way they are. The SB3 tries to be a laptop and it's just not. I felt like I had a roided up tablet. The GPU overheats and sometimes shuts off what you are working on. That sucked. It's the price point that really breaks it. For how much you pay, you expect a working, problem-free (especially because this is the 3rd iteration over a 5 year period), and fast experience. Instead I got a lot of problems and unfulfilled promises.
Listen to the Community. I understand this subreddit is going to be filled with people complaining about their SB3 way more than people praising it. It makes sense, not many people go out of their way to randomly say "My Surface Book 3 is acting just how it should. That is all, thank you. Upvote me please." but many people will go out of their way to say, "My Surface Book 3 is messing up in this way, and this way, please help, thanks." But, really listening to the comments is what changed my perspective. Many people responding have some sort of bandage applied instead of a fix to the common problems. Even outside of reddit, it's always something like, "Well, try uninstalling this from device manager and it should work. In the future hopefully Microsoft fixes it and you can turn that back on." but why should I have to wait for the future? Microsoft promised a fully functioning machine. I would never sell you a car and tell you the turn signals will work later after we fix it. Oh, the brakes are faulty yeah, try turning off your rear lights, it should help. If you need to use both you can use these hands signs. They aren't the rear lights but people will still know when you are braking. It's like, no, no I won't do that. Personally, I paid almost $3,500 dollars for the SB3, Dock2, and warranty and that's too much to get half-finished products.
So, in summary, I returned my SB3 and Dock2, and was refunded all my stuff. Not before learning the Warranty periods starts from the pre-order date. So warning to anyone that pre-orders, you have 60 days (which is nice, instead of 30) to return it from the date you put your pre-order in. Explain how that makes sense? I ordered mine on the 6th, got it on the 24th, so I lost all those days in between. Anyway. I returned my SB3, I still have the Surface Slim Pen. Which, in complete accordance with how annoying Microsoft is, I can't adjust the pen pressure because the Surface App only works on Surface devices. So my new Asus ZenBook Pro Duo, is not a Surface product, so I can't use the app to change the pressure sensitivity. I guess it's in the name, but it's just such a dumb feature.
Closing: If you wanted a roided tablet, get the SB3. If you want a laptop, don't get the SB3. It's not good enough to replace a drawing tablet, and it's not fast enough to replace a laptop at the comparable price point. If none of the things I said will bother you, get the SB3. It is a beautiful machine and it is powerful, but understand your dollars are going strictly to the form factor (being able to detach the screen), and if money isn’t a issue, then go ahead and buy it.
Thanks for reading this, I hope it helps someone make a decision.
ONE LAST THING This community. /Surface is really freakin awesome. There is no Asus community. I can't find anyone talking about this badass laptop I have on Reddit or anywhere really. So just a big shout out to this subreddit, it has been super helpful and honestly, even the people complaining (like me now) and the people who love the Surface make this community better. So thanks for having me for the 8 months I've spent waiting for the SB3 and reading guesses as what it might look like, and the time I had the SB3 and excitement of learning it.
Since I posted Google results with SB2 links, which is because SEO will put those first and because the SB3 is new, here are just a few SB3 Reddit links: Surface Book 3 defective Battery, Another SB3 post about the GPU disappearing, Another, Another Disappearing GPU , Input Lags Issue. Here is one Reddit post. Disappearing GPU SB3
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[Game Preview] Week 6 - Philadelphia Eagles(3-2) at Minnesota Vikings (3-2)

Philadelphia Eagles (3-2) at Minnesota (3-2)
The Eagles will look to take momentum gained from the last two wins into a grueling October 3 game road trip which will start somewhere they had success in the past. The Eagles will make their first trip back to US Bank Stadium since they defeated the Patriots in Super Bowl 52 to give the Eagles their first Lombardi trophy. The Eagles number 1 ranked rush defense will be put to the test this week as they face the 3rd ranked rushing attack in the league led by Dalvin Cook. If they can limit Cook and put the Vikings in long 3rd downs the Eagles DL will need to keep up the pressure on the QB following their 10 sack performance against the New York Jets last week. The Vikings OL made improvement in the off-season to fix the OL woes from previous seasons, but it is still a weak spot on the team. If the Eagles are able to get pressure on Cousins and force him to turn the ball over it could be big in the field position game. Mike Zimmer continues to put out strong defenses in Minnesota and this year is no different. The Vikings defense in ranked in the top 10 in most statistical categories and the Eagles look once again to be without Desean Jackson who miss his 5th game following an explosive debut in week 1. With Desean’s absence look for the Eagles to try to establish the run early with Jordan Howard and Miles Sanders and use a lot of 12 man personnel with Ertz and Goedert. It seems like the Eagles and Vikings having been played on a yearly basis now with Pederson getting the edge over Zimmer 2-1. Zimmer will try to even that up this week in what looks to be a hard fought game. Go Birds!
General Information
Posting Rules and Guidelines
Remember to Join us on Discord during the game!
New to the Eagles? Take a look at our New Fan Page!
Sunday, October 13th, 2019
Game Time Game Location
1:00 PM - Eastern US Bank Stadium
12:00 PM - Central 401 Chicago Avenue
11:00 AM - Mountain Minneapolis, MN 55415
10:00 AM - Pacific Wikipedia - Map
Weather Forecast
Stadium Type: Dome
Surface: UBU Sports Speed Series S5-M
Temperature: N/A
Feels Like: N/A
Forecast: N/A.
Chance of Precipitation: N/A
Cloud Coverage: N/A
Wind: N/A
Betting Odds
Oddsshark Information
Favorite/Opening Line: Minnesota -3
OveUnder: 44
Record VS. Spread: EAgles 2-3, Vikings 3-2
Where to Watch on TV
FOX will broadcast Sunday’s game to a regional audience. Kenny Albert will handle the play-by-play duties and Charles Davis will provide analysis. Pam Oliver will report from the sideline.
TV Map - Week 6 TV Coverage Map
Internet Streams
NFL Streams - Look here 30 minutes before the game for Streams
Radio Streams
Disclaimer: Subscription Based Official NFL Radio Streams available via TuneIn
List of Eagles Radio network member stations with internet broadcast availability 94.1 Desktop Streaming
Listen to Merrill Reese and Mike Quick
Calling the game on 94WIP and the Eagles Radio Network will be Merrill Reese, the NFL’s longest-tenured play-by-play announcer (42nd season). Joining Reese in the radio booth will be former Eagles All-Pro wide receiver Mike Quick, while Howard Eskin will report from the sidelines.
Location Station Frequency
Philadelphia, PA WIP-FM 94.1 FM and 610 AM
Allentown, PA WCTO-FM 96.1 FM
Atlantic City/South Jersey WENJ-FM 97.3 FM
Levittown, PA WBCB-AM 1490 AM
Northumberland, PA WEGH-FM 107.3 FM
Pottsville, PA WPPA-AM 1360 AM
Reading, PA WEEU-AM 830 AM
Salisbury/Ocean City, MD WAFL-FM 97.7 FM
Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, PA WEJL-FM 96.1 FM
Salisbury/Ocean City, MD WAFL-FM 97.7 FM
Salisbury/Ocean City, MD WEJL-AM 630 AM
Salisbury/Ocean City, MD WBAX-AM 1240 AM
Williamsport, PA WBZD-FM 93.3 FM
Wilmington, DE WDEL-FM/AM 101.7 FM
York/LancasteHarrisburg, PA WSOX-FM 96.1 FM
Philadelphia Spanish Radio
Rickie Ricardo, Macu Berral and Gus Salazar will handle the broadcast in Spanish on Mega 105.7 FM in Philadelphia and the Eagles Spanish Radio Network.
Location Station Frequency
Philadelphia, PA LA MEGA 105.7 FM
Allentown, PA WSAN 1470 AM
Atlantic City, NJ WIBG 1020 AM; 101.3 FM
Vikings Radio
Vikings Radio Network Paul Allen enters his 19th season in 2019 as the Vikings radio play-by-play voice is KFAN radio mid-day personality. Joining Allen as the color commentator was former Vikings linebacker and coach Pete Bercich.
National Radio
Satellite Radio
Station Eagles Channel Vikings Channel
Sirius Radio SIRI 134(Streaming 825) SI3RI 82(Streaming 819)
XM Radio (Streaming 825) XM 227(Streaming 819)
Sirus XM Radio SXM 285 (Streaming 825) SXM 227(Streaming 819)
Eagles Social Media Vikings Social Media
Website Website
Facebook Facebook
Twitter Twitter
Instagram Instagram
Snapchat: Eagles Snapchat: vikings
NFC East Standings
NFC EAST Record PCT Home Road Div Conf PF PA Net Pts Streak
Eagles 3-2 .600 2-1 1-1 1-0 2-2 141 111 +30 2W
Cowboys 3-2 .600 2-1 1-1 2-0 2-2 131 90 +41 2L
Giants 2-4 .333 1-2 1-2 1-1 2-2 111 160 -49 2L
Redskins 0-5 .000 0-3 0-2 0-2 0-4 73 151 -78 5L
Series Information
The Philadelphia Eagles lead the series 14-14 with Vikings leading in the Regular season 14-10 and Eagles leading in the postseason 4-0.
Series History
Head to Head Box Scores
First Game Played
October 28th, 1962 at Metropolitan Stadium in Minneapolis, MN. Minnesota Vikings 31 – Philadelphia Eagles 21
Points Leader
The Philadelphia Eagles lead the Minnesota Vikings (650-594)
Coaches Record
Doug Pederson: 2-1 against the Vikings
Mike Zimmer: 1-2 against Eagles
Coaches Head to Head
Doug Pederson vs Mike Zimmer: Pederson leads 2-1
Quarterback Record
Carson Wentz: Against Vikings: 1-1
Kirk Cousins: Against Eagles: 4-4
Quarterbacks Head to Head
Carson Wentz vs Kirk Cousins: Cousins leads series 3-2
Records per Stadium
Record @ Lincoln Financial Field: Eagles lead Vikings 4-2
Record @ US Bank Stadium: The teams have yet to play in US Bank Stadium, however the Eagles are 1-0 in the stadium defeating the Patriots there in Super Bowl 52.
Rankings and Last Meeting Information
AP Pro 32 Ranking
Eagles No. 9 - Vikings No. 13
2019 Record
Eagles: 3-2
Vikings 3-2
Last Meeting
Sunday, October 7th, 2018
Eagles 21 - Vikings 23
Kirk Cousins threw for 301 yards and one touchdown, Linval Joseph returned a fumble 64 yards for a score and the Minnesota Vikings beat the Philadelphia Eagles 23-21 Sunday in a rematch of the 2017 season's NFC championship game. It was an ugly game for the Eagles offense as the offensive line again struggled to protect Carson Wentz and get anything going as the defending Super Bowl champions fell to 2-3. The Eagles attempted to rally from a 17-point deficit midway through the third quarter and were in great position to take the lead Eagles following a Roc Thomas dropped a backward pass that was recovered by Nigel Bradham at the Vikings 30 in the fourth quarter. But the Eagles continued to shoot themselves in the foot with penalties and another Wentz sack forcing a 4th and 20 with Doug Pederson electing not to let Jake Elliott try a 58-yarder. The Vikings got the ball back and extended their lead to two scores before the Eagles adding a late Ertz TD before failing to recover and onside kick for the loss.
Click here to view the Video Recap
Click here for box score
Last 10 Meetings
Date Winner Loser Score
10/7/18 Vikings Eagles 23-21
1/21/18 Eagles Vikings 38-7
10/23/16 Eagles Vikings 21-10
12/15/13 Vikings Eagles 48-30
12/28/10 Vikings Eagles 24-14
1/4/09 Eagles Vikings 26-14
10/28/07 Eagles Vikings 23-16
1/16/05 Eagles Vikings 27-14
9/20/04 Eagles Vikings 27-16
11/11/01 Eagles Vikings 48-17
Injury Reports Depth Charts
Eagles Eagles
Vikings Vikings
2019 “Expert” Picks
Week 6 - "Expert" Picks
2019 Team Stats
Eagles Season Stats
Vikings Season Stats
2019 Stats (Starters/Leaders)
Wentz 105 174 60.3% 1152 10 2 94.3
Cousins 86 126 68.3% 1041 5 2 100.0
Howard 53 248 44.5 4.7 3
Cook 92 542 108.4 5.9 5
Ertz 29 312 62.4 10.8 1
Thielen 20 309 61.8 15.5 4
Name Sacks Team Total
Graham 3.0 14
Hunter 5.0 15
Name Total Solo Assist Sacks
McLeod 29 16 13 0
Kendricks 39 30 9 0
Name Ints Team Total
Gerry 2 6
Harris 2 4
Johnston 19 908 60 47.8 44.7 11 0 0
Colquitt 19 898 59 47.3 43.1 7 0 0
Elliot 5 5 100.0% 41 14/14
Bailey 8 7 87.5% 50 11/12
Kick Returns
Sanders 8 207 25.9 67 0
Abdullah 2 58 29.0 33 0
Punt Returns
Sproles 9 84 9.3 17 0 3
Beebe 7 46 6.6 15 0 6
League Rankings 2019
Offense Rankings
Category Eagles Stat Eagles Rank Vikings Stat Vikings Rank
Total Offense 339.2 24th 357.4 18th
Rush Offense 111.8 18th 166.4 3rd
Pass Offense 227.4 21st 191.0 29th
Points Per Game 28.2 7th 122.4 16th
3rd-Down Offense 52.9% 2nd 42.9% 12
4th-Down Offense 33.3% 22nd 66.7% 10th
Red Zone Offense (TD%) 68.4% 5th(t) 60% 11th(t)
Defense Rankings
Category Eagles Stat Eagles Rank Vikings Stat Vikings Rank
Total Defense 334.2 10th 292.4 4th
Rush Defense 63.0 1st 88.2 9th
Pass Defense 271.2 27th 204.2 6th
Points Per Game 22.2 13th 14.6 5th
3rd-Down Defense 37.1% 12th 34.9% 9th
4th-Down Defense 60% 21st(t) 50.0% 14th(t)
Red Zone Defense (TD%) 50% 10th(t) 46.2% 5th(t)
Category Eagles Stat Eagles Rank Vikings Stat Vikings Rank
Turnover Diff. +2 9th(t) 0 15th(t)
Penalty Per Game 7.0 8th(t) 8.8 27th(t)
Penalty Yards Per Game 62.8 16th(t) 85.2 32nd
Vikings Director of Sports Medicine/Head Athletic Trainer Eric Sugarman, Coordinator of Rehabilitation/Assistant Athletic Trainer Tom Hunkele and Assistant Athletic Trainer Rob Roche all spent time with the Eagles prior to joining the Vikings.
Vikings CB Xavier Rhodes started alongside Eagles LB Nigel Bradham while at Florida State.
Vikings OC Coach Kevin Stefanski grew up in Philadelphia and got his first NFL experience with an Operations internship in 2005 in the Philadelphia Eagles.
Vikings Consultant Bud Grant played for the Philadelphia Eagles for two seasons from 1951-1952.
Eagles SS Andrew Sendejo played 8 seasons for the Vikings between 2011-2018.
Recap from Last Week’s Games.
Video The Eagles entered the week 4 matchup against the winningless Jets who were once again without starting QB Sam Darnold. 3rd string QB Luke Falk struggled all day against the vaunted Eagles pass rush.After stuggling to get sacks in their first 4 games the Eagles exploded with 10 sacks, 3 of them from DE Brandon Graham which was a career high. The Eagles also forced 3 turnovers on the day 2 of which were taken for touchdowns.The first was an INT by Nate Gerry who had his second interception of the season. The next was by Orlando Scandrick who was playing his first game for the Eagles and came on a corner blitz ripping the ball from Luke Falk and taking it to the house. The Jets offense couldn't get anything going all day with their only score coming in the fourth quarter on a 19-yard run by Vyncint Smith after a muffed punt. e Eagles became the first team in NFL history to record 10 sacks and score two defensive touchdowns in a single game. Wentz added 189 yards and 1 TD to Zach Ertz and Jordan Howard added 62 yards and a TD on the ground.
Video Following a lot of criticism Kirk Cousins got back on track vs the struggling Giants. He threw for 307 yards and 2 TD in a dominating performance.Dalvin Cook added 132 yards on the ground and the defense was dominate bring Daniel Jones back down to earth as the rookie was sacked 4 times and threw an interception while only managing 182 yards and a TD. The win came just a week after the Vikings (3-2) did little in a 16-6 loss to the Chicago Bears and Thielen insisted the team had to stop being one dimensional, relying solely on the run.The Vikings mixed it up with run and pass and came close to a 50/50 split and it paid off for the 28-10 win.
2019 Pro Bowlers
Eagles Vikings
DT Fletcher Cox (Starter) WR Adam Thielen
OG Brandon Brooks (Starter) FS Harrison Smith
TE Zach Ertz (Starter) DE Danielle Hunter
SS Malcom Jenkings (1st Alt) OLB Anthony Barr
OT Lane Johnson (1st Alt
Referee: Adrian Hill
Darren Sproles (19,684) moved up to 5th all-time on the all-purpose yards list passing HoF WR Tim Brown (19,682) last week vs the Jets.
Philadelphia and Minnesota are split, 14-14 (.500), in an all-time series that dates back to 1962. The Eagles have won 2 of their last 3 games (.667) against the Vikings, as well as 7 of the last 10 (.700) and 11 of their last 14 (.786) overall.
This will be Philadelphia’s first regular-season game at U.S. Bank Stadium. The last time the Eagles played at the venue, they defeated New England, 41-33, in Super Bowl LII (2/4/18), which marked the first Super Bowl championship in franchise history.
Philadelphia owns the No. 1-ranked rushing defense (63.0). The Eagles also lead that category since 2016 (including playoffs), allowing just 90.6 rushing yards per game in that span. Philadelphia has not allowed 100+ rushing yards in 8 consecutive regular-season contests.
The Eagles rank 7th in the NFL in points per game (28.2), trailing only San Francisco (31.8), Tampa Bay (29.4) and L.A. Rams (29.2) in the NFC. Philadelphia has registered 30+ points in 3 of its first 5 games of the season.
The Eagles have produced the 2nd-best third-down offense (52.9%) in the NFL, behind Houston (53.2%). It marks their best third-down conversion rate through 5 games since the 2017 campaign (53.4%).
Philadelphia is also tied for 5th in the NFL with a 68.4% red zone TD efficiency, which is the team’s highest mark through 5 games since 2010 (75.0%)
Draft Picks
Eagles Vikings
OT Andre Dillard C Garrett Bradbury
RB Miles Sanders TE Irv Smith Jr.
WR JJ Arcega-Whiteside RB Alexander Mattison
WR Shareff Miller G Dru Samia
QB Clayton Thorson(I suck and am a Cowboy Now) LB Camerson Smith
DT Armon Watts
S Marcus Epps
OT Oli Udoh
CB Kris Boyd
WR Dillon Mitchell
WR Olabisi Johnson
LS Austin Cutting
Notable Off-season Additions
Eagles Vikings
WR Desean Jackson G Josh Kline
DT Malik Jackson Dt Shamar Stephen
DE Vinny Curry QB Sean Mannion
S Andrew Sendejo WR Jordan Taylor
LB Zach Brown LB Greer Martini
DT Hassan Ridgeway DE Karter Schult
QB Josh McCown CB Duke Thomas
S Derron Smith
G Dakota Dozier
Notable Off-season Departures
Eagles Vikings
QB “Big Dick” Nick Foles S Andrew Senedjo
DE Michael Bennett OL Mike Remmers
DE Chris Long WR Alderick Robinson
S Chris Maragos CB Marcus Sherels
RB Jay Ajayi S George Iloka
RB Josh Adams QB Tervor Siemian
RB Wendell Smallwood Ol Nick Easton
WR Jordan Matthews OL Tom Compton
DT Haloti Ngata DT Sheldon Richardson
RB Latavius Murray
Eagles TE Zach Ertz (30) needs 1 TD to move up to 11th on the Eagles all-time receiving TD list all-time tying WR Jack Ferrante and Brent Celek and he needs two TDs to move up to 10th all-time tying WR Ben Hawkins.
Eagles WR Desean Jackson (34) needs 2 TDs to move into a tie for 7th on the Eagles all-time receiving TD list tying Jeremy Maclin.
Eagles WR Desean Jackson (6271) needs 194 yards to move up to 3rd on the Eagles all-time receiving yard list to moving ahead of Mike Quick.
Eagles RB Darren Sproles needs 31 yards to move up to 5th on the NFL’s all-time all-purpose yards list passing WR Tim Brown.
Eagles S Malcolm Jenkins's (4) needs 1 more Interception for a TD to tie CB Eric Allen (5) for most Interceptions for a TD by an Eagles player.
Pro Football Focus Matchup Charts courtesy of PFF Edge (
WDB Matchups (CAPS = expected shadow coverage)
Matchups to Watch
Vikings Passing Attack vs. Eagles Pass Defense
US Bank Stadium was really good to the Eagles not too long ago as the Vikings were gracious hosts when we brought the Lombardi to its rightful home. It was also the site of Choke Fest 2018, which saw the Vikings lose their Week 17 home contest, allowing the Eagles to make the playoffs instead. This year’s version of The Salt Bowl is an important matchup for both teams in the deep NFC between two talented teams. There aren’t many differences between the teams from last year to this year other than offensive philosophy. Mike Zimmer clearly thinks its 1970 and has the offense he desires for his football team after scapegoating John DeFilippo last year. This is a run first, hope-you-don’t-fall-behind-so-you-have-to-rely-on-Kirk offense that is pretty loaded at the skill positions. I don’t necessarily blame Zim for wanting to run more often than they did under Flip, but to neuter the passing game with Diggs and Thielen is borderline criminal. Regardless, the difference that can help the Vikings win is the same one that helped them win last year – passing. Diggs and Thielen are two highly-skilled, versatile, number 1 receivers that the Eagles aren’t very well equipped to handle. Sure, Rasul Douglas has been the best Eagles corner on the season and could hold his own as well as anyone could against these two while losing reps, but the talent available after him is troublesome. Sidney Jones is likely to get the start opposite Douglas this week; if not, it’s Craig James (bitch) job for the second consecutive week. Orlando Scandrick will likely get the start in the slot after going God Mode against the hapless Jets. Basically, this is a strong matchup that favors the Vikings. Malcolm Jenkins and Rodney McLeod are both playing at a high level which helps the Eagles since they didn’t have McLeod for this matchup last year. However, it is hard to hide one side of the field; it’s even more difficult when you face the Vikings top two receivers. Additionally, Dalvin Cook and this Vikings screen game is one of the best in the league. The Eagles defense hasn’t been that good at defending the screen. I know Zimmer thinks passing causes autism like vaccines, but the Vikings would be foolish not to take advantage of this matchup like they did last year.
Vikings Offensive Line vs Eagles Pass Rush
What helps a struggling secondary? Pass rush. The Eagles unit has been very slow to start the season and may not reach the levels it did in 2017. It was encouraging to see the defense put up 10 sacks against a unit they should dominate. The Vikings offensive line is still their most significant weakness and the Eagles defensive line can still murder them. Brian O’Neil and Riley Reiff are a decent tackle tandem and are playing better than they did last year. The interior of the Vikings offensive line has been cheeks on the young season. I think the addition of Garrett Bradbury will help the Vikings over the long term as he adjusts to the NFL. In the short term, his lack of size and power is very evident and damaging, especially in pass protection. Pat Elflein still hasn’t developed into anything decent and their other guard doesn’t matter since he isn’t good. This is an Eagles pass rush that is still good but not elite nor as deep as they once were. The slow emergence of Fletcher Cox has been a welcome addition as he works his way back from offseason foot surgery. Philly needs him to be impactful in a hurry. Brandon Graham is fresh off a career day. Josh Sweat is developing nicely. And Daeshon Hall is making good use of his limited snap. This defensive line need to bring it this week. The Vikings want to run and use play action boot off those looks; control the line of scrimmage and put the Vikings offense off script. Then they need to pressure and sack Kirk Cousins. Kirk is a poor QB under pressure and tends to be generous with the ball under some heat. Pressure and limiting the Vikings rushing attack by winning up front will help force the Vikings into situations they don’t want to be in allowing the Eagles the opportunity to create extra plays for their offense. It always starts up front for the Eagles and this week that need is amplified.
Vikings Pass Defense vs Eagles Passing Offense
The Vikings enter the game with one of the better rush defenses in the NFL. That has been a common occurrence for the Vikings in the Zimmer era. This is a defense that is very good in pass defense but not unbeatable. The problem for the Eagles in this contest, and every subsequent contest without DJax, is the limited deep threats outside. Howie Roseman didn’t do enough this offseason to ensure enough speed at the skill positions. Desean Jackson is still the elite deep threat he has always been but are not close to capable of replacing him. Alshon Jeffery is still the reliable receiver he has been but isn’t a vertical receiver. They’ll need him to play against the Vikings the same way he seems to always moss them. Zach Ertz figures to have a key role in this game after accumulating 18 receptions, 203 yards, and a TD in the last two games against this Vikings team (from Kempski) – they’ll need it again. And Dallas Goedert’s presence in the offense alone puts the Eagles in more efficient looks. One player that could step up and actually do something worthy of the undue praise bestowed upon him would be Nelson Agholor. For a guy that does have talent, he doesn’t do anything. He barely outperforms Mack Hollins, who’d rather play special teams. The Vikings secondary is talented but the CBs are underperforming, at least per PFF; the Vikings have no CBs in the PFF Top 50 (among CBs) in coverage grade. Their safeties are still great, but their CBs haven’t played to their usual talent level lately. There is an opportunity here for the Eagles to get their passing game going to a certain degree but is somewhat limited by their own personnel. I’m not arguing to abandon the run, but passing is slightly more favorable this week. Make their CBs improve. Get Barr and Kendricks isolated in coverage where they really struggle. Profit… as much as possible against this unit.
Vikings Defensive Front vs Eagles Offensive Line
This may be the best strength vs strength matchup in the NFL this week as it is in this game! The Vikings have a very good defensive front with (likely) the best EDGE duo in the NFL. Everson Griffen and Danielle Hunter are a versatile, powerful, athletic, and dominant duo that gives opposing offenses fits on a weekly basis. While Shemar Stephen and Linval Joseph do a great job anchoring the interior, they aren’t dominant rushers though forces against the run. Still, this is a front that can take over games. As I wrote in the Eagles case, this pass rush can help out the secondary and generally does. The Eagles have one of the top offensive lines in the NFL with the personnel fully capable of neutralizing this Vikings front. We’ve seen how this offense can operate when the OL takes over a game (Green Bay) – it can go a long way this week. Additionally, Kendricks and Barr are two guys that can blitz as effectively as any rusher from time to time. Zimmer is creative with his blitz and pressure looks. In a hostile environment, it’ll be important for the OL to have another cohesive performance. It’s always important to win of front and this particular matchup is porn for the trench warfare community.
Special thanks to MikeTysonChicken and abenyishay for their help in creating this Game Preview.
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Part 3.(Reposted and edited.)

I'm reposting this as a 2020 edition of this part to my list because the original was removed and less organized. You'll notice a difference in the format cause I used to type more randomly.
459.(Cereal Company name change.)Kelloggs/Kellogg's,6048118&hl=en
460.(Company name change.)Bosche/Bosch
461.(Chip name change.)Cheetoes/Cheetos
462.(Chip name change.)Doritoes/Doritos
463.(Movie name change.)Dr.Doolittle/Dr.Dolittle,4715487&hl=en
464.(Company Package change.)Visine products now have lower right cut off.
465.(Fictional Character name change.)Brer Rabbit/Br'er Rabbit,2847104&hl=en
466.(Cosmetics name change.)Wet 'N' Wild/Wet N Wild
467.(Perfume Logo change.)Chanel and No.5 have switched places on the bottle.
468.(Band name change.)Motley Crue now has accents above the u.
469.(Can't think of a title.)John Hancock's signature on the DOI went from the bottom right to the top center.
470.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Mighty Mouse now has a darker fur tint, sounds different to some, and now has ties with Superman.
471.(Candy name change.)Raisinettes/Raisinets,4407273&hl=en
472.(Geography change.)Pelican Island in Galveston TX is now bigger, has a bridge, and Texas A&M University moved from it's original position to there.
473.(Famous Actor name change.)Sean William Scott/Seann William Scott
474.(Store name change.)The Macy's apostrophe has changed from a normal apostrophe to a star.
475.(Store name change.)Krogers/Kroger,4268247&hl=en
476.(Real Life Quote change.)"No, I will not yield!"/"No, I won't yield!"(1991 Speech from Bernie Sanders.)
477.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Super Saiyan 1 Goku orange hair, red eyes./Blonde hair, green eyes.
478.(Mayo name change.)Hellman's/Hellmann's
479.(Spelling change.)Ettiquette/Etiquette
480.(Painting change.)Starry Night's moon has gotten bigger, the town has more lights, there's less dark blue, and there used to be more swirls in the painting and less stars
481.(Painting change.)Puberty has changed with the center of lighting and the huge shadow.
482.(Painting change.)Creation Of Adam has changed as well with what God is floating in.
483.(Painting change.)Persistence Of Memory changing as well.
Add-On: Ford logo changed again with the O being open at the top and the R and D are now connected weirdly.
484.(Reversed Reality.)Pepsi logo blue on top, red on bottom/red on top, blue on bottom
485.(Reversed Reality.)Grateful Dead logo blue on left, red on right/red on left, blue on right
486.(Can't think of a title.)Primary colors red, yellow, green/red, blue, green
487.(Candy name change.)Menthos/Mentos
488.(Candy name change.)Reeses/Reese's,6894046&hl=en
489.(Ice Cream name change.)Breyer's/Breyers,7300128&hl=en
490.(Ice Cream Logo change.)The Baskin Robbins logo changed from simply Baskin Robbins to Baskin Robbins with 31 flavors hidden in the initials B and R.
491.(Ice Cream name change.)Soy Delicious/So Delicious,4111930&hl=en
492.(World change.)The sky looks different in terms of the shade of blue it shows.
493.(World change.)Sunsets seem to have become more rare in certain areas and they seem to vary in color now.
494.(World change.)Backyards now get lots of Sun in certain areas where they rarely got Sun at all.
495.(Geography change.)Iceland is now bigger and is more populated.
496.(Geography change.)Area 51 has moved location from where it originally was.
497.(Textbook name change.)Karma Sutra/Kama Sutra
498.(Spelling change.)Surveillence/Surveillance,16451869&hl=en
499.(Spelling change.)CheddeCheddar,2431209&hl=en
500.(Spelling change.)Bananna/Banana,5947518&hl=en
501.(Spelling change.)Preist/Priest,2022374&hl=en
502.(Spelling change.)Armagedon/Armageddon,1876174&hl=en
503.(World change.)Clouds no longer look puffy and fluffy, but more flat and swirly.(I don't know how to word it better.)
504.(Space change.)Mars is now smaller when it used to be about the size of Earth.
505.(Logo change.)The E and D in the FedEx logo are now dipping a little bit lower than the rest of the letters now.
Add-On:The Chevron logo now isn't solid red or blue and certain areas are darker giving it a ribbon like appearance.
506.(Movie Prop change.)The terrorist van in Back To The Future is now a Volkswagen van instead of a Toyota van and may have also changed color.
507.(Car Logo change.)The Toyota logo oval going up and down is now thinner instead of the same length as the oval going left and right.
508.(New or altered scene.)Scarecrow in The Wizard Of Oz now has a gun.
509.(Music Lyrics change.)"You say tomato, I say tomahto."/"You like tomato, I like tomahto."
510.(Music Lyrics change.)"I began to pray."/"I pretend to pray."
511.(Movie ending change.)Bumble in Rudolph gets all his teeth pulled out now so he can't bite instead of getting one pulled out for a toothache.
512.(Restaurant name change.)McDonalds/McDonald's,3271852&hl=en
Add-On Chevron is now spelled in blue letters instead of red.
513.(Snack name change.)Twinkys/Twinkies
514.(Ice Cream name change.)Haggen Das/Haagen Dasz/Haagen Dazs
515.(New T.V. Show.)The Golden Girls now also has a newer show that comes after it known as The Golden Palace.
516.(Musical Group name change.)Prodigy/The Prodigy
517.(Can't think of a title.)Animals such as buffalo, polar bears, etc are extinct, endangered, or fine in different realities.
518.(History change.)Einstein doesn't help develop the nuclear bomb anymore and now just lets FDR know the Nazis were involved in working on a nuclear bomb.
519.(Music Lyrics change.)"Five golden rings."/"Five gold rings."
520.(Music Album change.)License to Ill/Licensed to Ill
521.(History change.)We have now landed on the moon more than once.
522.(Music Lyrics change.)"Chasing the clouds away."/"Sweeping the clouds away."
523.(Famous Actress name change.)Kate Beckinsdale/Kate Beckinsale
524.(Natural Formation name change.)Marianas Trench/Mariana Trench
525.(History change.)Siegfried and Roy tiger attack of 2003 happened differently in many peoples' reality.
526.(Music Lyrics change.)"Wasting away in Margaritaville."/"Wasted away in Margaritaville."
Add-On: In The Wizard Of Oz, along with Scarecrow's gun, the lion also now has a mallet, butterfly net, and tin man is thrown in the air which is not in all our realities.
527.(Book Title change.)The Diary Of Anne Frank/Anne Frank:The Diary Of A Young Girl,3711301&hl=en
528.(Album Cover Art change.)Frank Ocean's 2012 album Channel Orange now has a blue splatter on it.
529.(Lunch Meat name change.)Budding/Buddig
530.(Grammar change.)You leave only one space between sentences now instead of two.
531.(Geography change.)The Statue Of Liberty is now no longer located on Ellis Island and is now on Liberty Island
532.(Fictional Character name change.)Stay Puff Marshmallow Man/Stay Puft Marshmallow Man
Add-On:The Tinman now has a wrench in The Wizard Of Oz.
533.(Famous Actress name change.)Faye Wray/Fay Wray,2013793&hl=en
534.(Car Logo change.)The Nissan logo circle no longer surrounds the line with the word Nissan on it and now only most of it.
535.(Car name change.)Volkswagon/Volkswagen,6686244&hl=en
536.(Famous Actress name change.)Lisa Welchel/Lisa Whelchel,867970&hl=en
537.(Car Logo change.)The Lexus logo E now has a sharp look to it.
538.(Famous Actor name change.)Mark Hamil/Mark Hamill,2980035&hl=en
539.(Different Dates of death.)John Candy's death at the age of 35 is now him dying at the age of 43.
ArtsyOwl said:"John Candy-I could have sworn he died when he was 35, but now it's stated that he was 43 when he died?"(Look him/her up on Reddit.)
540.(Music Lyrics.)"In the most delightful way."/"In a most delightful way."
LakeRat said:"Just a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down, in THE most delightful way."(Look him/her up on Reddit.)
541.(Different Causes of death.)Jayne Mansfield now dies in a car crash instead of being murdered.
542.(Zodiac Sign change.)Capricorn sign looks like a sea goat instead of a goat in a shell.
543.(Zodiac Glyph change.)Virgo glyph sign is now an angel holding wheat instead of a maiden holding a harp.
544.(Zodiac Sign change.)The Virgo and Scorpio signs combined look like what the Virgo sign used to look like according to some realities.
545.(Spelling change.)Philphrum/Philprum
546.(History change.)The Titanic is now documented to include life vests being given to people who still ended up dying who were unable to be fully rescued as well as tons of dead bodies now documented.
547.(Celebrity death that never happened.)Artie Lange is now alive instead of dying of a suicide induced drug overdose.
548.(Fruit name change.)Pimentos/Pimientos(Both spellings exist, but pimientos is not remembered by many.)
548.(Famous Actor name change.)Claude Raines/Claude Rains,3077197&hl=en
549.(Sign change.)Signs now have the slash go from the upper left to the lower right instead of the upper right to the lower left.
550.(T.V Show name change.)H.R. Puff 'n' Stuff/H.R. Pufnstuf(Numerous other spellings.)
551.(Urban Legend change.)In The Wizard Of Oz, not everybody remembers a bird replacing the "dead munchkin" in the movie, they remember nothing. (Between 20 and 30 minutes.)
552.(Famous Sports Star name change.)Charles Barkeley/Charles Barkley(Numerous other spellings.) (At the beginning of the video.)
553.(Hardware Store name change.)Menard's/Menards,3490517&hl=en
554.(Famous Singer name change.)Eddie Rabbit/Eddie Rabbitt,670829&hl=en
555.(Movie Quote change.)"Release the Kraken."/"Let loose the Kraken."
556.(Movie Quote change.)"Paint me like one of your French girls."/"Draw me like one of your French girls."
557.(Cable Company name change.)Direct TV/DirecTV,420003&hl=en
558.(Myth.)Bats are not blind and actually some have good sight.
559.(Singer name change.)Pink/P!nk,9352085&hl=en
560.(Beer name change.)Michelobe/Michelob
561.(Cereal Logo change.)Lucky Charms design on box is shown to have changed a lot less than it actually has.
562.(Logo change.)FOX now has a slanted F and is now narrower.
563.(Logo change.)MTV now has a sloppily written TV.
564.(Logo change.)The United Airlines logos look more detailed.
565.(Logo change.)Do any of the VH1 logos look right to you?
566.(Logo change.)The E and T in the BET logo are now connected.
567.(Logo change.)Was pharmacy next to CVS or below it on the store?
568.(Logo change.)KIA logo letters now all have parts that extend to the left.
569.(Logo change.)Does the Yamaha logo look off to you?
570.(Logo change.)New logo on Burger King is slanted and old has a different color scheme.
571.(Logo change.)Eyes of Wendy's girl look off in the old and new logos.
572.(Logo change.)Does the Superman logo look off to you?
573.(Logo change.)Does the Nintendo logo look off to you?
574.(Logo change.)The G and A in the SEGA logo are now connected.
575.(Logo change.)The old ShopRite logo is now more slanted and now there are 5 circles above the cart.
576.(Logo change.)Bravo logo is now Bravo inside a quote bubble.
577.(Car change.)Did the front of all Jeep vehicles look like this?
578.(Logo change.)The font is now different on the Guitar Center logo.
579.(Logo change.)The W has gotten shorter on the left in the Warner Bros. logo.
580.(Logo change.)RCA records logo now has lightning part sticking off of A.
581.(Logo change.)The B in Blimpie.
582.(Logo change.)Stone Brewery logo now has devil holding up glass.
583.(Logo change.)Does the E look off in the Tier in Southern Tier Brewing?
584.(Logo change.)Does the I in Skittles look off or does anything else look off in the Skittles logo to you?
585.(Logo change.)Does the font of Starburst look off?
586.(Candy name change.)Starbursts/Starburst
587.(Descritpion change.)Baphomet now has a crown in images that he shows up in.
588.(Logo change.)The White Castle logo font is now different.
589.(Logo change.)The O in Coffee-Mate now has a swirl.
590.(Coffee name change.)Coffee Mate/Coffee-Mate
591.(Logo change.)The N looks off in the Pilon logo.
592.(Logo change.)Cafe Bustelo now has an upright black triangle in the logo.
593.(Logo change.)The Y looks different in the Yankees logo.
594.(Logo change.)The Chicago Bulls bull looks angrier now.
595.(Logo change.)Always five streaks of each color in the Portland Trailblazers logo?
596.(Logo change.)Bridge looks more oblique and curved in the Golden State Warriors logo.
597.(Logo change.)The star at the bottom of the San Antonio Spurs logo is now bigger and is radiating more.
598.(Logo change.)The Boston Celtics logo now has a different design on the shirt and a stick.
599.(Logo change.)Does the NBA logo look different?
600.(Logo change.)Do you remember an NFL logo with a curved L?
601.(Multiple designs.)Do you remember the Masonic Square And Compass having this many designs?
602.(Logo change.)The Minnesota Timberwolves logo now has a wolf with fangs.
603.(Logo change.)The Sun in the Dole logo is huge now.
604.(Logo change.)Girl in the Sun Maid logo looks different and has a huge bonnet.
605.(Logo change.)Have the boy and dog in the Cracker Jack logo changed to you?
606.(Logo change.) The Universal logo has a planet in it. All that needs to be said.
607.(Logo change.) The Discovery channel logo has a planet in it. All that needs to be said.
608.(Movie Ending change.)There is now a ghost at the end of The Elephant Man.
609.(Flag change.) The Coat Of Arms flag from Spain no longer has a red triangle pointing from the center.
610.(Movie Quote change.) "That's not a knife, this is a knife."/"That's not a knife, that's a knife."
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  • sagame ฟรีเครดิต โบนัส 100% ยังมี โปรโมชั่น สมัคร vip ที่ใช้เล่นเกมคาสิโนแบบฟรีๆโดยที่ไม่ต้องไปฝากเงิน ซึ่ง โปร โม ชั่น เหล่านี้ สมาชิก สามารถเข้า ไปลองเล่นเกมคาสิโนบนเว็บไซต์นั้นก่อน บางเว็บไซต์ เครดิตฟรี ก็สามารถถอนได้หรือไม่ได้แล้วแต่ pomotion มี หรือ ไม่มีเงือนไข นั้น
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This is a yearly post I make for all the new teachers and travelers that are going to Seoul, Korea. Its more or less a general guide.

First thing, Do not panic. This will be a lot of fun.
I lived in Seoul for 2 years. It is my favorite city in the world, hands down. I have been all over Asia, and the Americas. Its just better in almost every way.
  1. Best Subway System / Mass transit system
  2. Every street sign in English and Korean, (Japanese signs are becoming fewer and farther in between)
  3. Plenty of westernized food if you get the cravings for American Dishes.
  4. Friendly people. And By friendly I give you this example. I was walking to Costco, and a business man walking past saw that I had no map, nor gps. He forgoes his lunch break to walk me arm in arm to the Costco 1 mile away in the opposite direction. Then he buys me lunch? yeah. Great guy.
You can go to Craigslist to job hunt, Here is a link.
Hagwons (private schools) give odd hours, but if you have been trained as a teacher you may qualify as a public school teacher, pay is a little better than most Hagwons and you get more time off for the school year.
Be sure to insist that you are near a Subway or Bus Line and that your pay is no less than 2.2 million won a month.) Cause you are worth every penny of it. Remember to trust your gut instincts. If something does not feel right, bring it up.
Personal advice. You have been trained as an educator. if you receive an offer for a job the school should pay for your.......
For locations in the Seoul (get near a subway line) BLUE or GREEN are the best lines to be around, but anything around a subway will make getting around a lot easier.
Everything from this point down needs to be rolled tightly. and placed inside your luggage.
Consider always carrying a book bag wherever you go. It makes shopping and transporting groceries easier on you. Since stores make you pay for plastic bags it ends up saving you money.
Backpack ( you dont have to carry it around town the whole time, but I love being prepared for whatever comes)

Here is a Website for Hospitals and Medical centers in Seoul for Foreigners

Here is what you should really consider getting as soon as you get settled in Korea
I would not worry about dress clothes unless your going to be at a rather prestigious school with multiple formal functions. If so, consider buying something once you have arrived.
Carry your laptop and camera equipment in your carry on luggage. (purses do not count) so load up your purse/Man Bag/ fanny pack with extra under ware socks and a t shirt, (for a quick change if you need it)
Things you Must Have when you get to Korea. and where to get them
If you need something in Seoul, I can locate about anything and I can tell you approximately where it can be found/located. Feel free to message me at any time. My name is Spencer, and Im here to help you have a great time in Korea.
submitted by Spencerforhire83 to teachinginkorea [link] [comments]

[Game Preview] Week 15 - Philadelphia Eagles(6-7) at Los Angeles Rams (11-2)

Philadelphia Eagles (6-7) at Los Angeles Rams (11-2)
After a heart breaking loss to the division rival Cowboys in overtime Sunday afternoon, the Eagles playoff hopes look extremely slim as their chances of winning the division vs the Cowboys is next to none barring a collapse by the Cowboys despite a easy remaining schedule. Where as the Eagles remaining schedule is quite more difficult and it starts off as they face the NFC leading Rams this weekend and will most likely do so with without Franchise QB Carson Wentz. Wentz will most likely be shutdown for the remainder of the season with a fractured vertebrae in his back, but is getting second opinions. Wentz is probably better off not playing with a broken back as the Eagles face one of if not the best DT duos in the league this weekend when they face off against Aaron Donald and Nnadomukong Suh. The two have combined for 20 sacks with Donald doing most of the work with 16.5, so it will be no easy task for the Eagles offensive line as they try to protect Big Dick Nick on Sunday Night. The game will be Foles's first since week 2 of the season where he was at the helm before Wentz returned from a torn ACL he suffered the last time these two teams faced off. Th that game, Foles entered late to get a key first down and seal the win for the Eagles. This time it looks like Foles will need to to do more than that against a tough attacking defense. It won't be easy on the other side either they go against one of the best offenses in the league and are still lining up practice squad members in the secondary who were roasted by Amari Cooper last week. Maybe this is what the Eagles need though, their backs against the wall rolling up their sleeves to reveal and underdog tattoo just saying take that as you will. After all it is any given Sunday and maybe Foles will be able to rub some late season magic out of that ol big dick of his once again to spark the offense and the struggling Eagles to a late season push.
General Information
Posting Rules and Guidelines
Remember to join us on Slack during the game!
Click here to register for Slack.
New to the Eagles? Take a look at our New Fan Page!
Sunday, December 16th, 2018
Game Time Game Location
8:20 PM - Eastern Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum
7:20 PM - Central 3911 South Figueroa Street
6:20 PM - Mountain Los Angeles, CA 90037
5:20 PM - Pacific Wikipedia - Map
Weather Forecast
Stadium Type: Open
Surface: Grass
Temperature: 68°F
Feels Like: 68°F
Forecast: Partly Cloudy. Mostly cloudy starting in the afternoon.
Chance of Precipitation: 1%
Cloud Coverage: 45%
Wind: SSW 3 MPH
Betting Odds
Oddsshark Information
Favorite/Opening Line: Rams by -11
OveUnder: 52.5
Record VS. Spread: Philadelphia 9-3, Los Angeles 8-4
Where to Watch on TV
NBC will broadcast Sunday’s game to a regional audience. Al Michaels will handle the play-by-play duties and Chris Collinsworth will provide analysis. Michele Tafoya will report from the sidelines.
TV Map - Week 15 TV Coverage Map
Internet Streams
NFL Streams - Look here 30 minutes before the game for Streams
Radio Streams
Disclaimer: Subscription Based Official NFL Radio Streams available via TuneIn
List of Eagles Radio network member stations with internet broadcast availability 94.1 Desktop Streaming
Listen to Merrill Reese and Mike Quick
Calling the game on 94WIP and the Eagles Radio Network will be Merrill Reese, the NFL’s longest-tenured play-by-play announcer (41st season). Joining Reese in the radio booth will be former Eagles All-Pro wide receiver Mike Quick, while Howard Eskin will report from the sidelines.
Location Station Frequency
Philadelphia, PA WIP-FM 94.1 FM and 610 AM
Allentown, PA WCTO-FM 96.1 FM
Atlantic City/South Jersey WENJ-FM 97.3 FM
Levittown, PA WBCB-AM 1490 AM
Northumberland, PA WEGH-FM 107.3 FM
Pottsville, PA WPPA-AM 1360 AM
Reading, PA WEEU-AM 830 AM
Salisbury/Ocean City, MD WAFL-FM 97.7 FM
Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, PA WEJL-FM 96.1 FM
Salisbury/Ocean City, MD WAFL-FM 97.7 FM
Salisbury/Ocean City, MD WEJL-AM 630 AM
Salisbury/Ocean City, MD WBAX-AM 1240 AM
Williamsport, PA WBZD-FM 93.3 FM
Wilmington, DE WDEL-FM/AM 101.7 FM
York/LancasteHarrisburg, PA WSOX-FM 96.1 FM
Philadelphia Spanish Radio
Rickie Ricardo, Macu Berral and Gus Salazar will handle the broadcast in Spanish on Mega 105.7 FM in Philadelphia and the Eagles Spanish Radio Network.
Location Station Frequency
Philadelphia, PA LA MEGA 105.7 FM
Allentown, PA WSAN 1470 AM
Atlantic City, NJ WIBG 1020 AM; 101.3 FM
Rams Radio
Rams Radio J.B. Long will handle the play-by-play duties and former pro bowl running back Maurice Jones-Drew will provide analysis. D'Marco Farr will report from the sidelines.
National Radio
Westwood One will broadcast the game nationally with Kevin Kugler (play-by-play) and Rod Woodson (analyst).
Satellite Radio
Station Eagles Channel Rams Channel
Sirius Radio SIRI 81 (Internet 825) SIRI 83 (Internet 817)
XM Radio XM 226 (Internet 825) XM 225 (Internet 817)
Sirius XM Radio SXM 226 (Internet 825) SXM 225 (Internet 817)
Eagles Social Media Rams Social Media
Website Website
Facebook Facebook
Twitter Twitter
Instagram Instagram
Snapchat: Eagles Snapchat: snaptherams
NFC East Standings
Cowboys 8-5 0.615 6-1 2-4 4-1 7-3 276 246 30 5W
Eagles 6-7 0.462 4-3 2-4 3-2 4-6 281 295 -14 1L
Redskins 6-7 0.462 3-4 3-3 2-3 6-5 249 297 -48 4L
Giants 5-8 0.385 2-4 3-4 1-4 4-7 307 331 -24 2W
Series Information
The Philadelphia Eagles lead the Los Angeles Rams (Philadelphia Eagles lead series, 21-19-1)
Series History
Head to Head Box Scores
First Game Played
September 21, 1937 at Philadelphia Municipal Stadium, Philadelphia, PA. Cleveland Rams 21 Philadelphia Eagles 3
Points Leader
Los Angeles Rams lead the Philadelphia Eagles (819-813)
Coaches Record
Doug Pederson: 1-0 against the Rams
Sean McVay: 0-1 against Eagles
Coaches Head to Head
Doug Pederson vs Sean McVay: Pederson leads 1-0
Quarterback Record
Nick Foles: Against Rams: 0-0
Jared Goff: Against Eagles: 0-1
Quarterbacks Head to Head
Nick Foles vs Jared Goff: This will be the 1st meeting between the QBs
Records per Stadium
Record @ Lincoln Financial Field: Eagles lead Rams: 2-0
Record @ Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum: Rams lead Eagles 5-3-1
Rankings and Last Meeting Information
AP Pro 32 Ranking
Eagles No.16 - Rams No. 3
Eagles: 6-7
Rams: 11-2
Last Meeting
Sunday December 10th, 2017
Eagles 43 - Rams 35
Carson Wentz threw for 291 yards and four touchdowns before leaving with a knee injury and Jake Elliott kicked the go-ahead 33-yard field goal with 3:45 left for the Philadelphia Eagles, who beat the Los Angeles Rams 43-35 in a thriller Sunday to clinch the NFC East title.
Click here to view the Video Recap
Click here to view the Stats Recap
Last 10 Meetings
Date Winner Loser Score
12/10/17 Eagles Rams 43-35
10/05/14 Eagles Rams 34-28
09/11/11 Eagles Rams 31-13
09/07/08 Eagles Rams 38-3
12/18/05 Eagles Rams 17-16
12/27/04 Rams Eagles 20-7
12/01/02 Eagles Rams 10-3
01/27/02 Rams Eagles 29-24
09/09/01 Rams Eagles 20-17
01/02/00 Eagles Rams 38-31
Injury Reports Depth Charts
Eagles Eagles
Rams Rams
2018 Weekly Matchup
Week 15 - Iron Rank Matchup
Week 15 - "Expert" Picks
2018 Team Stats
Eagles Season Stats
Rams Season Stats
2018 Stats (Starters/Leaders)
Wentz 279 401 69.6% 3074 21 7 102.2
Foles 54 82 65.9% 451 1 1 78.9
Goff 295 458 64.4% 3934 27 11 101.2
Adams 83 412 37.5 5.0 2
Gurley 244 1203 92.5 4.9 15
Ertz 98 1016 78.2 10.4 6
Woods 71 1032 79.4 14.5 5
Name Sacks Team Total
Bennett 8 34
Donald 16.5 34
Name Total Solo Assist Sacks
Hicks 85 58 27 3.0
Littleton 102 73 29 4.0
Name Ints Team Total
Douglas 3 8
Johnson 4 14
Johnston 53 2563 68 48.4 42.9 21 6 0
Hekker 35 1590 68 45.2 41.7 17 2 0
Elliot 24 20 83.3% 56 25/26
Zuerlein 24 21 87.5% 56 23/24
Kick Returns
Clement 13 333 25.6 48 0
Cooper 17 419 24.6 40 0
Punt Returns
Sproles 7 57 8.1 14 0 4
Natson 20 246 12.3 60 0 8
League Rankings 2018
Offense Rankings
Category Eagles Stat Eagles Rank Rams Stat Rams Rank
Total Offense 352.7 19th 422.5 3rd
Rush Offense 97.7 28th 132.7 5th
Pass Offense 254.8 12th 289.8 5th
Points Per Game 21.6 21st 32.7 3rd
3rd-Down Offense 38.9% 17th 42.9 8th
4th-Down Offense 52.9% 20th 46.2 T-25th
Red Zone Offense (TD%) 57.5% 18th 56.9% 19th
Defense Rankings
Category Eagles Stat Eagles Rank Rams Stat Rams Rank
Total Defense 384.0 25th 361.7 19th
Rush Defense 106.6 10th 124.2 23rd
Pass Defense 277.4 30th 237.5 14th
Points Per Game 22.7 13th 24.1 18th
3rd-Down Defense 38.0% T-13th 39.9 23rd
4th-Down Defense 69.2% 29th 63.6% T-21st
Red Zone Defense (TD%) 44.7% 3rd 60% T-17th
Category Eagles Stat Eagles Rank Rams Stat Rams Rank
Turnover Diff. -6 T-23rd +10 3rd
Penalties Per Game 6.0 T-6th 6.1 T-8th
Penalty Yards Per Game 51.8 7th 54.2 13th
Rams DC Wade Phillips held the same position with the Eagles from 1986-1988.
Rams QB Jared Goff and Eagles QB Carson Wentz were selected 1st and 2nd in the 2016 NFL draft after both teams traded up.
Eagles QB Nick Foles played for the Rams in 2015 after being traded from the Eagles.
Eagles DE Chris Long was drafted by the Rams in the 1st round in 2008 and played with the team from 2008-15.
Eagles S Rodney McLeod played for the Rams from 2012-16.
Eagles LB coach Ken Fajole was defensive coordinator of the for three season from 2009−2011.
Eagles OC Mike Groh was WR coach and passing game coordinator for the the Rams in 2016.
Rams LB Bryce Hager’s father, Britt Hager played linebacker for the Eagles from 1989- 94.
Rams Assistant Wide Receiver Coach Zac Taylor and his brother is the brother Eagles Assistant Quarterbacks Coach Press Taylor.
Eagles DE Chris Long is from Santa Monica, CA.
Eagles WR Nelson Agholor went to USC (2012-14).
Eagles TE Zach Ertz went to Stanford (2009-13) and is from Orange County, CA.
2018 Pro Bowlers
Eagles Rams
OT Lane Johnson DT Aaron Donald (Starter)
QB Carson Wentz (Starter) RB Todd Gurley (Starter)
TE Zach Ertz (Starter) K Greg Zuerlein (Starter)
G Brandon Brooks (Starter) P Johnny Hekker (Starter)
DT Fletcher Cox (Starter) RS Pharoh Cooper (Starter)
FS Malcom Jenkins OT Andrew Whitworth (1st Alt)
C Jason Kelce (1st Alt) QB Jard Goff (1st Alt)
DE Brandon Graham (1st Alt) CB Trumaine Johnson (1st Alt)
CB Jalen Mills (3rd Alt)
K Jake Elliot (2nd Alt)
ST Kame Grugier-Hill (2nd Alt)
Referee: Bill Vinovich
Since 2005, the Eagles have won 5 consecutive games vs. the Rams, which marks their longest winning streak in an all-time series that dates back to 1937.
Philadelphia last played Los Angeles in Week 14 of 2017, when the Eagles defeated the Rams, 43-35, in a division-clinching victory at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.
Draft Picks
Eagles Rams
TE Dallas Goedert OT Joseph Noteboom
CB Avonte Maddox C Brian Allen
DE Josh Sweat DE John Franlin-Myers
T Matt Pryor LB Micah Kiser
T Jordan Mailata LB Ogbonnia Okoronkwo
RB John Kelly
OT Jamil Demby
DT Sebastian Joseph-Day
DE Trevon Young
LB Travin Howard
LB Justin Lawler
Notable Off-season Additions
Eagles Rams
WR Mike Wallace WR Brandin Cooks
WR Markus Wheaton DT Nndamukong Suh
DT Haloti Ngata CB Marcus Peters
P Cameron Johnston CB Sam Shields
DT Bruce Hector LB Ramik Wilson
LB DJ Alexander
WR Jordan Matthews
Notable Off-season Departures
Eagles Rams
DE Vinny Curry WR Tavon Austin
WR Torrey Smith LB Connor Barwin
RB Kenjon Barner LB Alec Ogletree
RB LaGarrett Blount LB Robert Quinn
LB RB Mychal Kendricks CB Trumaine Johnson
CB Patrick Robinson
TE Trey Burton
DT Beau Allen
P Donnie Jones
WR Marcus Johnson
TE Brent Celek
Eagles QB Carson Wentz needs 89 yards to move up to 5th on the Eagles all-time passing yards list moving ahead of QB Tommy Thompson.
Eagles QB Nick Foles needs 3 passing TDs to move into a tie for 10th all-time on the Eagles passing TD list tying QB Adrian Burk and QB Norm Van Brocklin.
Eagles WR Jordan Matthews (21) needs 2 TDs to move into a tie for 18th on the Eagles all-time receiving list tying TE *Chad Lewis.
Eagles RB Darren Sproles needs 381 yards to move up to 5th on the NFL’s all-time all-purpose yards list passing WR Tim Brown.
Eagles DE Fletcher Cox (40.5 - 8th) needs 2 sacks to move up to a tie for 6th all-time on the Eagles sack list with DE Brandon Graham
Eagles S Malcolm Jenkins's (4) needs 1 more Interception for a TD to tie CB Eric Allen (5) for most Interceptions for a TD by an Eagles player.
Eagles WR Golden Tate needs 2 TDs for 40 career receiving TDs.
Eagles TE Zach Ertz needs 2 receptions for 100 receptions this season.
Eagles TE Zach Ertz needs 174 yards to break Pete Retzlaff's record (1190) for most receiving yards by a TE in a season set in 1965.
Eagles TE Zach Ertz needs 11 to receptions to break Jason Wittens's NFL record (110 receptions) for most receptions yards by a TE in a season set in 2012.
Eagles TE Zach Ertz (4680) needs 85 yards to move up to 10th all-time in on the Eagles receiving TD list passing WR Ben Hawkins
Eagles TE Zach Ertz (27) needs 1 TD to move into a tie for 14th all-time in on the Eagles receiving yards list passing WR Ben Hawkins
Rams QB Jared Goff (8827) needs 470 yards to move up to 9th on the Rams all-time passing yards leaders list passing QB Pat Haden.
Rams DT Aaron Donald needs 2 sacks to break the NFL record for most sacks by a defensive tackle breaking DT Keith Millard set in 1989.
Stats to Know
Aaron Donald hulking out.
Aaron Donald is set to easily break the single-season sack record for Defensive Tackles (18), currently sitting at 17. He leads the league with that total, is 4th in hits, first in hurries, and first in pressures. You’re not “supposed” to be able to do this at DT, and at his size. Props.
Matchups to Watch
Eagles Passing Game vs. Rams Passing Defense
There is basically no point in writing this given how awful the Eagles offense has been all season long but this matchup will determine if the Eagles can actually make a game of this. McVay and the Rams offense is a well-oiled machine that hasn't played up to expectations since the bye but faces a cake matchup in the Eagles decimated secondary. The Eagles have to score points in order to even make this close. Again. As this has been said each week and the Eagles have failed to do so. With their season on the line the Eagles lose their franchise QB again to an ever evolving stress fracture in his back likely suffered at the hands of poor offensive coaching. Enter Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles who has to try and will this offense to competence without the great coaching he had a year ago. Ertz, Alshon, Agholor, and Tate all have pretty tasty matchups. Talib has returned for the Rams and is easily their best corner. Marcus Peters has morphed into Jalen Mills this season so the opportunity is there to abuse Michael Thomas's son. The Rams are weak up the middle at LB which will benefit Ertz greatly. It'll also benefit Goedert greatly if the coaching staff can get out of their own way. While Joyner hasn't had a banner year he is still a quality safety. Foles is certainly capable of having a solid outing against this defense as the back end is rather weak. It's the coaching that has been the hurdle and that's a hurdle difficult to overcome.
Eagles Offensive Line vs. Rams Pass Rush
This is a fascinating matchup for fans of trench warfare given Donald and Suh's presence on the Rams defensive line. Wade Phillips is also a great DC capable of getting his guys home at will. Donald is having another DPOY like year and should win his second consecutive award in his career destined for Canton. Fletcher Cox is an elite DT - Aaron Donald is an elite-er DT. Capable of lining up anywhere, Donald matches up and will beat every offensive lineman possible and Wade will line him up against the OLs weakest members. Last year that was Wisniewski... which will be the case this year. Seumalo is out of the lineup for God knows what and Wis will return to the starting lineup after an early season benching. Wis is a quality OG but is over-matched in this one. Peters has shown some decline but is still a good OT despite playing with 1 arm. Kelce, Brooks, and Lane are having great seasons and if anyone is saying otherwise they punch them in the face. This is a challenge for the Eagles this week and they will need to play well to keep the less mobile Foles clean. Who knows, maybe the Eagles will score in the first quarter. I know, I know, that's very unlikely.
Eagles Defensive Line vs Rams Offensive Line
The only chance the Eagles have at limiting the Rams offense starts and ends up front since the secondary sure as hell isn't up for the task. The Rams offensive line is a very good unit but was completely abused last week by the talented Bears front. When healthy the Eagles DL is capable of having the same performance and did in last years match. This year, the DL is still very good just much more thin due to injury. Fletcher Cox and Timmy Jernigan - if he exists - have exciting matchups for the Eagles and are very capable of taking over this game. Cox has already demonstrated that ability all year and especially last week. Michael Bennett is having a strong year for the Eagles and will likely see a lot of RT Havenstein which favors Bennett greatly. Brandon Graham has been slow to start the year after offseason surgery but has been a force of late. The Eagles will need every bit of that talent to have a snowballs chance in hell in this one. Goff can be devastating through the air but is Charmin soft under pressure. Todd Gurley is also a monster as a runner and receiver. Tough task for the depleted defense but the Eagles need to get after Goff to have a chance.
Eagles Coaching vs Rams Coaching
I'm out on this coaching staff this year but long term I absolutely believe in Doug Pederson. However, he has not pushed the right buttons this year and the offense has completely handcuffed the teams ability to succeed this year. The defense has had its struggles even when healthy and especially now with everyone dead. Schwartz has been scheming with his hands tied and still found a way to get his defense to allow 30+ only once. The Eagles still have a top-flight red zone defense. They still pressure the QB. Even with Schwartz's stale coverage schemes there are few coaches out there able to get the defense to perform as is has. At some point Pederson needs to get the offense right but it is likely too late. He's also likely getting limited help from Mike Groh who appears to have been a massive disappointment. Sean McVay is one of the brightest offensive minds in football and will find ways to maximize his offense. For the Eagles to have any hope they need their leader to find schematic and managerial brilliance he had last year. I'm not betting against it. Should likely just punt this game away.
Special thanks to MikeTysonChicken and abenyishay for their help in creating this Game Preview.
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2020 US Presidential Election Betting Odds & Swing States ... Creating your own lines for NFL football #sportsbetting How To Avoid A Prostitute Drink Scam - YouTube [Part 2] How to Build a Sports Betting Model - YouTube 4 Simple Strategies To Make Money Betting Sports (No ...

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